Best wireframe tools for designers

+$Finding the best wireframe tools can take time as there are now more wireframe tools on the market than ever, each offering differing levels of functionality. The process of creating an app or website is made fundamentally easier with wireframe tools as it visually strips the product down and enables all involved to focus purely on user interactivity and functions.

+$Wireframe tools also help your clients to understand how your proposed app or website will work much more comprehensively than simply explaining to them verbally or in writing, lessening the room for error because no-one is having to reply on their imaginations to understand the suggested functions.

+$If you would like to go back to basics and create an app from scratch, our step-by-step tutorial on如何制作应用程序+$will be just what you need.

+$We've taken the hard work out of sifting through the masses of wireframe tools out there and found the best ones around right now. Some software can be used purely for simple wireframes, while others will allow you to create a working prototype.

+$Taking advantage of trial downloads or free software and finding the one that fits in with the way you work is the best way of finding out which one is right for you. So here are our top wireframe tools choices. Enjoy...

Wireframe tools: Justinmind

Justinmind提供了一个UI元素库和自定义样式库,可用于您的线框+$(Image Credit: Justinmind)


+$01. Miro

wireframing tools: Miro

+$Miro includes collaboration as well as wireframing tools+$(Image Credit: Miro)
  • 平台:+$MacOS, IOS, Windows
  • 价钱:+$From Free / $8 (team)
  • 在这里下载

+$Miro is a collaboration system that creates a hub for remote teams to work within. With impressive tools such as an infinite whiteboard, widgets and prebuilt templates, it claims to standardise the digital workspace to make it feel like everyone is in the same room.

+$It presents an entire toolkit for wireframing, user story or customer journey maps, as well as brainstorming processes. Miro also integrates with over 20 applications including Slack, Jira, Google Drive and Sketch, creating a seamless experience. With over two million users worldwide, it's definitely hitting the right mark.

+$02. Wireframe.cc

Wireframe tools: Wireframe cc

Wireframe.cc提供干净,最小的界面+$(Image credit: Wireframe.cc)

+$Wireframe.cc offers a simple interface for sketching your wireframes that eschews the toolbars and icons of a typical drawing app and has therefore made it to our best wireframe tools list.


+$03. Adobe Xd

Wireframe tools: Adobe Xd

Adobe的Xd是线框图和原型设计的强大动力+$(Image Credit: Adobe )

Adobe Xd允许您将线框图作为其原型设计工具套件的一部分,它将引导您完成草图线框图的整个过程;与您的团队合作;创建站点地图,流程图和故事板;建立功能原型;以及更多。您可以免费试用Adobe Xd,但像往常一样,您需要Creative Cloud订阅才能充分利用Xd令人难以置信的大杂烩功能。

+$04. UXPin

Wireframe tools: UXPin

  • 平台: 网页浏览器
  • 价钱+$: From free (basic) / from $23 per user per month (premium)
  • 在这里下载

您可以通过拖放自定义元素以最快的速度将线框放在UXPin中。 Bootstrap,Foundation,iOS和Android定期更新库,您的线框可以快速转换为高保真模型。从那里,您可以创建最终产品的完全交互式和动画原型。

+$Alternatively, you can also start your designs inPhotoshop CC+$or Sketch and import into UXPin for prototyping. To support the full UX process, you can then create and pin documentation to your prototypes and auto-generate specs and style guides for developers.

+$05. Fluid UI

Wireframe tools: Fluid UI

每个项目都会生成一个QR码,您可以扫描该码以使原型在您的手机上运行+$(Image credit: Fluid UI)

  • 平台+$: Web browser and desktop client on Mac/Windows/Linux, plus Android/IOS app to preview designs
  • 价钱+$: From $8.25 (solo)
  • 在这里下载

+$Fluid UI has built-in libraries with over 2000 builti components for iOS, Android, Windows and more, and pages are created by dragging in elements from these libraries.

+$This system provides a great way for you to map out your projects visually by creating links to join screens, forming a diagram of how everything fits together. Hovering over a link gives you the option to change the kind of transition you're using.

+$06. Balsamiq Mockups

Wireframe tools: Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups旨在复制白板上素描的体验+$(Image credit: Balsamiq Mockups)
  • 平台:MacOS,Windows,网络浏览器
  • 价钱: +$$9 (2 Projects) Per Month
  • 在这里下载

Balsamiq Mockups包括几个拖放元素,从按钮到列表,每个元素都被设计为手绘图。这种线框工具背后的基本前提是保持模型“故意粗糙和低保真”,以尽可能多地鼓励反馈。

+$07. Axure RP

Wireframe tools: Axure RP

Axure RP允许您为网站和应用程序创建交互式HTML模型+$(Image credit: Axure RP)
  • 平台:MacOS,Windows
  • 价钱:+$From $29 (pro) per user per month
  • 在这里下载

除了创建模型之外,Axure RP还允许您为布局添加功能并创建交互式原型。该线框工具的特征包括站点地图和各种UI元素形式的各种小部件。

+$Interactive HTML mockups (see more about网站样机+$here) can be created for both websites and apps, and you can even view your app design on your phone with a built-in share function.

+$08. Pidoco

Wireframe tools: Pidoco

Pidoco包含一个方便的拖放界面元素库+$(Image Credit: Pidoco)
  • 平台+$: Web browser and Android/IOS app to test prototypes
  • 价钱:免费
  • 在这里下载



+$09. Visio

Wireframe tools: Visio

如果您习惯使用Microsoft Word或Excel,Visio的界面将会很熟悉(图片来源:微软)
  • 平台:Windows
  • 价钱:每位用户每月5美元(简单)/ 15美元(专业版)
  • 在这里下载


+$10. InDesign CC

Wireframe tools: InDesign




+$11. Photoshop CC

Wireframe tools: Photoshop CC