+$Searching for free icons is a time-consuming process that often doesn't throw up many treasures. Icons are an essential component of design, but creating custom icons also takes time. That's why we've stepped in to help you out.

+$In this post, we've picked out a great selection of free icons, as well as listing some places you can look to find your own. You'll hopefully find at least a few sets that will work for your design projects, whether they're personal or commercial. Do you need some new fonts to go alongside your shiny new icons? Check out our免费字体帖子。

+$01. Space Icons

Free icons: Space

+$(Image Credit: Agata)

+$Described by creator, Agata, as a 'must-have for every sci-fi fan', this set of 77 hand-crafted icons comes in outline, colour and sticker forms. The set includes every space icon you could imagine. You can use them in personal or commercial projects, just remember to credit the artist. There's also a fan art section, but you're warned against using those for commercial projects due to copyright laws.

+$Agata's Site,+$Good Stuff No Nonsense+$, contains a plethora of other icon sets, some free and some paid for. It's worth perusing her other work, too. The site also includes icon sets such as 'Spooky' and 'Business'.

+$02. Social Materia

Free icons: Social Materia

+$This handy set of icons covers most of the social landscape

+$If you need a load of Material-style icons and have $42 burning a hole in your pocket then the 3,120-strong Materia set is a fine choice, particularly for Android. But if all you want is a set of social icons, then you can pick this little lot up for free!

+$03. Notification icons for Adobe XD

Free icons: Notification icons for Adobe XD

+$Burnt Toast's icons play with familiar alerts and badges

+$Canadian illustrator Scott Martin, AKA Burnt Toast Creative, created this set of notification-themed icons when he had the opportunity to partner with Adobe XD. Designed with simplicity in mind, the 12 icons are a play on alerts and badges from the apps we're all familiar with.

+$04. Citysets

Free icons: Citysets

+$Why go to London when you could just look at these icons?

+$An ongoing side project by London-based digital designer Bryn Taylor, Citysets is an ever-expanding collection of free vector icons that aim to provide a visual guide to cities all around the world. There are six sets so far – San Francisco, Manchester, London, New York, Paris and Sydney – each comprising around 20 icons.

+$05. 80 Wildlife Icons

Free icons: Freepik's animal icons



+$06. Point & Square colour icons

Free icons: point and square colour



+$07. 30 Isometric Icons

Free icons: isometric icons



+$08. Iconmonstr

Free icons: iconmonstr



+$09. Find Icons

Free icons: find icons interface

在查找图标中查找图标 - 它并不简单


+$10. Icon Archive

Free icons: icon archive

Icon Archive的评级系统将帮助您决定下载哪些免费图标

在Icon Archive中,您必须在一定程度上对谷壳中的小麦进行分类,但您可以按颜色,背景颜色,大小,样式和类别对图标进行排序,并下载四种不同大小的PNG。

+$11. The Noun Project

Free icons: noun project interface


+$Gaining more and more traction and use, the aim of The Noun Project is to provide icons that all have a similar and consistent aesthetic. It’s like a 'free icon set' that's been juiced up with a search area, a beautiful UI, and some fantastic icon designs.

+$12. IconToucan

Free icons: icontoucan interface



+$13. Fontello

Free icons: fontello interface



+$14. Socialico

Free icons: Socialico


+$The number and variety of social-based sites is increasing all the time. Every website designer seems to have the need for some good social media icons, and this collection provides some of the more common ones (Facebook and Twitter) to more niche ones (Dribbble and deviantART). The free icons come as a font, with the icons both in a circle holding shape and without a circle

+$15. Modern Pictograms

Free icons: modern pictograms interface


OpenType字体供下载,这个免费的产品提供了一个有吸引力的免费图标选择。这些设计的设计灵感来自于人们的简单和能力设计室+$and are available on the popular free fonts site, Font Squirrel. (The icons apparently look good intermingled with Helvetica.)

+$16. FlatIcon

Free icons: Flaticon interface



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