+$With so many exciting projects out there, we had our work cut out trying to decide on our favourites. From the最佳代码编辑器+$to JavaScript app builders,网络字体+$tools and more, here are 15 great examples of the superb work that's being done to make the web a better place.

+$01. Atom

Atom homepage

使用Atom构建您梦想的文本编辑器+$(Image Credit: Atom)

原子+$is one of the most popular text editors among coders because it's hackable to its core – being an open source project, users can customise it to suit their specific needs.


+$02. React Native

React homepage

React Native与React类似,但适用于原生移动应用+$(Image Credit: React)

反应原生+$enables users to build native mobile apps using only JavaScript and is incredibly popular on GitHub. It's similar to应对(用于构建用户界面的流行JavaScript库),除了它的构建块是本机组件而不是Web组件。



+$03. Yarn

Yarn homepage

纱线是新的NPM吗?+$(Image Credit: Yarn)

+$Offering 'ultra-fast, mega-secure, super-reliable' dependency management, open source project+$is a competitor to节点包管理器


+$04. Pattern Lab

Pattern lab open source projects


模式实验室+$is a suite of tools designed to help you build sites using the principles of原子设计


+$05. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code homepage

Microsoft的一个开源项目+$(Image credit: Visual Studio Code)

Visual Studio代码+$is a free, open source code editor from Microsoft that has a slew of great features that make coding quicker. There’s a function called IntelliSense that provides smart completions; built-in Git commands; debugging from within the editor and much more.

+$06. Font Awesome

Font Awesome homepage

太棒了+$(Image credit: Font Awesome)

字体很棒+$is indeed awesome: there are roughly 1,500 free fonts icons contained within a single font, constituting "a pictographic language of web-related actions". The icons are infinitely scalable, so they look the same at any size, and you can style them with CSS.



+$07. Bootstrap



引导+$is a frontend component library to help you build responsive, mobile-first projects using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and one of the most popular open source projects on GitHub. Bootstrap was launched by Twitter in 2011, but as it grew, its creators Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton decided to move it to its own open source organisation, and the project separated from Twitter.


它有一个12列的响应式网格,排版,表单控件,它使用响应式CSS与移动浏览器配合使用。我们之一+$19 great free Bootstrap themes也可能在这里派上用场。

+$08. Brackets

brackets open source project


+$An open source project that began its life at Adobe,括号+$is a lightweight and modern code editor focused on web technologies.


+$09. The Accessibility Project

open source projects


辅助功能项目+$is an open source project committed to making网络辅助功能前端设计人员和开发人员更容易理解并采用日常工作流程。该项目于2013年1月中旬开始,以回应开发人员普遍感觉核心可访问性概念,功能和代码示例过于难以提取。



+$10. Laravel

Laravel homepage

使用Laravel制作漂亮的代码+$(Image Credit: Laravel)

Laravel+$has revolutionised PHP development. A free, open source project, it pitches itself as the framework for web artisans – in other words, people who value code that's elegant, simple and readable – and it helps teams and individuals build well-made applications quickly.


+$11. Grunt

open source projects


咕噜+$allows you to automate common tasks using JavaScript. You can perform mundane, repetitive tasks such as minification, compilation, unit testing and linting with almost zero effort. And because Grunt is extensible, if someone hasn't already built what you need, you can easily author and publish your own Grunt plugin.

Grunt通过为构建过程中的任务提供通用接口,大大降低了Web开发人员的入门门槛。广泛的插件生态系统和简单的配置格式使团队中的任何人都可以创建一个现代的构建过程 - 包括设计人员。

+$12. Ember.js

open source projects


Ember.js+$bills itself as "a framework for creating ambitious web applications". One of the biggest features is its data binding; objects in Ember can bind properties to each other, so when a property changes in one object, the other is kept in sync.


最有可能吸引你的功能是,当数据发生变化时,Ember会自动更新其视图 - 为您节省大量工作。

+$13. Ghost

Ghost homepage

Ghost,一个开源博客平台+$(Image Credit: Ghost)

+$Blogging Platform+$turned heads when it was successfully funded through Kickstarter, surpassing its original request of £25,000 and eventually bring in over £196,000 in funding. The open source project is now maintained by non-profit organisation the Ghost Foundation plus some independent contributors.


+$14. Vue.js

Vue.js homepage

+$Vue.js continues to be one of the most prominent JavaScript frameworks+$(Image credit: Vue.js)

+$Vue.js is an open-source Model–view–viewmodel JavaScript framework that was first set up in 2014. Over the last five years it's risen up the ranks to become one of the most prominent JavaScript frameworks, thanks in part to its component-based approach to building web applications.

+$And if you're already familiar with Vue.js, you might be interested in our tips on how to+$speed up performance within the application+$. We've Also Covered+$how to create an app with Vue.js+$easily.

+$15. Servo

Servo homepage

+$Servo was originally revealed by Mozilla in 2013+$(Image Credit: Servo)

+$Servo+$is a prototype web browser engine that's written entirely in the relatively new systems programming language Rust. Notable improvements from its sponsor, Mozilla, include integrated components that aim to achieve better parallelism and performance with Firefox to make it a more stable browser.