+$Although designers often love a bit of experimental typography, in some cases it's best to keep things a little smarter. In these situations, you need a professional font. In this post, we've rounded up the best options to give your designs a clean, sophisticated look.

+$Are you looking for something a bit different? There's no shortage of great fonts around these days. Take a look at our pick of the best设计师的免费字体+$for a selection that won't cost you a penny. And if you're struggling to match one font to another, see our post on字体配对

+$01. Helvetica Now

Professional fonts: Helvetica Now

+$Helvetica Now is completely rebuilt for digital usage+$(Image Credit: Monotype)
  • 价钱:+$Individual fonts from £35; complete family for £249
  • 格式:OTF

+$Essential though it is, Helvetica wasn't designed to cope with the heavy lifting that the digital age expects of it. That's why Monotype spent four years painstakingly redrawing every single character to create+$Helvetica Now+$, an updated version that's ready to work in across digital platforms and solve modern branding challenges that simply didn't exist when Helvetica was originally released.

+$Helvetica Now comes in three optical sizes – Micro, Text and Display – in weights ranging from Thin to Extra Black, and every size, weight and style is designed to provide maximum legibility in all situations. Launched back in April, Helvetica Now is already the third best seller on MyFonts.

+$02. Gilroy

Professional fonts: Gilroy

+$Gilroy Is Here+$(Image credit: Radomir Tinkov)
  • 价钱:+$Most fonts from £17.99 (Light and Extra Bold available free); complete family for £132.99
  • 格式:OTF

+$Currently the best-selling font family on MyFonts,+$Gilroy+$is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch, designed by+$Radomir Tinkov+$. Designed as a younger brother to Tinkov's Qanelas font family, it comes in 20 styles, with 10 uprights and matching italics, and weights ranging from Thin to Heavy.

+$Opentype features include extended language support and Cyrillics, fractions and ligatures, and Gilroy's designed for versatility; Tinkov suggests it's good for everything from editorial and web design through to graphic design and signage. If you want to get a feel for it, two styles are available completely free, so download the Light and Extra Bold weights and see how they work for you.

+$03. Chalet Comprimé

Professional fonts: Chalet Comprimé

+$Stylised, compact and clean
  • 价钱:免费(网络);每种字体$ 75(桌面)
  • 格式:OTF

ChaletComprimé+$was inspired by celebrated French fashion designer René Chalet, and extends the original Chalet font family. This is more stylised than many of the other professional fonts in this list, but its compact, clean letterforms make it idea for anyone looking for an elegant typographical solution. The family includes 10 fonts: three different weights in three styles, plus a titling face (above is the Chalet Milan 1980 variant). The web versions of these professional fonts are free up to 12,500 page views per month.

+$04. Sabon

Professional fonts: Sabon

+$A smooth texture and highly distinctive 'f
  • 价钱:+$35 Each (or 4 For $99/£85)
  • 格式:OTF

Sabon+$is Jan Tschichold's response to a request to design a new version of Claude Garamond classical Roman. It features a smooth texture and a highly distinctive 'f' in the italic variant. This professional font family has long been popular for typographers setting book text. The family is named after Jacques Sabon, who introduced Garamond’s Romans to Frankfurt.

+$05. FF Din

Professional fonts: FF Din serif font sample

+$This font is part of MOMA's digital typefaces
  • 价钱:+$From £49 per font (multi-font packages available)
  • 格式:OTF

+$Added to MOMA's digital typefaces for its Architecture and Design collection back in 2011,FF Din+$is a popular choice among designers. Created by Dutch type designer Albert-Jan Pool between 1995 and 2009, this sans serif is ideally suited to advertising and packaging, logos and branding. It's available in a range of styles and weights, and you can pick up a single font or opt for a bundle that contains the versions you like best.

+$06. Oswald

Professional fonts: Oswald serif font sample

+$A reworking of the classic style historically represented by the 'Alternate Gothic' sans-serif typefaces
  • 价钱:自由
  • 格式:谷歌网络字体

奥斯瓦尔德+$has become a popular professional font choice for designers, especially for those working in the world of of the web. A reworking of the classic style historically represented by the 'Alternate Gothic' sans-serif typefaces, this professional font has been re-drawn and reformed to better fit the pixel grid of standard digital screens.

+$07. Brandon Grotesque

Professional fonts: Brandon Grotesque sans serif font sample

+$This font was influenced by the popular geometric-style, sans serif typefaces of the 1920s and '30s
  • 价钱:+$31.99 Per Font
  • 格式:OTF

+$Designed by Hannes von Dohren in 2009,布兰登怪诞+$was influenced by the popular geometric-style, sans serif typefaces of the 1920s and 30s. Equipped for complex, professional photography, Brandon Grotesque won the Type Directors Club Award in 2011.

+$08. Aviano

Professional fonts: Aviano serif font sample in gold

  • 价钱:+$18.99 Per Font
  • 格式:OTF

+$Named after a small town at the base of the Alps in Northern Italy,阿维亚诺+$typeface is inspired by the power and timeless beauty of classic letterforms. A gorgeous design, Aviano was created by type designer Jeremy Dooley, owner of one-man foundryInsigne

+$09. Proxima Nova

Professional fonts: Proxima Nova sans serif font sample

+$Proxima Nova comes in seven weights
  • 价钱:+$21.99 Per Font
  • 格式:OTF / TTF

+$Used by over 25,000 websites, including Buzzfeed, Wired and Mashable, Mark Simonson's professional fontProxima Nova+$is an extremely popular choice amongst designers. The extensive family is available in seven weights (thin, light, regular, semi-bold, bold, extra-bold and black), with matching italics, small caps and condensed and extra-condensed widths.

+$10. Rockwell

Professional fonts: Rockwell serif font sample

+$This is a vintage-inspired choice of font
  • 价钱:+$35 Per Font
  • 格式:OTF / TTF

+$Geometric Slab Serif罗克韦尔+$was inspired by a 1910 font titled Litho Antique. Designer Morris Fuller Benton revived Rockwell in the 1920s before it was redesigned and published in 1934 by Monotype, in a project headed by Frank Hinman Pierpont.

+$11. Le Havre

Professional fonts: Le Havre sans serif font sample

+$Le Havre channel an art-deco vibe
  • 价钱:+$18.99 Per Font
  • 格式:OTF

+$Art Deco-inspired Typeface勒阿弗尔+$was named after the port where many a famous luxury cruise liner was launched in the 1930s. Compressed capitals, a low x-height and geometric construction give this beautiful typeface a retro look and feel, with the new contemporary update in 2009 lending itself to all manner of creative projects.

+$12. Mallory

Mallory display font sample

+$A reliable tool, each style contains over 1250 glyphs
  • 价钱: 每种字体50美元
  • 格式:OTF

马洛里+$is the product of type designer and teacherTobias Frere-Jones+$. It's a beautiful professional font, which began as an experiment in mixing typographic traditions, building a new design with British and American traits.

Frere-Jones有许多畅销的类型设计,但Mallory是他与长期创意合作伙伴Jonathan Hoefler分手后创造的第一个字体。


+$13. FF Meta

FF Meta sans serif font sample

  • 价钱: 每种字体$ 59 /£45
  • 格式:OTF

由直言不讳的设计师创建Erik SpiekermannFF Meta+$was first called PT55, a typeface made for easy reading at small sizes for West German Post Office in 1985. Spiekermann continued work on his design to include more weights and styles, later releasing it as FF Meta, one of the first and truly foundational members of the early FontFont library.

凭借干净,愉快和独特的美学,专业字体FF Meta在20世纪90年代初蓬勃发展,并一直是公司的最爱。 2011年,纽约现代艺术博物馆将FF Meta添加到其永久收藏中,这是仅有的23种字体之一,用于代表数字时代的排版。

+$14. Soho

Professional fonts: Soho

+$Soho has over 40,000 glyphs
  • 价钱: 每种字体79美元
  • 格式:OTF

+$Beefy Slab Serif苏荷+$is the product of renowned type designerSeb Lester。超级家族拥有超过40,000个雕文,代表着三年的工作。


+$15. Davison Spencerian

Professional fonts: Davison Spencerian

+$A Tribute Font
  • 价钱:免费上网,桌面75美元
  • 格式:OTF /网络字体

+$This Font+$is a tribute to American letter designer Meyer 'Dave' Davison. He was arguably one of the most distinguished lettering artists of the 20th century. With a library of Spencerian designs, Davison Spencerian typeface made its first appearance in Photo-Lettering’s 1946 catalogue and remains a benchmark of the ornamental script genre.

MitjaMiklavčič和House Industries设计师Ben Barber和Ken Kiel花费了不计其数的时间来保持Davison在这个忠实渲染的数字化身中的精雕细琢。

House Industries网站上说:“从汽车排气配件和海盗主题婚礼邀请到新奥尔良娘娘腔的弹跳嘻哈CD封面和高档双壳类包衣,Davison Spencerian提供清醒的精致和无与伦比的灵活性”。