+$24 Free Typewriter Fonts

+$Free typewriter fonts are a great way to incorporate some vintage-style in to a design. Evoking images of furiously typing secretaries, glamorous parties and life-changing telegrams: free typewriter fonts bring an authenticity that propels any project to a new level of retro style.

+$Although Courier is probably the most widely used and best known font of this type, having been available everywhere even since the advent of electricity, there are loads of other equally striking and perhaps more individual typewriter fonts to choose from.

+$Here, we've scoured the internet to find 24 free typewriter fonts that will help bring the spirit of the past to your designs. We've also got a list of the best paid-for打字机字体+$available too. If a typewriter font isn't what you need for your most recent project, why not take a look at our comprehensive roundup of免费字体+$, Which Includes涂鸦字体手写字体+$, all available to download today.

+$01. Rough Typewriter Font

Free typewriter font: Rough Typewriter Font

+$Clean and simple with an uneven charm

+$Rough Typewriter Font does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a classic free typewriter font that's a bit rough around the edges. Great for times you want a touch of rough 'n' ready imperfection, it comes in four versions including bold and italic and is free for personal use, but needs a commercial license.

+$02. Silvery Tarjey Font

Free typewriter font: Silvery Tarjey

+$Softer and more elongated than other typewriter fonts

+$A slightly softer aesthetic, rounded and verging on bubble-like in places, this warm font stands out from the rest. Created for a personal project by+$Cumberland Fontworks+$, it is free for personal use and you can contact the author if you would like to discuss using it for wider distribution.

+$03. Conspiracy

Free typewriter font: Conspiracy

+$Conspiracy is as quirky as the theories that inspired it

+$The Conspiracy font makes us imagine secret government files full of covertly written letters about Area 51. Slightly quirky and lots of fun, this typewriter font is totally free and has emassed over 71,000 downloads to date.

+$04. Stampwriter-Kit

Free typewriter font: Stampwriter Kit

+$Smudged And Simple

+$Stampwriter-Kit was created from a typewriter style stamp kit and has that lovely smudgy-stampy feel. It comes in upper-case letters only for that perfect 'branded' stamp effect. It's 100% free.

+$05. RM Typerighter old font

Free typewriter fonts: Typerighter old font

+$Old, worn and clogged up

+$This typewriter font looks old and worn out. We love its sketch-like quality that brings an artistic feel to the clogged up aesthetic. It comes in a complete set of alphabetical and numercial characters and is totally free for all types of use.

+$06. Trashtype

Free typewriter font: trashtype

+$A corroded alternative to Courier

+$Trashtype is a bit like Courier, but with a distressed twist. Beautifully eroded, it looks awesome on textured paper and has a weathered feel to it. The 179 characters include a Latin supplement. It's free for personal use but contact designer大卫克尔霍夫+$if you want to use if professionally.

+$07. Gabriele

Typewriter fonts: Gabriele



+$08. Xerography Font

Typewriter fonts: Xerography font


+$Complete with wonky rectangular borders, Xerography is the go-to font if you're looking to recreate the shape of old-fashioned typewriter hammers. This font makes great use of negative space, so it should work on any background colour you choose.

+$09. Happy Days

Typewriter fonts: Happy days font


由于其模糊,毛躁的完成,Happy Days字体是老化排版的完美方式。此字体集包含大写和小写的整个字母,加上每个数字和有限的符号和重音字选择。

+$10. Ghostwriter

Free typewriter font: Ghostwriter

+$If a comic strip needed a typewritten letter...

+$This slightly messy, grungy font makes us think of how a typewritten letter would look in a comic strip. Bold and cramped, it is striking in its irregular formation. Free for personal use, but not for distribution.

+$11. Love Letter

free typewriter fonts: Love


+$One for the old romantic in you! The Love Letter font harks back to a time when typewriters were used to spill out our feelings for our loved ones. Use this if you want to put a bit of romance and old school passion into your designs. And, like all the typewriter fonts on this list, it's absolutely free!

+$12. CarbonType

free typewriter fonts: CarbonType



+$13. Special Elite

Free typewriter fonts: Special Elite

+$A digital answer to vintage

Special Elite采用复古风格的打字机字体,使其更接近数字时代。由团队开发散光如果您正在寻找一种具有强烈按键效果的免费打字机字体,这种设计是完美的。

+$14. Type Keys Font

Typewriter fonts: Type Keys

+$Type Keys comes fulled and unfilled

这个很酷的字体是由开发的Ronna Penner。免费下载提供填充和未填充的设计。免费供个人使用,下载附带一整套大写字母,数字和您在打字机上可能找到的其他字符。

+$15. Sears Tower

Free typewriter fonts: Sears Tower

+$Sears Tower comes in 196 glyphs


+$16. L.C. Smith 5 Typewriter

Free typewriter fonts: L.C. Smith 5 Typewriter

+$Creator Sommeregger has a passion for typewriters

LC Smith 5打字机的创作者Georg Sommeregger对打字机充满热情。他收集,修理并普遍分享老式打字机的信息。除此之外,他还创建了这种免费的打字机字体,并慷慨地提供免费下载用于个人项目。

+$17. Veteran Typewriter

Free typewriter font: Veteran Typewriter

+$Classic And Traditional


+$18. Last Draft Font

Free typewriter font: Last Draft Font

+$This is a fancy one

设计师安德鲁哈特设计了60多种字体,所有字体均可在线获取。但我们特别喜欢这种花哨的打字机字体,Last Draft Font。免费供个人使用,下载包括一整套大小写字母,数字和特殊字符。

+$19. Teletype 1945 - 1985

Free typewriter font: Teletype

+$Teletype is authentically retro

这种基于打字机的衬线单声道字体设计由EV Norat。它复制了人物印刷后的确切方式电传打字机,在世界各地用于通信和天气报告和传输目的。

+$20. My Underwood

Free typewriter font: My Underwood

+$My Underwood is delightfully grungy

作为摇滚风格的明显粉丝,My Underwood是另一种来自字体设计师的设计迈克尔张力+$. The Canadian-based artist has 20 fonts available online, which have been downloaded over three million times in total.

+$21. F25 Blackletter Typewriter

Free typewriter font: F25 Blackletter Typewriter

+$German 'Schwabacher Fraktur' Typewriter Font was created by designerVolker Busse+$. Black letter fonts were common in Germany before WWII. Because of that, German black letter fonts are widely associated with the Nazis and typewriters with Black Letter monospaced fonts are practically lost today. The creator explains that 'to rescue the odd' they created a digital computer font.

+$22. Brenton Scrawl Type

Free typewriter fonts: Brenton Scrawl Type

使用Brenton Scrawl Type获得真正的临时打字机外观

Brenton Scrawl Type使您能够复制严重需要服务的打字机外观。这个免费下载包括一整套大写和小写字母,以及图1-9,其中包括向后5。

+$23. Metacopy

Typewriter fonts: Metacopy


Metacopy是由设计师创造的Yoshiki Kita+$. The cracked, distorted, small print is a popular typewriter font, having been downloaded over 36,000 times now. The free download includes a full set of numbers, letters and special characters.

+$24. Telegraphem

free typewriter fonts: Telegraphem



+$Don't worry, the keys of our typewriter haven't got stuck. This is just totally reminiscent of the old-school typewriter font used in thriller, The Shining.