Font pairings: Twentieth Century and Orpheus Pro
+$(Image credit: Monotype / Canada Type)


但有这么多专业字体和免费字体+$to choose from, how do you find two that work in harmony? Read on for our pick of the best font pairings – or jump to the end of page 2 for some top tips on finding your own. If you need to brush up on your typography knowledge, take a look at our guide to the different+$font Types+$you Should Know.

+$01. Calvert And Acumin

+$(Image credit: Robert Slimbach (Adobe Originals) / Monotype)

+$Calvert is a punchy slab serif from Monotype, named after its creator Margaret Calvert. It comes in six styles: Calvert Pro and Standard, each with Light, Regular and Bold variants. For an ideal font pairing, try sans-serif Acumin. This typeface comprises a massive 90 different fonts (still confused about the difference? See our explanation of+$font Vs Typeface+$). It has been designed by Robert Slimbach as part of the Adobe Originals initiative, and to access it you'll need aCreative Cloud订阅

+$02. Montserrat and Courier New

Perfect font pairings: Montserrat and Courier New

+$Google Font Montserrat was designed specifically for use online, while Courier New is a classic+$typewriter Font+$. On paper (metaphorically), you might not think they'd make the ideal font pairing, but you'd be wrong. Montserrat's light, modern sans-serif letterforms offset Courier New's heavier, retro vibe perfectly.

+$03. Skolar Latin and Proxima Nova

+$(Image credit: Rosetta Type Foundry / Mark Simonson)

+$Skolar's type foundry, Rosetta, describes it as "a typeface for complex typography". To back that up, it boasts a vast character set, and comes in Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Devangari and Gujarati scripts. The typface itself sports low contrast, a relatively large x-height and robust serifs, which means it remains legible even when used at small sizes. Our font pairing is popular web font Proxima Nova. This was designed, by Mark Simonson, to mix modern proportions with a geometric appearance.

+$04. Alegreya Sans SC and Source Sans Pro

Alegreya Sans SC and Source Sans Pro font pairing

+$Alegreya is a super-family that includes sans and serif sister families alongside this small caps version, designed by Juan Pablo del Peral for Huerta Tipográfica. The family has a slightly calligraphic edge, and is designed to be suitable for long blocks of text. However, the small caps variant is best suited to headers. We suggest pairing it with Source Sans Pro, Adobe's first open source typeface family, designed by Paul D. Hunt.

+$05. Pacifico And Quicksand

Perfect font pairings: Pacifico and Quicksand

+$For a delightful font pairing with an unintentionally tropical theme, try Pacifico and Quicksand. The former is a pleasingly free and flamboyant+$brush Font+$that's ideal for use in headings. The latter is a sans-serif with rounded terminals and some quirky touches – including that distinctive descender on the uppercase 'Q'. Quicksand was actually also designed as a display typeface, but it's clear enough to work well at small sizes, too.

+$06. Julius Sans One and Archive Narrow

Julius Sans One and Archive Narrow font pairing

+$If you're aiming for a professional look, this is a great font pairing to try. Julius Sans One works only comes in one weight and is an all-caps font, but it's a top choice for a display font, with its fine stroke and broader baseline. The more geometric Archivo Narrow is a perfect match. It has been designed to work equally well in print and digital.

+$07. Playfair Display and Raleway

Playfair Display and Raleway font pairing

+$Display font Playfair draws inspiration from the period in the 18th century when quills were being replaced by pointed steel pens. This, alongside printing developments, led to high-contrast letterforms with delicate hairlines becoming popular. Elegant sans serif Raleway makes a perfect font pairing.

+$08. Oswald And Lato

 Oswald and Lato font pairing

Oswald于2011年推出,作为“Alternate Gothic”sans-serif式风格的改造。它与Lato(在波兰语中翻译为'summer')形成了很好的配对,是一种温暖而稳定的无衬线字体。两者都有各种不同的重量和变体,使这种字体配对美观,功能多样。

+$09. Super Grotesk and Minion Pro

Super Grotesk and Minion Pro font pairing

流行的Serifed Minion Pro与灵巧的无衬线超级Grotesk相结合,可以完美地作为标题字体。这些字体共同营造出一种现代感,轻松优雅。

+$10. Libre Franklin and Libre Baskerville

Libre Franklin and Libre Baskerville font pairing

如果你追求传统的感觉,这两个libre字体可以很好地匹配字体。 Libre Baskerville和Libre Franklin都已经过优化,可以在屏幕上使用。前者既美观又易读,非常适合用作正文,而后者更适合标题。九种不同的重量选择使其美观和多功能。

+$11. Freight Sans and Freight Text

 Freight Sans and Freight Text font pairing

在超级家族中工作可以很容易地找到和谐的字体配对。 GarageFonts的货运就是一个很好的例子。它有多种重量和样式可供选择,包括Sans,Text,Display和Micro版本 - 为您提供多功能的印刷工具包。

+$12. Kaufmann And NeutraDemi

Kaufmann and NeutraDemi font pairing

如果你有更意想不到的事情,这个二重奏怎么样? Kaufmann流畅的造型为这对奇怪的情侣增添了一丝手写风格,并完美地抵消了直线和棱角分明的无衬线NeutraDemi。这种字体配对可能不是最明显的匹配,但这并不能阻止它们彼此精彩地相互影响。

+$13. Brandon Grotesque and Minion Pro

Brandon Grotesque and Minion Pro font pairing

由于其多功能性,可靠的Minion Pro在此列表中出现了几次。这一次,它正在扮演着大胆而引人注目的Brandon Grotesque的第二小提琴。这是一种经典的衬线和无衬线字体配对,两种字体都保持清晰,易于在任何页面布局中扫描。

+$14. Josefin Slab and Patrick Hand

Josefin Slab and Patrick Hand font pairings

在创建Josefin Slab时,设计师Santiago Orozco想要Kabel和孟菲斯之间的东西,但有现代细节。最终的字体具有独特的打字机式细节,非常适合用于头条新闻。将它与Patrick Hand中的正文相结合,用于填充字符的字体。后者基于设计师自己的笔迹,具有整洁,友好的氛围。

+$15. Helvetica Neue and Garamond

Helvetica Neue and Garamond font pairing

这是一个着名的和谐二人组合,将无处不在的Neo-Grotesque sans serif Helvetica Neue与标题的经典老式衬线Garamond相结合。在两个中性族之间混合不同的权重和大小,以在您的设计中建立层次结构。

+$16. Caslon And Myriad

Caslon and Myriad font pairings

另一种经典的字体配对,这次是18世纪的旧式衬线和20世纪后期的人文主义无衬线衬线。 Myriad在Apple的企业传播以及劳斯莱斯标志中使用过。

+$17. Nova Mono and Lato

Nova Mono and Lato

Nova Mono仅提供一种风格,但这种风格非常适合作出陈述。搭配多功能的Sans serif Lato来阻止事情变得太疯狂。 Lato设计师ŁukaszDziedzic希望小尺寸的东西很漂亮(我们建议在这个字体配对中使用它),但是当使用更大的时候会显示出一些风格化的效果。

+$18. Fontin and Fontin Sans

Fontin and Fontin Sans font pairing

这是荷兰铸造厂的另一个超级家族的时间Exljbris。 Fontin专为小尺寸设计而设计,具有宽松的间距和高x高度。 Fontin Sans是一个理想的合作伙伴。

+$19. Minion And Poppl-Laudatio

Minion and Poppl-Laudatio font pairing

两种字体都具有丰富的个性,但完美结合。 Minion是一种旧式衬线字体,于1990年设计,但灵感来自文艺复兴时期晚期的类型。虽然在技术上是无衬线,Poppl-Laudatio的微妙喇叭形细节赋予它一个奇特的优势。

+$20. Liberation Serif and Liberation Sans

Liberation Serif and Liberation Sans font pairing

Superfamily Liberation旨在作为许多常用Windows字体的开源替代品,例如Arial,Times New Roman和Courier New。 Serif和Sans版本可以进行智能字体配对,但也可以使用其他变体,包括Sans Narrow和Mono。

+$21. Trade Gothic Bold and Sabon

Trade Gothic Bold and Sabon

当Trade Gothic以其大胆的重量用于头条新闻时,这种配对特别有效,以引发Jan Tschichold经典的Old Style serif face for text。两种字体都具有高度可读性,具有高x高度,并且很好地结合在一起以产生令人愉悦的效果。