23款最适合苹果铅笔使用的iPad Pro应用程序

Best iPad Pro apps: a designer using Apple Pencil 2 on an iPad Pro 2018
+$The best iPad Pro apps will have you creating wherever and whenever

+$The best iPad Pro apps have been created to work with the Apple Pencil, Cupertino's stunning stylus. Because the Pencil was created from the outset to augment the iPad Pro's feature-rich native applications, there's now no reason why drawing, sketching note-taking and other design apps should fail to take advantage of its impressive capabilities.

+$There are a wide range of iPad Pro apps that allow the Apple Pencil to shine, as they have been built with the Pencil in mind. And all of the apps we are recommending will work just as well with the latest iPad Air (2019), iPad mini  (5th generation) and iPad (6th generation). All of these now pair with the first-generation of Apple Pencil.

+$Last year heralded the arrival of third-generation iPad Pros (known as theIPad Pro 2018+$). The updates included a souped up processor and edge-to-edge screens, and the cherry on the cake was the second-gen Apple Pencil. The newest stylus added wireless charging, double-tap to change tools and magnetic pairing (which means its harder to lose – what a bonus). But, as good as the Apple Pencil is, also be aware that it's not the only option available for using with an iPad, as we explore in our post on the+$best IPad Stylus

+$So, we've found the best iPad Pro apps that work with the Apple Pencil like a dream, but will also be comfortable with a fingertip. We will let you know which apps have been updated with second-gen Pencil double-tap support as we go. And if you haven't yet got a Pencil, but you would like one, see our deals below or our best+$Apple Pencil Black Friday+$deals Post..

+$Regardless of whether you have a Pencil, you might also want to check out our best为iPad绘制应用程序+$roundup.

+$01. Photoshop For IPad

Best iPad Pro apps: Photoshop for iPad

+$The first release of Photoshop for iPad is encouraging, and we can't wait for the rest(图像信用:Adobe)

适用于iPad的Photoshop+$is finally here. It's included with all创意云+$subscriptions and can be downloaded from the app store. The app has been designed as a "complementary desktop companion for professionals", so it won't replace your desktop version just yet but it is still pretty powerful with a lot of great features.

+$So far, Adobe has focused on compositing and retouching workflows (making selections, masking, blend modes, painting and adjustment layers and so on), and more features are promised with each release. The app can take heavy a workload and you don't need to worry about overloading it, the demo we saw was a 1GB file with 500 layers. It may be a work in progress but it's a great start.

+$02. Adobe Fresco

Best iPad Pro apps: Adobe Fresco

+$Fresco mimics apps like Procreate+$(Image credit: Phil Galloway)

+$Adobe's new drawing app, Fresco, mimics other fine art drawing apps (+$here's our full review+$). Fresco is designed to bring a completely natural painting and drawing experience, and though it has many great features – great brush capability, an intuitive interface and super-smooth running – the app falls short in other areas, especially for the price. However, its full integration with the Apple Pencil combined with the powerful brush features means its definitely worth a go.

+$03. Sketch Club

Best iPad Pro apps: Sketch Club

+$Sketch Club is incredibly versatile+$(Image credit: Black Pawn)
  • 要求:IOS 11.0或更高版本
  • +$Double Tap Support:
  • 价钱:$ 2.99

素描俱乐部+$is a feature-packed drawing app with community aspect that includes features that aim to be motivational for both amateurs and pros. With great Apple Pencil integration, you can brush, blur, fill, sketch and more to your heart's content, and use all these effects to create artwork that ranges from sketches (obviously) to animation and comic strips. You can integrate and manipulate photos, and create typography, too. The app holds daily challenges, annual awards and group events to push you forward in your art, as well as tutorials and classes to improve your skill set.

+$04. Astropad

  • 要求:IOS 9.1(iPad)和10.11(Mac)
  • +$Double-tap Support:没有
  • 价钱:$ 29.99

+$Built by former Apple engineers,Astropad+$enables you to turn your iPad Pro into a graphics tablet for your Mac. Download Astropad and the free Mac companion app, and you can use your iPad just like a graphics tablet, using the Pencil to draw directly in any Mac app, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer and so on.

+$It promises the high-end experience of a Wacom pen display (without actually having to buy aWacom平板电脑),您可以通过无线方式或通过USB将其连接到Mac。聪明。

+$05. Affinity Designer for iPad

Best iPad Pro apps: Affinity Designer

IPad的Affinity Designer迅速成为移动设计师和艺术家的新工具
  • 要求:iOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:不
  • 价钱:$ 19.99 /£19.99

最新的产品来自衬线适用于iPad的亲和设计师+$is right up there with the best tools for designers and artists on the go. It comes complete with full support for the Apple Pencil’s drawing capabilities in terms of precision, pressure sensitivity and tilt functionality. Fully optimised for iPad without compromising on power, Affinity Designer for iPad offers the functionality of a professional desktop app, adapted to a tablet workflow.

+$06. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Best iPad Pro apps: Adobe Illustrator Draw

  • 要求:IOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:自由

插画家画+$is one of the talents on offer from Adobe.插画家CC+$is renowned, but you may not be familiar with Illustrator Draw. It is more than just a digital sketchbook – this drawing app for your iPad has all the popular and most useful features of Ai wrapped up in a simple UI, designed for quickly sketching out ideas and concepts when you're on the go.

功能包括简单的基于矢量的绘图工具,具有单独的绘图和照片层,以及与Adobe的Creative Cloud同步的功能。使用此功能,您还可以下载与Adobe Illustrator兼容的文件,并使用Apple Pencil在iPad上使用它们。

该应用程序使您可以绘制完美的直线和几何形状,重命名图层,并使用Adobe Capture CC中的形状。增强的透视网格还意味着您可以将形状映射到透视平面。总而言之,这是拥有iPad用户的必备应用程序。

+$07. Autodesk SketchBook

Best iPad Pro apps: Autodesk Sketchbook

  • 要求:IOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:自由

+$Autodesk Sketchbook+$is not one of the most well-known Autodesk apps. Autodesk is in the know in the main for pro-spec 3D apps like 3ds Max and Maya (see ourMaya教程在这里),但在Sketchbook中它有一个强大的主流素描应用程序,具有令人难以置信的自然绘图体验 - 最新iPad Pro的ProMotion技术,当然还有Apple Pencil,它被极好地利用了。

拥有170个可定制的画笔,完整的PSD图层和混合支持,以及可切换的预测笔触,将您的手绘线条和形状转换为清晰,精确的形式,Sketchbook可能是最好的免费绘图应用程序 - 令人难以置信的是它不花费便士,并没有应用内购买。

+$08. Procreate

Best iPad Pro app: Procreate 4

  • 要求+$: IOS 12.0 Or Later
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:$ 9.99 /£9.99

生育+$is the king of natural media apps on the iPad, and it is completely transformed with the addition of the Pencil. Sure, you can use your finger with it, a simple stylus, or even one of the increasingly complicated and expensive third-party styluses from the likes of阿东糖醇,但这些都没有给你Apple Pencil所具有的流动性和类似模拟体验。


+$Procreate 4 boasted a significant technological overhaul, along with a litany of improvements including the introduction of wet paint options and an intuitive redesigned menus. And, on top of that,+$Procreate 5 has now been revealed+$, with a plethora of new features. These include a super-speedy new graphics engine called Valkyrie, the ability to import brushes from Photoshop, a floating Colour Picker, Animation Assist, Clone Tool and loads more. Also check继续口袋

+$09. Noteshelf 2

Best iPad Pro apps: Noteshelf 2

+$Noteshelf was a good app; Noteshelf 2 is a great one
  • 要求:+$iOS 12.0 Or Later
  • +$Double-tap Support:
  • 价钱:$ 9.99 /£9.99

+$Full Disclosure:+$Noteshelf 2+$fulfills an urge we have had for a long time. We have wanted to include Noteshelf on this list for some time – it has always been an incredibly rich notebook app, albeit one that wasn't quite as pretty or simple as some others on this list. However, although it added support for the Pencil on the first-generation stylus' release, it was not well integrated, so we couldn't include it on a list of apps that come alive with Apple Pencil.

+$Happily, Noteshelf has undergone a transformation, so much so that a mere version update wasn't enough – it has instead been reborn as Noteshelf 2. It now includes tilt- and pressure-sensitivity with Apple Pencil and supports double-tap to switch between tools with Apple Pencil 2. Siri is integrated, and you can record audio notes as well as marking up PDFs and images.

+$But what you've bought it for is note-taking, which it accomplishes with aplomb – a beautiful lag-free action combines with uncanny handwriting recognition and useful autoshapes to make for one of the best notebook apps around.

+$10. Linea Sketch

  • 要求:iOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:4.99美元/£4.99

+$On the iPad Pro, there's a sketching app for everyone.+$Linea Sketch+$is the ideal app for the creative person who wants something more powerful than a basic pen-and-paper app, but is turned off by the complexity of full-feature painting and drawing engines like Affinity Designer or Procreate.

+$Doing without the infinite canvas of some rivals, Linea Sketch instead supports a fixed canvas and familiar drawing layers that can be repositioned anywhere in your infinite layer stack. The app doesn't go overboard with power user tools, but still offers several pens, color palettes and background textures, plus there is a transform tool, automatic ruler, grid tool which gives you backgrounds for note-taking, drawing, and user interface design, and a few more useful additions.

+$You can share via the usual well-known applications, and export in Photoshop PSD as well as JPG and PNG file formats. At a smidge under a fiver, this is a pleasingly pared-back app that won't weigh heavily on your pocket or your iPad's processor.

+$11. Concepts

Best iPad Pro app: Concepts

  • 要求:iOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:+$Free (From $7.99/£7.99 for in-app purchases)

概念+$is the award-winning, advanced sketching and design app for professional creators. With infinite canvas and organic brushes, fluid and responsive vector drawing engine, and intuitive precision tools, your design experience has never felt so natural. Whether you’re an architect, product designer, illustrator or visual thinker, you can explore, iterate and share your designs anywhere you go.

Concepts是另一款iPad Pro应用程序,在推出第二代Apple Pencil之后迅速发布了一项重大更新 - 支持双击工具切换,您还可以自定义双击如何显示自身。

+$12. Affinity Photo

  • 要求:iOS 11.1或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:$ 19.99 /£19.99

另一个来自Serif,亲和照片凭借其坚固的工具集,惊人的性能和一次性的价格而不是订阅费,它是Mac和Windows机器上出色的Photoshop替代品。它的iPad版本 - 由Apple用来演示iPad Pro和Pencil - 同样令人印象深刻。

虽然它与早期的iPad型号兼容,但是当它与iPad Pro和铅笔配对时,Affinity Photo真的很活跃。由于它的设计充分利用了iPad的硬件和触控功能,因此iPad Pro上的Affinity Photo也可以充分利用Pencil的压力和角度灵敏度。对于使用专业画笔引擎进行绘画或应用实时照明效果的任务,它非常适合。

Affinity Photo专为专业工作流程而构建,支持原始和PSD文件以及完整的跨平台性能和文件兼容性,以防您觉得需要在桌面上添加一些最终润色。但你可能不需要。

+$13. Adobe Comp CC

Best iPad Pro app: Adobe Comp CC

  • 要求:iOS 9.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:不
  • 价钱:自由

+$Adobe Comp CC iPad pro app+$is a revelation, and makes the process of wireframing or mocking up designs a cinch. Rather than pulling out your notebook and drawing dumb rectangles for pictures or a few horizontal lines to indicate where text would go in a layout, with a few simple and intuitive sketched shapes you can actually start building those layouts for real – and then pass them intoInDesign CC,Illustrator CC或Photoshop CC。



它快速,流畅,简单,而且可以肯定的是,专业设计师可能会像在Moleskine中用墨水绘制一样使用这些线框 - 也就是说,仅仅是指它而是从头开始构建,而不是从Comp中导入它 - 但是,使用真实的实时资产和样式快速模拟您的设计仍然可以为您的工作效率带来福音。

+$14. Graphic For IPad

Best iPad Pro apps: Graphic

  • 要求:IOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:不
  • 价钱:$ 8.99 /£8.99

+$Despite Adobe bringing Illustrator to the iPad, there are some who will swear blind that图像仍然是iOS上最好的矢量绘图应用程序。

除了提供各种画笔和工具外,Graphic还包含有用的功能,包括几何设置窗格,带有 - / +微调按钮,三指和四指轻击手势以撤消/重做,您可以自定义屏幕轻击手势以执行任何操作最有益于您的工作流程。

最近更新arm图形与更大的绘图画布(开发人员Picta声称16k x 16k),使用Apple Pencil的压力敏感绘图和文档选项卡。如果您正在iPad Pro上寻找专业的桌面级矢量插图工具,请尝试使用Graphic。

+$15. Sharpr 3D

  • 要求:IOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:不
  • 价钱:+$Free, Pro subscription $31.99 per month

+$The Sharpr team claim that+$Shapr3D+$is the only truly mobile CAD app, and that may well be true but it is certainly an expensive one if you subscribe to the Pro version – which is the only way to export your work. However, marry this app to an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and you will quickly see what you get for your money – a quick, precise way to create 3D models using the same geometric modelling engine as Solidworks.

+$And it's a cinch to use, too – sketch out a shape, add constraints, pull for an extrude or choose from various tools to make 3D from sketches. Then finish off your work by dragging the edges down for a fillet, and move your edges for freeform surfaces. This app is deep-designed for Apple Pencil – you will actually need Cupertino's smooth stylus to carry out all of Sharpr's functions.

+$16. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Best iPad Pro app: Adobe Photoshop Sketch

  • 要求:iOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:自由

+$Pared-back it may be, but草图+$is genuinely really good, with not only some lovely natural media types built-in (and the option of adding more brushes via Capture CC), but also some features that might quickly endear it to you.



甚至更好的是你可以点击一个图标 - 看起来像风扇叶片 - 来“干燥”油漆,使顶部添加的新颜色不会流血,给你一些极好的灵活性。这些工具具有铅笔感知功能,因此对压力和倾斜差异反应非常好,但我们正在等待允许双击兼容性的更新。

+$17. Notability

Best iPad Pro app: Notability

+$Notability is so good you might want to ditch the Moleskine
  • 要求:iOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:+$$9.99/£8.99

+$For some, digital notepads will always come under the "scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should" banner, but those happy to commit to stylus-on-screen experience should try知名度

+$Notability allows you to combine handwriting, photos and typing, and adds a small but well-integrated selection of drawing tools so you won't be jumping from app to app if you want to sketch. What makes Notability shine as an Apple Pencil app are those little features like automatic palm rejection, where you can rest your hand on the screen and it won't register as a mark, and straight-line detection, where the app engine will recognise when you are trying to draw a ruled line and straighten it for you.

+$Notability's features exist on a few other note-taking and sketchbook apps, including many on Apple's native Notes app, but its the combination of essential tools in one app combined with lag-free drawing that makes this a great go-to iPad Pro app when you're away from the studio.

+$18. Pixelmator

Best iPad Pro app: Pixelmator

iPad Pro应用程序Pixelmator充分利用了Apple Pencil的功能
  • 要求:iOS 9.1或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:$ 4.99 /£4.99

+$In Place OfPixelmator+$, we could have recommendedAdobe Photoshop Mix+$. Although the latter's cut-out tools, layers, and paintable filters are generally quite nice, the stalwart iOS bitmap editor Pixelmator just feels like the more mature and useful app.

+$As well as offering some natural media drawing tools that work with the Pencil, it gives you the ability to tweak the colours either by applying Instagram-style filters, or with sliders for brightness, contrast, saturation, RGB and white balance – or indeed by tweaking the curves.

但是如果你想做一些修饰或对象隔离,Pixelmator和铅笔的配对确实很有吸引力。触摸控制 - 修复,闪避,刻录,锐化,饱和等 - 使用铅笔很容易应用,特别是考虑到它的精确度。在绘制背景时,这种精确度以及各种不同的橡皮擦类型非常受欢迎。

+$If we've one criticism, it's that we'd like the option of pressure-sensitivity to affect the size of an eraser rather than its opacity, but nevertheless this is the closest thing you're going to find to Photoshop on the iPad – until later this year.

+$19. Clip Studio Paint for manga

  • 要求:iOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:不
  • 价钱:免费,$ 4.49 /£3.49(专业版),$ 8.99 /£6.99(EX)

漫画工作室油漆为漫画+$replaced the popular Manga Studio and immediately inherited its legions of users thanks to its specialised features for drawing comics and cartoons. Instantly familiar to anyone who has used the desktop version of the app, Clip Studio Paint allows you to create full-colour comics and cartoons with ease.

桌面式UI意味着Apple Pencil在这里几乎是必不可少的,除非你有特别纤细的数字和尖头指尖。但是,一旦您熟悉了可爱的按钮和菜单,您就可以完全欣赏功能密集的绘图应用程序。


+$20. Paper

Best iPad Pro apps: Paper

+$Paper has a simple UI, but is surprisingly capable
  • 要求:iOS 10.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:免费,7.99美元/ 5.49英镑(专业版)

+$At First Glance+$Paper By WeTransfer+$(formerly Paper by FiftyThree) it might look like a reasonably simple drawing and diagramming tool – and on one level, that's what it is – but there are some smarts here.




Best iPad Pro apps: Evernote

Evernote是一款功能强大的iPad Pro应用程序
  • 要求:iOS 11.0或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:免费(基本),每月4.99美元/£4.99(Premium)

+$Ah,Evernote的+$. Now, this definitely isn't for everyone. For some, this uber-notebook has become an indispensable place for gathering websites, sketches, notes, to-do lists and more – the detritus of modern life as well as inspiration and creative work – but for others it's just a bit baffling and never quite clicks.

+$It's definitely rich and capable, though, and the ability to record audio – during a briefing meeting, say, while you sketch ideas for a client using its simple but effective drawing tools – is great (though this isn't the only app to offer that, of course). It's pleasing how the eraser tool creates nicely rounded ends to the ink strokes rather than just slicing them into sharp points.

+$Using the Pencil, rather than a dumb stylus or your finger, gives you a more expressive line since it's pressure sensitive, but more importantly the palm rejection means that you can lean your hand on the screen like you would with paper, and Evernote won't get confused and make marks where your hand is resting.

+$22. LiquidText

Best iPad Pro apps: LiquidText for iPad

  • 要求:iOS 9.3或更高版本
  • 双击支持:是的
  • 价钱:免费,29.99美元/ 28.99英镑(专业版)

+$Even without a Pencil,LiquidText+$is a handy tool for reading and annotating PDFs, Word and PowerPoint documents, and web pages. It's designed to support 'active reading', so as you're reading you can be highlighting and snipping out sections to refer to later, collapsing sections of a document down so you can refer to disparate bits of it at once, and more.


+$Dragging the Pencil over text instantly selects it (rather than having to tap-and-wait with your finger), pressing harder selects any part of the document as an image, and dragging across text with the Pencil held at a flattened angle selects and highlights it. Smart. And if you own an Apple Pencil 2, you can use LiquidText's configurable double-tap compatibility, too.

+$23. UMake

Best iPad Pro apps: uMake

这款3D绘图应用程序充分利用了Apple Pencil
  • 要求+$: IOS 11.2 Or Later
  • 双击支持:不
  • 价钱:+$14-day free trial, $15.99/£14.99 per month

+$We'll come clean: despite assurances fromUMake+$that it 'empowers anyone to create 3D designs easily and intuitively', we don't have the chops to produce anything remotely impressive in this 3D drawing app, but we can nevertheless see that it makes great use of the Pencil.

我们的想法是你可以在2D中绘制草图 - 可选择使用智能对称控件 - 然后挤出你的设计,甚至完全在3D空间中绘制,连接不同平面上的点。

即使你有点笨拙和紧张,你的线条也会流畅地变成流动的曲线,通过练习,我们可以看到有可能在速度上创造出一些优雅的有机形式 - 铅笔尖的精确度将使这个整个过程比任何其他手写笔更简单。

对于高技术工程工作可能会感到沮丧,但您可以始终将其用作在导出到IGES或OBJ文件之前获取初始概念的工具,以便您可以在其他应用程序中进行处理。 2.0版本支持SketchUp,这意味着您可以直接在uMake中导入和打开.SKP文件,但导出到.SKP格式尚不可用 - 但是,它正处于管道中。