+$The best project management software for designers

+$Being a successful creative takes time and skill, and so the last thing you want to be bogged down with is managing admin. But communicating effectively with clients and other team members is a vital part of the creative process, and one that should be managed effectively if you want to avoid potential issues.

+$Whether you're working on a small or large scale project, instituting a team management software will help you become successful. Using a project management tool will help better communicate with your team and keep your clients informed. Having all your tasks laid out and assigned to the correct person will allow you to stay organised and ensure tasks are completed on time.

+$With a huge variety of project management applications available, here we turn a spotlight on the best ones currently on the market. In need of something a bit more creative? We've got all the best免费的图形设计软件太。

01. Trello

Trello project management software




02. 大本营

Basecamp project management software


+$Basecamp is the grandaddy of project management apps that boasts a simple and easy to use interface to collaborate with your team and clients. Basecamp allows you to create multiple projects and setup discussions, write to-do lists, manage files, create and share documents, and organise dates for scheduling. It is fully responsive so you can manage your projects and check statues on your mobile device on the go.

+$Basecamp is free for teachers and students, but $99/mo for unlimited users and unlimited projects.

03. 团队合作项目

Teamwork Projects project management software


+$Teamwork Projects is the ultimate productivity tool to manage projects with your team. Teamwork allows you to keep all your projects, tasks and files all in one place and easily collaborate with a team. It helps you to visualise the entire project through a marked calendar and gantt chart and setup reporting.

Teamwork支持使用Google Drive,Box.com和Dropbox进行文件管理。以及与第三方会计软件和客户支持应用程序等领先应用程序的集成。

+$Plans start at free and range up to $15 for premium.

04. 资源大师

Resource Guru project management software

Resource Guru是一个基于云的团队日历,可以让人们轻松安排

Resource Guru被称为“安排人员,设备和其他资源的简单方法”,是一种简化的资源调度和休假管理工具,旨在使您的项目保持正常运行。

您可以计划团队的工作量,接收每日预订提醒,报告KPI等。 Apple,Saatchi&Saatchi和Deloitte是云计算团队日历中重量级客户的一部分。

您可以免费试用Resource Guru,价格从每人每月2.50美元起。

05. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab project management software


+$ActiveCollab is now a more powerful and focused project management tool. It offers team collaborating features, task management, time tracking and importing expenses. One of the biggest asset of ActiveCollab is it offers invoicing features. You are able to track payments and expenses and have invoices paid directly within ActiveCollab with PayPal, and other credit card payments.

+$ActiveCollab plans starts at $7 a month.

06. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects project management software

Zoho Projects允许您有效地规划,协调和管理项目

Zoho提供各种商业软件,包括项目。 Zoho Projects是项目计划和项目协调员从头到尾的精通工具。

它通过一些先进的功能提升了项目管理所需的所有功能,包括报告,与Google Apps和Dropbox集成,错误跟踪,设置Wiki页面以构建信息存储库,论坛等。

+$You can start Zoho Projects with a free plan and upgrade to a paid premium account starting at £20 a month.

07. 吉拉

Jira project management software


+$Jira is specifically targeted for software development teams. It makes it really easy to track bugs and see which issues are still outstanding and how much time was spent on each task.

+$Atlassian (owners of Jira) also offer other products including Confluence, a document collaboration tool, and HipChat, a team chat and video and file sharing platform. They also have other products which integrate seamlessly with Jira.


08. 嘉尚

Asana project management software



+$Asana is free to use for small teams. For more members and top features like custom fields, task dependencies, and advanced search, check out Asana Premium or Enterprise.

09. 波迪奥

Podio project management software


+$Podio is a ever growing tool to organise and communication tool for any business. Podio allows you to personalise this platform to fit your business needs. Besides being able to communicate with a team, setup task management, use as a file storage system, like a traditional project management app, Podio can be an internal intranet for all your colleagues and departments to interact. Podio can also be transformed into a CRM system.

+$Podio plans are free for five employees and vary up to $24 for the full premium package.

10. Freedcamp

Freedcamp project management software



Freedcamp有一个有组织的仪表板,可以一目了然地查看整个项目。您可以轻松设置任务,使用便笺来直观地设置任务并将其组织到日历中。 Freedcamp为高级业务使用提供高级附加功能,包括CRM,发票,问题跟踪和设置维基页面。


11. Wrike

Wrike project management software



使用Wrike,设置任务,吸引团队并与您的业务工具集成,包括Google Apps,Microsoft Excel,Dropbox等等。您甚至可以通过简单地点击按钮将电子邮件转换为任务,从而提高电子邮件的工作效率。

+$Wrike is free for the first five users and paid professional plans start at $9.80 per user/mo.