Inception desk

+$This mind-bending desk is made from wood and steel

+$Famed for its puzzling plot and distinctive visuals, the 2010 sci-fi film Inception provided the inspiration for this folded desk, created by Greek designer+$Stelios Mousarris+$. You'd be forgiven for thinking the intricate design is the product of hours spent in a clever照片编辑器+$. But no. The table was created out of steel and wood using 3D printing technology – and it isn't as precarious as it looks.

+$Thanks to some ingenious design work, this desk has been carefully weighted to make it sturdy and reliable, despite having an apparently gravity-defying overhang.

+$Taking its cues from a famous scene in the movie where a dream city is folded over itself, the+$Wave Coffee Table+$is a limited edition piece featuring intricate buildings that look like they've been rolled up.

+$Fancy seeing this desk in your office? You might need to dig deep as it comes in at a whopping €5,000. But even the hefty price tag doesn't stop it being ridiculously cool.

Inception desk

+$The table is weighted to keep it balanced

Inception desk

+$Designer Stelios Mousarris runs his own furniture company

Inception desk

+$The folded city looks just like a dream from Inception