+$Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on producing beautiful tech hardware, but surely even the most rabidly anti-Apple observer would agree that it’s been responsible for some of the most arresting, engaging, cute, beguiling and just all-round beautiful designs in history.

+$What follows, then, is my list of some of the most important among them. It was a wrench to leave out so many stunning and important designs, but since nobody’s ever heard of a list of things on the internet that wasn’t ten items long, I had to make some tough decisions.

+$Unlike Abba, though, Apple hasn’t just pumped out hit after dependable hit. Along the way we’ve seen some designs that, shall we say, history has not remembered kindly – in fact, history, if you could do us a solid and just forget about them entirely, that’d be swell – and so let’s remember, revile – and maybe even reconcile – its flops with equal fervour.

01. Apple IIc

Beautiful Apple products

Apple IIc永恒的复古未来主义


Apple IIc - 或者经常编写的'// c'是第一个使用它的硬件,直到今天它看起来不仅漂亮而且引人入胜且友好,特别是它的爽快,急切的小监视器栖息在它上面。虽然没有人会把它误认为是现代电脑,但IIc及其硬件时代具有永恒的复古未来主义品质,这是非常引人注目的。

02. Macintosh Classic

Beautiful Apple products


原版Macintosh的厚实形状 - 所有厚厚的倒角和米色和棕色塑料 - 具有一定的历史吸引力,我知道许多Macheads拥有强大的SE / 30亲爱的,但对我来说,原始的所有最终表达一体机Mac是经典之作。


+$03. Siri on the HomePod

Apple Homepod

+$Apple's HomePod feels genuinely organic and lifelike. Image credit: Apple

+$The HomePod itself might not be a design to get terribly over-excited about – it’s well-executed, for sure, and with its soft, textured exterior and diminutive size, it does feel like a product for your living room rather than an office. But can I, please, take a moment to get a little uncomfortably close to you and talk in a distressingly intense way about Siri on the HomePod.

+$Siri is Apple’s voice assistant, and it lives in iOS devices and Macs, but it also lives in the HomePod. Say “Hey, Siri; play some relaxing music” and it will oblige. But when you activate it with that “Hey, Siri”, and while it’s parsing your request, a little circle on top comes to life with a pretty, shifting pattern of pink and green and blue and white.

+$Under the top surface there’s a simple little array of 19 LEDs and a diffuser that creates this pattern, but I was careful in my choice of words when I said ‘comes to life’; it feels genuinely organic and lifelike, and does a really good job of humanising this AI tech – even if there are slight echoes of HAL 9000.

04. EMate

Beautiful Apple products




05. IMac G4

Beautiful Apple products

IMac G4 - 人体工程学的杰作


这些天,它让我想起了小型皮克斯灯Luxo Jr。屏幕倾斜和旋转机制 - 你可以用指尖调整但完美地保持其位置 - 仍然是无与伦比的,而且自从iMac G4向人体工程学倒退后,苹果公司所生产的每台计算机都是无与伦比的。

06. PowerBook G4

Beautiful Apple products

PowerBook G4可以说仍然是现代MacBook Pro的基本模板

在笔记本电脑的这些日子里,你可以近乎剃光了,一台厚度为1英寸的计算机值得称赞的想法很有趣,但是当第一台PowerBook G4出现时,它就是惊人的苗条。

更重要的是,它看起来像以前没有任何东西,屏幕周围有一个挡板,即使在今天看起来也非常纤薄,令人兴奋的是,它由钛制成 - 它赢得了绰号'TiBook'。它的光滑,理想的外壳包含一个真正强大的计算机只是增加了它的吸引力。

07. IPod

Beautiful Apple products




+$08. Airpods

Apple AirPods

+$The AirPods are one of the best-designed products in Apple’s entire history. Image credit: Apple(图片来源:苹果)

+$There’s a line from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs: "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." And on that count, the AirPods are one of the best-designed products in Apple’s entire history. It’s not just what they look like, how that warm, chunky pebble of a case feels in your hands, or the delight in dropping the AirPods into the case and snicking it shut, but they really do feel magical.

+$They are an intensely pleasing thing to own; they seem only to be fun, and though, yes, you still have to keep them charged, and yes, there are occasional issues getting them to swap between devices, they really don’t seem to come bogged down with anything like the same level of background anxiety of other tech products. And that’s a beautiful thing.

09. IPhone 5

Beautiful Apple products

由于iPhone看起来越来越不像原版,iPhone 5就是最终的

你可以选择原始的iPhone或令人惊艳的密集iPhone 4,但对我而言,iPhone 5看起来最好 - 尤其是黑色版本。我完全沉浸在iPhone 5c的鲜艳色彩中,或者Champagney金色Apple正在使用越来越多,但黑色iPhone 5的隐形造型对于特定品牌的男性美感有些打击。

+$Its almost military appearance makes it look like a prop from a film set it the near future, a feeling compounded by how light it feels when you hold it.

+$10. Apple Watch Hermès Series 4

Apple's Watch Hermès Series 4

+$Apple and Hermès created something genuinely special. Image credit: Apple

+$Apple these days is very good at colour – witness the confident choices in its silicone iPhone cases, as well as its Sport Bands for the Apple Watch – but it took iconic fashion house Hermès, working in partnership with Apple on the most recent iteration of its smart watch, to create something that I think is genuinely special. The mix of dusty navy, cream and the classic Hermès orange in this colour combination looks stunning, I think, and I dearly wish I owned one.

+$Now: 5 of the ugliest Apple products ever made...

01. Macintosh Color Classic

Ugly Apple products

Color Classic按比例歪斜

虽然Macintosh,SE / 30,经典,经典II和Performa 200都看起来平衡而且经过考虑,Color Classic--最后一款围绕9英寸屏幕构建的标志性紧凑型Mac机 - 令人憎恶。


02. Power Macintosh G3(多功能一体机)

Ugly Apple products



这是一个传统米色盒子的可爱的混蛋爱孩子和iMac和蓝色和白色Power Mac G3的刚刚转角的俯冲造型 - 或者说它更温和,它是一个'过渡'设计 - 和造型令人难以置信的不舒服。它的绰号是“磨牙”,因为它在边缘设置牙齿似乎完全合适。

03. Performa 6400

Ugly Apple products


乍一看,这个设计没有什么特别的错误,但是我看得越多,我就会越来越厌烦不必要的“设计”层,它被覆盖在它上面。你可以看到他们想要的东西 - 柔化传统塔楼设计的锋利边缘,它看起来更友好,更现代 - 但实际上它最终只是看起来像有人拿了一个完美的,诚实的木块,然后无法停止当他们开始磨掉边缘时自己。

那个看起来很傻的脚!在软盘驱动器上方看起来笨拙,顶部重的突起! (它实际上是一个备用驱动器舱,但看起来像海豚的额头凸出。)呃。

04. Apple键盘

Ugly Apple products




+$05. iPhone 6 Smart Battery Case

iPhone 6 Smart Battery Case

+$Author Phin has an ulterior motive in including this design here. Image credit: Apple

+$I have to come clean: I have an ulterior motive in including this design here. I know for a lot of people it’s utterly hideous – and feels like Apple barely designed it at all, just slapping a rectangular battery on the back of its normal silicone case – but I actually like it. I like the balls-out, screw-you-edness of the approach (quite as well as acknowledging the technical constraints the designers were operating within, including leaving wireless antennas free), and I like how it feels in the hand; the hump gives a little extra place for your pinkie to rest when holding it. It’s Brutalist architecture made out of soft-touch silicone, and I think we could do well to try to rehabilitate some design choices and vernaculars that are often called ugly.

+$Many of the images in this post were kindly supplied by Jonathan Zufi, the author of one of my favourite indulgent books about Apple design,标志性的。 Jonathan为Iconic拍摄了数百张照片 - 其中一些照片之前从未发布过 - 并且与苹果行业中一些了不起的人谈到其持久的设计实力。如果你像我一样爱苹果的硬件十分之一,我恳请你善待自己。天啊,特别版!