+$Want a cheaper Surface Pro 6 than Amazon's?

+$(Image Credit: Microsoft)

+$Amazon Prime Day is now over, but one of its most popular offers was on a 12.3-inch Surface Pro 6, which it knocked down to £749.99. That offer has expired, but if you're   still in the market for a shiny new Surface Pro 6, there are still some bargains to be had.

+$The Amazon model is+$now £874.99+$, which is still £154 off the RRP. If you look around you'll find the likes of John Lewis, AO.com and Curry's selling a 12.3-inch+$Surface Pro 6 for just £689

+$Note here you're not getting the same specs as the Amazon machine. These £689 models only have 4GB of memory rather than the 8GB you'll find in the Amazon offer; not only that, the cheaper model packs a Intel Core m3 processor rather than the Core i5 at Amazon.

+$Microsoft Surface Pro 6 12.3":+$689 At John Lewis
+$It's cheaper than Amazon's Prime Day offer, but it's a lower-spec model with half the memory and a less powerful processor. For light users, this could be a smart buy – and it comes with a 2-year guarantee, too.+$AO is offering the same deal

+$And here's the updated Amazon deal as a reminder:

+$Microsoft Surface Pro 6 12.3":+$1029+$874.99 At Amazon
+$After Prime Day, Amazon's high-specced Surface Pro is now just under £875. For that, you get an 8GB machine with a Core i5 processor.

+$The difference is probably best summed up by the product descriptions over at AO.com - while it says that the 8GB model 'delivers seamless multitasking', the 4GB model 'easily handles light multitasking'. However, if you're after a Surface Pro for work then you probably still want to head to Amazon.

+$However if you're after a Surface Pro and you're not too bothered about performance, but even at its discounted price the Amazon offer is just a little too steep for you, then this is a fairly tidy alternative. You should still get plenty of use out of it and look good doing so.

+$For more UK options (or the cheapest prices in your country) check out the widget below.