Wacom价格崩溃!英图斯专业图形平板电脑gb 110

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+$Right now Prime members can get a massive+$110 off a Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet (Medium)+$. And when we say right now, we do mean right now – this is one of Amazon's Lightning deals, so it's only going to stick around for a matter of hours (and at this price, we're not expecting stocks to last that long).

+$The professional graphics tablet comes with a Wacom Pro Pen 2 stylus (and replacement tips) included, and is compatible with Windows and Apple.

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+$We're calling it: this is the best Prime Day offer we're going to see this year, especially for creatives (although if you don't have your heart set on a Wacom, Amazon is also knocking+$41% Off XP-Pen Tablets+$). For more great prices on creative kit (all over the world), take a look at our guide to the最佳黄金周优惠

+$Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet (M):299.99+$189.99 At Amazon
+$Pick up a Medium Intuos Pro graphics tablet with Pro Pen 2 stylus included for just under £190 in this amazing offer.
+$Deal expires: 2.55pm BST 15 July

+$As you'll no doubt know, Wacom rules the roost when it comes to graphics tablets. This model is suitable for left- and right-handers, comes with Pro Pen 2 stylus included, and offers 8192 pen pressure levels and 60 levels of tilt recognition in every direction, to give an impressively natural drawing experience.

+$The tablet itself includes eight adjustable express keys, a customisable touch ring that you can personalise to streamline your workflow. The multi-touch surface is also intuitive to use.

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