+$Redesigned Creative Commons Search delivers over 300 million images

Creative Commons Search

+$If you're in need of some股票艺术+$or perhaps a bit of visual inspiration for a情绪板+$, the latest thing from Creative Commons ought to be just what you're looking for.

+$The new CC Search has just come out of beta with a major redesign and faster, more relevant search. It features over 300 million images sourced from multiple collections, so whatever kind of imagery you're after, you should be able to find exactly the right thing with just the sort of CC licence you need.

Creative Commons Search

+$The new CC Search is packed with useful imagery

+$Developed by the Creative Commons engineering team, plus a community of volunteer developers, the updated CC Search gets its images from 19 collections. It includes works from museums such as the大都会艺术博物馆+$Cleveland Museum of Art+$, as well as posts fromFlickr的+$and the cream ofBehance的DeviantArt的+$. And if 2D artwork's just a little too flat for you there's also a set of 3D designs from Thingiverse, ready to fire at your 3D printer.

+$Alongside the bigger collection and faster search, the team at Creative Commons has also been busy improving the general user experience of its search site. There's now a cleaner homepage with better navigation and filters, and Creative Commons has streamlined the attribution process for any images you want to use, with rich text and HTML versions of the attribution text for each version, ready to copy and paste onto your page.

Creative Commons Search

+$As well as being a great source of useful imagery, CC Search is also a perfect place to find inspiration

+$It's a great way to find images, no matter what sort of thing you're looking for, and Creative Commons has big plans for its search going forward. It says that it intends to continue to increase the number of items in its library, bringing in work from collections such as Europeana and Wikimedia Commons. It also plans to index other CC-licensed works in its collection, such as open textbooks and audio, later in the year.

+$Ultimately Creative Commons aims to provide access to all 1.4 billion works in the commons, but this is a pretty good start, all told. You can check out CC Search for yourself这里