+$Master architectural visualisation with issue 246 of 3D World

+$This issue, along with our usual reviews, inspiration and regular Q and A sections, we explore the rapidly growing area of architectural visualisation. With a mix of features, interviews and training, you'll soon be on the road to mastering your own+$archviz项目。


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+$Feature: the state of the art

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+$Discover Architectural Visualisation

+$In this feature, we take a good look at this growth area, talking to leading industry figures, including Jeff Mottle of CG architect.

+$Tutorial: X-Particles fluid sims

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+$Replicate the opening titles of Daredevil

+$In this tutorial, industry expert and product manager at Insydium, Mike Batchelor, shows you how to create awesome viscous fluid sims.

+$Tutorial: Create a gift box in ZBrush

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+$Master ZBrush hard surface modelling

+$ZBrush expert Maya Jermy shows you how to get to grips with the hard surface toolset to create a gift box model.

+$Feature: Build an archviz scene

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+$Build a stunning lakeside house in 3ds Max

+$Recreate our cover image by following veteran artist Carlos Lucio, who shares his process for building archviz scenes.

+$Feature: Welcome to Marwen

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+$Discover Virtual Filmmaking

+$Ian Failes takes a trip to Marwen, getting the lowdown on the latest tools and techniques for virtual filmmaking.