+$The best cheap Apple laptop deals in 2019

+$Image Credit: Apple

+$Our guide to the best cheap Apple laptop deals of 2019 is here to help you find the best bargains on Apple's quality devices. On this page you'll find the best deals on the latest models of the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

+$Apple is constantly updating its range of MacBook laptops – though for some models those updates are becoming ever rarer. What that does mean, is that once Apple introduces a brand-new version, you're likely to see older models get a price cut.

+$For example, the MacBook Air was originally the cheapest way of getting a new Apple laptop, and in late 2018, Apple finally refreshed the slimline laptop, fitting it with the latest components and a Retina display and Thunderbolt 3 ports. However, the 2018 model was more expensive than previous versions of the MacBook Air.

+$Recently, Apple surprised us all with a new refresh of the MacBook Air, which adds True Tone technology to the Retina display, which automatically adjusts the color temperature for a more natural and comfortable viewing experience. While this is a nice addition, if you're a photographer or digital creative who requires color accuracy in your display, you may want to switch this feature off.

+$But, the new MacBook Air 2019 model also brough a price cut, with the entry-level MacBook Air now costing $1,099 (£1,099). When the MacBook Air 2019 does release (it's not out quite yet at the time of writing), it means we should see some even better deals for the MacBook Air 2018.

+$It's also worth considering Apple's official refurb store, where Apple sells its older models at a discount of up to 15%. They have new batteries and screens, so you won’t see any scratches, a year’s warranty, and they look as good as new. Stock availability varies, but it’s a great way to find some brilliant deals on Apple's laptops.

+$There's also some great savings to be had on the latest hardware as well, with some excellent recent Apple laptop deals. To make thing's easier, we've scoured the internet to find the best cheap MacBook Pro deals, MacBook deals and MacBook Air deals – so if you’re in the market for a new Apple laptop then you’re in the right place.



带Retina显示屏的MacBook Air(2018)优惠

直到最近的2018年更新,MacBook Air多年来一直没有更新,落后于所有Apple的其他笔记本电脑型号,屏幕丑陋,旧内部硬件具有杂乱的性能。这使它真正实惠,但它急需现代化。

2018年的MacBook Air带来了一些亮点,通过第8代Core i5处理器,13英寸高分辨率Retina显示屏,内置touchID,现代Force Touch触控板和两个Thunderbolt 3端口,重振Apple的标志性设计。 。

它现在有三种颜色 - 空间灰色,金色和银色,并保留了Air一直以来所熟知的薄楔形设计,赋予它非常理想的外观和感觉。

凭借小巧的128GB SSD和8GB内存,入门级规格适用于轻型计算机,但我们绝对建议您在购买时将存储升级到256GB,以免日后耗尽空间。

+$As we mentioned earlier on, we're going to see a slight refresh of the MacBook Air in 2019, with added True Tone technology for the display. The MacBook Air 2019 will also come with Apple's improved third-generation butterfly keyboard, which Apple introduced in the more expensive models of the MacBook Pro 2019 after numerous reports surfaced of faulty keyboards in older MacBooks.

+$When the MacBook Air 2019 releases, expect to see some even more tempting offers for the MacBook Air 2018, which still remains a fantastic Apple laptop.



它们的设计目的是尽可能少地使用性能较低的M3 CPU,因此MacBook比图形设计和视频编辑更适合文字处理和电子邮件。

尽管如此,它仍然看起来在外面,配备12英寸Retina显示屏和MacBook Air可用的三种Space Grey,Gold和Silver三种颜色。对于2018型号,Apple已经解决了它的第一个批评。代蝴蝶键盘,使其更具弹性,防止面包屑和污垢。

+$And one nice point to mention is that the entry-level model has a generous 256GB of SSD storage.

+$However, we should point out that Apple will stop selling the 12-inch MacBook on its online store. This could actually be advantageous to anyone thinking of buying the MacBook, however, as it means Apple will start clearing out its stock. This could lead to some really impressive MacBook 12-inch deals. Keep an eye on what other retailers do as well, and even consider a refurb MacBook.

+$Also, just because Apple will stop selling the 12-inch MacBook, it doesn't mean it'll stop supporting it, so you can still buy one without worrying that it will soon become useless.

13英寸MacBook Air(原创风格)优惠

如果你看一下,最初的MacBook Air仍然可以在Apple的网站上出售,它仍然是Apple制造的最实惠的笔记本电脑。但其较低的零售价格是虚假的经济,因为旧的显示器在显示器周围有大而厚的边框,没有Retina分辨率,并且使用古老的TN技术与较差的视角,与之前发现的优质IPS Retina屏幕相比其他Mac笔记本电脑。



MacBook Pro(13英寸无Touch Bar 2018)优惠

MacBook Pro有三种不同的风格:13英寸和15英寸的Touch Bar,以及另一款没有Touch Bar的13英寸机型。如果您没有意识到,Touch Bar会替换大多数键盘上的顶级物理功能键,并使用触摸敏感按钮根据您使用的应用程序更改上下文,尽管有些人质疑它有多么有用。

但重要的是,没有Touch Bar的13英寸MacBook Pro型号更物有所值,但功能却比拥有Touch Bar的款式更低。没有Touch Bar的2018 MacBook Pro使用2.3GHz第七代双核Intel处理器,Core i5或Core i7,入门级型号现在与MacBook Air和MacBook的价格相同。


+$Apple has also announced a refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro 2019, which will keep the same price as the 2018 model, but will get a power boost thanks to an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor (1.4GHz, with boost to 3.9GHz), which Apple claims makes it twice as powerful compared to its predecessor.

+$All models of the MacBook Pro 2019 will now come with the Touch Bar and Touch ID (for logging in with your fingerprint), and the 13-inch model gets the True Tone Retina display and Apple’s T2 security chip. As with the MacBook Air 2019, the new MacBook Pro 2019 will come with the improved third generation Butterfly keyboard.

+$Bear in mind that once you start adding on extras to the entry-level MacBook Pro, the cost naturally skyrockets, which then makes the next tier up seem all the more attractive, given how it will offer significantly better all round performance for media editing and give you more storage anyway. We’d suggest that option if you can afford it - it’s simply better value if you’re after the best possible performance for your money.

+$Also, when the MacBook Pro 2019 launches, expect the 2018 model to become cheaper.

MacBook Pro(13英寸带Touch Bar 2018)优惠

Apple狡猾的营销团队非常巧妙地定价13英寸MacBook Pro和Touch Bar,使其相对于升级的入门级机型具有更好的相对价值。至关重要的是,它将第七代英特尔双核处理器升级为2.3 GHz第八代四核芯片,这将在所有媒体编辑和设计软件方面产生巨大影响,将渲染时间缩短50%。

它还有一些其他简洁的附加功能,标配256GB SSD存储,True Tone显示屏和更强大的Intel Iris Plus显卡,这些功能在一些任务中会略有改进。


MacBook Pro 15英寸(2018年)特价

15英寸MacBook Pro将在你的钱包中留下如此大的漏洞,这是这个列表中物有所值的最后选择,但在任何Mac笔记本电脑中都具有最高的性能,这是你真正需要的重 - 提升媒体编辑和设计软件。

这两款可用的15英寸机型标配16GB内存,配备六核处理器,采用2.2GHz(4.1 GHz Turbo)Intel Core i7,配备256GB或512GB SSD存储。


与13英寸型号不同,15英寸MacBook Pro还配备了独立的AMD Radeon Pro显卡,配备4GB专用显存,而在2018年11月,Apple推出了更强大的Radeon Pro Vega显卡。

凭借笔记本电脑的这种性能,15英寸MacBook Pro可以完全取代您的台式机,尤其是超越Apple目前任何iMac阵容(自2017年以来尚未更新)。

如果您正在考虑升级存储,那么Apple提供高达4TB的存储空间,但是价格如此之高,以至于坚持更适中的容量并使用Thunderbolt外部存储设备更有价值。另一方面,如果您正在考虑将MacBook Pro用于高端媒体工作,那么内存升级到32GB绝对值得每一分钱。

+$Also, the MacBook Pro 15-inch 2019 lineup is coming soon. These will come with the latest 9th generation 8-core Intel Core i9 processor. The cheapest MacBook Pro 2019 15-inch configuration comes with a 2.3GHz 8‑core 9th‑generation Intel Core i9 (Turbo Boost up to 4.8GHz) CPU with 16GB memory (RAM), a Radeon Pro 560X graphics (GPU) and 512GB SSD storage for $2,799 (£2,699, A$4,099).

+$Again, expect prices for the 2018 models to fall slightly once the 2019 lineup releases. If you can hold on, you could bag yourself a brilliant MacBook Pro deal.