.net Awards 2013:最佳在线投资组合

这些年.net奖+$are all about welcoming the newer faces in the industry. For this award, we're looking for a web designer with a seriously impressive portfolio.

+$Starting in January, we asked you to tell us who you think is deserving of this award, and we whittled down a long list of suggestions to the final 10 you see below. We're now collecting public votes, and the three nominees with the most votes will be submitted to our panel of experts who will pick a final winner.


+$Vaclav Krbusek

工作+$: Art Director
基于+$: Prague
客户端+$: Mattel, T-Mobile, Amnesty International, Peugeot and loads of smaller ones

+$Vaclav Krbusek+$: My first job was a web designer and animator and I've got it more out of necessity than anything else. The design school I was attending at the time was useless, my parents had just divorced and there was a danger that I would end up having to pay the mortgage for my mother, and then my girlfriend lost her place to live ... so I had to find SOME work.

+$VK:+$The source of inspiration for my stuff is mystery to me (as it partially has to be for everyone), but I definitely look more at painting, photography, movies, art in general and science than actual web design.

+$VK:+$I've been working on some T-Mobile campaigns lately, but I've managed to do more work on videos and music, which is a pleasant departure for me.

+$VK:+$Recently I've won two Art Directors Club of Europe Awards: one silver, one gold for microsites I did with+$SYMBIO Digital+$... so that's not bad. It also looks like I will be moving to New York soon, so that's definitely up there.

+$Guillaume Tomasi

工作:+$Freelance creative developer and co-founder of In The Loop Studio
客户和附属项目:+$My clients are essentially communications agencies when I do freelancing (Akufen, Departement, Fidel Studios …)

+$I'm working alone on a side project that's going to motivate me each day: 'the Nex7 Marathon'. The Nex7 is a reflex camera from Sony. I will use this camera and post a photo every day as long as possible. Users can 'like' and 'fav' every photo, discover a little story behind the shot, get the exif data and make a suggestion for a new theme.

+$Each week has a theme (like black and white, architecture, people, ...). It's based on a related poll where the users can participate. It will be a HTML5 version, available on every device.

+$Guillaume Tomasi+$: I started my first job in 2006 in Switzerland. Before that, I learned the basic concepts of developing a website with HTML, JavaScript and PHP. But at this time, the standards were very annoying and I wasn't very excited about creating a corporate website.

+$I discovered Flash 4 during my studies and I fell in love with this way to animate graphics easily. I bought books and worked, worked, worked ... very hard. The result was that for six years I had the chance to do interesting Flash projects.

+$At this time I had only a 'developer vision' and when I left France and came to Canada, I began to become more and more interested in design.

GT:+$First of all, I find my inspiration in the movies and literature. I'd be lying if I don't mention FWA. I discovered this website in 2004. Every day, I wanted to see the site of the day. I was like a child in front of a candy shop. It's still a inspiration.

+$When I was student, I loved North Kingdom, Group94, Firstborn, FI etc … and I was a huge fan of Robert Lindstrm, Shane Mielke and Pelle Martin. Now they are the main actors of the web.

+$Today my preference will goes to like HelloHikimori, StinkDigital, Les84, Hello Monday etc.

GT:+$With my mate Sidar Sahin, I finished the portfolio site for our+$new Studio+$. We are very proud of the results. This website is really us; it reflects our personality.

+$My main project this year was the flash development of the interactive web series埃米莉+$. It's a new way of telling a story. The user is closer to the characters and he can actively influence the story. The last episode will be online on the 11 April. It's my biggest project for a long time and I thank+$Akufen+$for giving me this opportunity to work with them on it.

GT:+$Photography is my new drug. I really like it. But for the web, I'm very impressed about what we are capable of doing with WebGL and HTML canvas. I've started to get back into JavaScript and HTML5 and I've rediscovered the joy I felt when I was first learning ActionScript. Very promising.


工作:+$Digital media designer at Fox News Channel
客户和附属项目:+$Fox, Speed TV, FX Networks, myNetworkTV, and G4

罗比莱昂纳迪+$: It was all started by my fascination with computer graphics. First I learned 3D software like AutoCAD and 3D Max, then I started to learn Photoshop to create textures for my 3D models. Since I also wanted to present them online, I started to learn Flash. I fell in love with Flash and its ActionScript right away. There was a kind of excitement to combine both creative and technical aspects into one interactive experience. At that time, I knew that I wanted to make a career in interactive media field. Web designer was a very good choice since I would do design and programming as well. The job market was also on the side of the web designer since there was a lot of demand to establish an online presence.

+$RL:+$It's difficult to choose who influences my work since there are too many of them. A web designer is always influenced by other web designers. However, it's easy to choose what inspires me. I always inspire by good designs. It's very contagious. It makes me want to deliver good work all the time.

+$RL:+$I am working on several show websites for Fox News Channel. I also worked on Fox News Xbox Kinect app and Fox News Windows Phone app previously.

+$RL:+$Right now I am very excited about designing illustration-based website.+$My design portfolio website+$receives lots of good responses from design communities out there. Since I'm very excited about it, I've been working on another illustration-based website recently. This one is going to be an interactive info graphic about my resume. I guarantee this one will be an awesome website too!


基于:+$Braga, Portugal
客户和附属项目:+$Associations / musicians / small companies

玛丽莎帕索斯+$: Overall, web design emerged as a way to complement the general interest that I've always had for the informatics and technology field.

MP:+$In the web design field, I enjoy checking the works of agencies such as Brocratik, Massive, Ultranoir and Anagrama.

MP:+$Mostly, I've been working on school projects due to the fact that I'm attending a master's degree in graphic design and editorial projects at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto. In the near future, I hope I can be able to develop some personal projects and, eventually, earn work experience at a design company.

MP:+$My path on the world of design has been relatively recent and it just excites me to see that the projects I've been developing are actually being recognised by professionals and platforms of the area.


工作:Fantasy Interactive的开发人员



SB:我不得不说我的好朋友Tobias Van Schneider在最近几个月里发挥了很大的作用。他是一名设计师网络连接我坐在他旁边工作。毫无疑问,他是我曾经合作过的最有才华的设计师之一,他帮助我完成了我的投资组合设计。




Shane Prendergast

+$Clients and side projects+$: worthyofnote.co.uk, base.webknit.co.uk

Shane Prendergast+$: University of Hull web design and development degree

SP:+$I try to make things that will give something back to the industry.

SP:+$I only graduated last May, so obtaining employment and getting myself to a good standard post university.

SP:+$I've just started working for McCann-Erickson and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and proving my worth to the team.

Filidor Wiese

工作:Filidor Wiese+$is a freelance front/backend web developer. CollaboratorArthur van't Hoog+$is a freelance graphic designer
基于:+$Groningen, The Netherlands
客户和附属项目:+$Heineken,+$Wildlife LA +$Amsterdam Arena

+$AvH:+$I studied graphic design and illustration at art school. But there was no web design course back then (2004) as far as I can remember. Soon after I got out of art school someone asked me to design a website. So I jumped on it and taught myself. Things change rapidly, mostly in the technical field. So I'm always learning and I'm happy to work with talented web developers and other creatives to create functional, fun or interesting websites.

+$AvH:+$I like old book covers and graphic novels. Music always had an influence on me. So has coffee. For my daily visual fix I like blogs likeFfffound.comFormfiftyfive.com+$thefoxisblack.com+$itsnicethat.com+$. Recently I stumbled upon+$hoverstat.es+$highlighting some new or interesting interaction design

+$FW:一个+$interactive map for Heineken+$showing off the vastness of its brand portfolio and different kind of statistics per market and region.

+$AvH, FW:+$A HTML5/Node.js/canvas multiplayer game we're developing (along with Arjen de Vries) in our spare time. It's called+$Multeor+$and will be released soon. Using a smartphone you control a meteor that's crashing into earth and you have to destroy as much buildings as possible in your downfall.

+$Paul Currah

工作+$: Freelance graphic and digital designer
基于+$: Dorset, UK
+$Clients and side projects+$: I've worked with some big brands, and some one-man-bands. It’s this variety that keeps me fresh and inspired. Please see my clients page,这里

+$Paul Currah+$: Web design became a necessary extension of my brand identity work.

PC:+$I'm inspired by the everyday and always keep a camera on me to record the unexpected. I love running along the Dorset coast and countryside, which is great 'thinking space' time. I'm also known for my interest in astronomy. I find space fascinating.

+$Other designers who inspire me are those who share my ethos: design-led ideas. I'm always interested in what agencies including The Partners, Hat-trick Design, Gregory Bonner Hale and Magpie Studio are doing.

PC:+$A wedding photographer's identity/website, an iPhone app called Good Sort for Facebook, a well known sock brand's identity/packaging, plus digital work for Macmillan Cancer Support.

PC:+$I'm always excited about what I'm going to be working on next – it can be really surprising what project is coming next. I enjoy the variety of working for a diverse mix of people. I love the process of researching for a new brief, working out the most effective and efficient way to solve the client's communication challenges and delivering solutions and making the client happy is very rewarding.

+$Vladimir Kudinov

工作+$: Designer At DesignModo
基于+$: Brooklyn, New York

+$Vladimir+$has worked as a web designer, PHP programmer and art director. Highlights from his huge portfolio include+$Square UI+$, a flat user interface pack, and this+$IMDB user interface concept

+$Square UI is a kit of colourful components created in the style of the flat design trend that anyone can use to build a website.

+$In a similar vein, Vladimir also created+$The Bricks+$, a UI pack of configurable building blocks such as edit boxes, menus and pop-ups that are available for others to use.

+$Sergey Shmidt

工作+$: Interface designer and illustrator at DesignModo
基于+$: Brooklyn, New York

+$Sergey+$is co-founder of web design blog DesignModo. His personal site and+$Dribbble Page+$showcase his passion for photography, illustration and flat user interface design

+$Highlights From His投资组合+$include two large packs of vector icons, and a+$collection of illustrations of buildings in Amsterdam