+$The iPad apps for designers that work best enable creatives to work just as well as they would on a laptop. But knowing which apps you should add to make your life as a creative professional better is key, which is why we've put together this list of suggestions. Download all these apps on the iPad and you'll have a formidable, hugely capable partner in your work.

+$Of course, there's a lot to be said for having the适用于iPad的最佳绘图应用+$, but as you know, there's plenty more to the life of a creative pro than dreaming up ideas on a sketchpad. So although we do have a small number of drawing apps on our list, these really are the best iPad apps for designers to take care of all aspects of the job.

+$Want more model-specific software? Don't miss our roundup of the最佳iPad Pro应用程序+$designed for the Apple Pencil.

+$01. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer ipad apps for designers

Affinity Designer可在多个层上提供精确的针脚精度(图像信用:衬线)

+$Affinity Designer is one of the most ambitious creative apps for the iPad. Taking all of the power and precision that the desktop version is known for and migrating it to the iPad, this iteration of Affinity Designer has been specially upgraded to fit the device. Affinity Designer is perfect for any part of the workflow, and boasts over 100 brushes. Recent updates have pushed performance further still, Affinity Photo is also worth checking out, and an iPad version of+$Affinity Publisher is due for release+$later in this year.

+$02. Pixelmator

best iPad apps for designers: Pixelmator

使用Pixelmator随时随地创建,编辑和增强图像+$(Image Credit: Pixelmator)
  • 要求:IOS 9.1或更高版本
  • 价钱: $ 4.99/4.99

+$Packed with image editing and enhancement tools, Pixelmator contains everything you need for adjusting assets on the go. Thanks to Drag and Drop support, users can move images and graphics between iPad and other apps easily. Alternatively you can store images in the iCloud Drive and access them anywhere. By taking advantage of the latest iOS 12 technologies, Pixelmator offers best-in-class Photoshop file support, precision drawing and painting with the Apple Pencil, plus much more.

+$03. Trello

Trello on an ipad: iPad apps for designers


无论您是在协调一个大型设计项目,还是只是想组织清洁工作,Trello都是一个很好的工具,可以完成任务并保持井井有条。它可以让人们轻松邀请他们在项目上进行协作,并且可以为您正在处理的任何内容创建自定义板。 iPad应用程序针对iPad Pro进行了优化,可以通过大量调整来充分利用其更大的屏幕,如果您无论身在何处都需要项目更新,还可以使用Apple Watch甚至iMessage的应用程序。

+$04. Procreate

iPad apps for designers

好吧,当我们说没有绘图应用程序时,我们撒谎了一下+$(Image credit: Maggie Enterrios and Jill Gori on Procreate)

+$Procreate is a truly wonderful natural media app, and it's very fast – especially on more recent iPads where it can take advantage of their huge power. What's more, it's optimised for the iPad Pro, with massive, ultra-hi-definition canvases, and will work with the Apple Pencil too.+$Procreate has also recently had an upgrade+$, and now includes the much-anticipated Text tool.


+$05. Parallels Access

screenshots of Parallels Access



+$Parallels Access does things a bit differently, giving you full access to your desktop and using its special 'Applification' technology to render your desktop apps as native apps, making them much easier to use on the go and also ensuring you can work without a fat internet connection.

+$06. Noteshelf

best iPad apps for designers: Noteshelf

+$Turn your iPad into a digital sketchbook with Notshelf+$(Image Credit: Noteshelf)

如果你想要的是素描本的数字等价物,而不是画布 - 在某处写下东西,涂抹一些想法,在会议中记笔记 - 得到Noteshelf。它能够混合打字,音频和手写笔记 - 具有漂亮的墨水效果 - 注释文档和图像,甚至定义自定义纸张设计,以便轻松创建iPhone线框,用于草绘应用程序设计,使其成为一个非常方便的iPad应用程序设计师。它还配有一系列第三方手提包,用于压力敏感度和手腕拒绝。

07. Adobe Comp CC

Best iPad pro apps

Adobe Comp非常适合模型和线框

  • 要求:IOS 9.0或更高版本
  • 价钱:自由

Adobe为iOS制作了大量的应用程序,但这一点在iPad上特别棒。有了它,您可以快速轻松地为Web,打印等设计创建模型和线框,并且可以将它们导出到Creative Cloud稳定版InDesign,Illustrator或Photoshop以进一步处理它们。这是一种有效利用通勤时间的好方法 - 尽管当然只是茫然地盯着窗外可以同样有效!

值得补充的是Adobe Capture(可以从涂鸦创建矢量形状)和插画家画,也是从Adobe,到你的iPad。

+$08. Things 3 For IPad

best ipad apps: Things 3

事物占据了Reminders和Omnifocus之间的甜蜜点+$(Image credit: Cultured Code)

Apple的Reminders应用程序实际上比大多数人都更有用 - 特别是如果你设置了可以在团队之间共享的提醒列表 - 但毫无疑问,一个更有成就的待办事项经理将帮助你掌握复杂的项目更容易。

+$Some swear by OmniFocus, but for us it's just a little too daunting in its power. Things, though, lets you define some sensible groupings, makes it simple to add and sort new tasks, and lets you easily see what deadlines are imminent.

+$09. OmniPlan 3

Best iPad pro apps

  • 要求:+$iOS 11.3 Or Later
  • 价钱:$ 99.99/99.99(免费试用)

虽然我们已经拒绝了Omni Group的待办事项应用程序,因为它对于我们想要追踪的那种待办事项而言有点过于复杂,正是这种复杂性使得其项目规划应用程序成为必备 - 尽管只是为了大项目,只适用于高级人士(如果你是自雇人士,请注意,或者在一个非常小的团队中工作,猜猜是什么?你是大四学生)。



iPad apps for designers: Slack

  • 要求:IOS 11.1或更高版本
  • 价钱: 免费

讨厌你花多少时间在电子邮件上?我们也是。让你的团队尝试Slack - 它开始免费,有一些限制 - 并且在你回来的时候都会惊叹不已。虽然它表面上只是一个简单的即时消息工具,但近年来它变得非常流行(特别是对于远程工作团队),这要归功于它与Dropbox和Google Docs等大量其他服务完美集成,因此一切都如此更顺畅。

+$11. Duet Display

Best iPad pro apps


+$One of the easiest ways to be more productive as a designer is to add more screens to your computer, so you can have source material on one while working on the main display, keep an eye on email (or Slack!) while you work without switching between tasks, or just as somewhere to put your palettes so you're not covering up your work.

+$It's not always convenient, though – maybe you're rushing to hit a deadline in an airport departure lounge, or you're hotdesking in a co-working space. However, you can turn an iPhone or iPad into a second display for your Mac or PC with this app, which earns it a spot in our list of the best iPad apps for designers.

虽然早期的应用程序无线工作(方便,但滞后和压缩),Duet Display可以通过电缆工作,无论是Lightning还是30针,完全支持Retina和触控。您可能还想调查一下Astropad,它将您的iPad变成适用于Mac的类似Cintiq的图形输入板。

+$12. Invoice2go

Best iPad pro apps


+$When the work is done, it's too easy to forget to invoice for it, but with your iPad (or iPhone or even Apple Watch), you can easily create, send and track invoices wherever you are. There are plenty of systems available, and if you already use, say,希捷FreeAgent然后得到它的应用程序,但Invoice2go是一个很好的选择,如果你尚未开始使用它。

+$13. Digital Magazines

Probably the best design mags on the planet (unbiased)

  • +$Various IOS Requirements
  • 各种价格


当然我们会建议我们自己的计算机艺术网页设计者ImagineFX3D艺术家3D世界+$titles, but there are plenty more to explore on the App store.