+$To be successful, print adverts have to be multi-layered. These days, social media plays a central role for the more traditional medium. But sometimes, a perfect print ad that mixes the right words with a spot-on picture, can be just as impactful as the shiniest, most high-tech digital onslaught – as these examples prove.

+$We've found the most impressive, funniest, controversial, hard hitting and simply brilliant print adverts out there. Keep reading if you'd like a free masterclass in promoting your brand through print.

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+$01. Lime

Print adverts: Volkswagen

+$Not Lemon.

+$(Image Credit: Volkswagen)

+$In 1960, VW sold its trustworthy design to the world by labelling a car a lemon, the word commonly used to describe production defects – it had a minor default, not noticeable to the eye but even so it was taken off the market.

+$Well, fast forward almost 60 years and a Beetle is, once more, taken off the market. This time it's not for any default but simply because tastes have changed. And so it is a 'lime'.

+$02. Happy Diwali

Print adverts: Happy Diwali

+$Can you guess why the 'U's are missing?

+$(Image Credit: Yellow)

+$Ad agency Yellow use a series of wide-eyed animals to highlight the very real problem animals face during Diwali celebrations. With super-bold imagery and bright colours, the campaign keeps the festival spirit. Juxtaposed against this, however, are the terrified eyes and shocking face masks of beloved pets and animals.

+$The images show how the animals could protect themselves against the different types of pollution were they able to, highlighting how it is down to the humans around them to protect them.

+$Or as the ad presents it: it's down to 'U': hence why the key letters are missing.

+$03. Children can be scary

Print adverts: Children can be scary

+$We Believe You

+$(Image credit: DDB Mozambique)

+$The importance of safe sex can be a tricky topic to address,  but+$DDB Mozambique+$took a humorous route with this print ad for Lirandzo condoms. The designs feature famously terrifying youngsters from well-known horror stories, including the creepy twins from The Shining, and The Ring's goosebump-inducing Samara. Would you want one of these guys living in your house?

+$04. IKEA IDealisk

Print adverts: Ikea

+$Get the Mac Pro look for less

+$(Image Credit: IKEA)

+$The previous model may have been likened to a trash can, but the when Apple unveiled its newMac Pro+$in June 2019, the design drew unkind comparisons of its own: there was something+$decidedly cheese grater-ish about it+$. IKEA Bulgaria jumped on the discussion immediately, and within a few days it had released+$this Killer Ad+$. Created by advertising studio+$The Smarts+$, the design takes a bite out of Apple with its cheeky tagline and clever lower-case 'i' on the product name.

+$05. Breakfast Means Breakfast

+$One day we'll look back at this and laugh

+$Popular yeasty spreadable, Marmite, has carved out an admirable little niche for itself as shorthand for anything that polarises opinion. And over the last couple of years there's been nothing quite so Marmitey in the UK as the result of a certain referendum, so this recent ad, created by奥利弗+$'s in-house team at Unilever, feels kind of inevitable. Well played, Marmite. Too soon, but well played.

+$06. Copywriter Needed

+$Shout out to the words people

+$There's nothing particularly new about using pictograms to spell out a message in an advert, but we love the twist behind this one. It's a recruitment ad for a copywriter put out by+$RBH+$, and the illustrated pictograms spell out 'Copywriter needed', with the ad going on to state that, 'The pictures people have taken over. We need a words person.'

+$07. You eat what they eat



+$08. Open All Night


+$Love or hate the fast food chain, McDonald's knows how to get a great print ad campaign put together. This offering comes from the team at利奥伯内特,他追随麦当劳与现代和极简美学的交流,以及这种引人注目的视觉效果。巧妙地使用插图,标志性的“M”在夜晚变成了灯光,向观众传递的信息是,无论他们想要什么时间去参观,即使在半夜,麦当劳也是开门营业的。

+$We also love McDonald's recent blurry ad campaign, read about it这里

+$09. Where there is one, there are more


Boeker Public Health是一家位于中东的主要害虫管理和食品安全公司。JWT迪拜创造了这些美丽但粗略的平面广告,基于这样的想法:当涉及害虫时,如果有的话,会有更多。该机构专注于复制真正的俄罗斯套娃美学,首先将每个设计绘制在木质表面上,然后将这些设计映射到娃娃的3D渲染上。该项目获得了多个奖项。

+$10. Piknic Électronik



+$11. A Better Job is Waiting


由...制作Joe Public United,这个印刷活动的一个工作门户旨在激励人们停止在他们不喜欢的工作中掏钱。精心修饰的照片显示他们办公桌上的无聊工人,静坐了很长时间,模具开始在他们的身体上生长,或者蜘蛛已经在他们身上设置了网。

+$12. Lickin' Chicken


如果有一件事我们都知道肯德基,那就是它的手指舔好了,这是一个无可辩驳的事实,这激发了这一系列令人不安的平面广告。在它们中,日常物品突然在你的手指可能碰到它们的地方发芽,希望能够舔掉上校的一点鸡肉善良。这是工作的赞周, 随着LamanoStudio在智利。感谢今晚的噩梦,伙计们。

+$13. Kiss With Pride

Print adverts: Absolut


自从英格兰和威尔士将同性恋合法化以来已有50多年了,但今天它在全球72个国家仍然是非法的 - 并且在八年内可以判处死刑。为了突出这一点,Absolut与LGBTQ慈善机构合作石墙BBH伦敦,创作了这个系列,其中包括同性吻的特写镜头,其中许多主题来自这些吻可能将他们送入监狱的国家,或者更糟。

+$14. Pass The Heinz


如果这些关于亨氏的聪明广告看起来很熟悉,那就有充分的理由。他们最初出现在Mad Men的一集中,Don Draper尝试推出一系列广告,展示番茄酱的美味佳肴,但没有番茄酱本身可见。德雷珀认为,人们会为自己填补空白,并在他们的脑海中创造一个更强大的联系,但亨氏并没有为此而努力。然而,在现实生活中,公司的想法与之一致大卫迈阿密,推出这些近乎精确的Draper音高复制品。

+$15. Flame Grilled

Print adverts: Burger King



+$16. FCK


在2018年春天,不可思议的事情发生了。肯德基用尽了鸡肉。由于新经销商的问题,上校最终暂时关闭了900家英国餐厅中的大多数。肯德基像真正的职业选手一样处理它,举手并接受责任,并引进母亲伦敦创建一个立即传播病毒的平面广告道歉。它甚至以书面形式收集了Wood D&AD Pencil用于广告宣传。在我们的综述中查看更多掌握了对不起(或不对)的艺术的公司品牌道歉的好坏,以及WTF

+$17. Pee on this ad


通常情况下,如果有人想要对您的广告进行评论,那么这不是一个好兆头。然而,宜家在这个婴儿床广告中积极鼓励它,这个广告兼作妊娠试验。如果结果是积极的,零售商将提供这个半价的婴儿床,从他们即将到来的快乐中掏出数千英镑。要创建此广告,代理商ÅkestamHolst与材料技术公司合作Mercene Labs

+$18. Delta Dating Wall

Print adverts: Delta


根据达美航空公司的说法,世界旅行者更有可能在Tinder上吸引正确的滑动,但是如果你不能离开去拍摄完美的个人资料照片怎么办?这就是达美航空 - 以及威登肯尼迪+纽约和巨型媒体- 与Delta Dating Wall的对话,这是布鲁克林威廉斯堡的一个史诗般的平面广告,具有异国情调的背景,你可以反对自拍,立刻让你更加风吹拂和有趣。

+$19. Random Cabbage

Print adverts: Random Cabbage



+$20. Ridiculous Possibilities

Print adverts: TK Maxx

的确如此:TK Maxx有疯狂的针织品

当你在TK Maxx购物时,你永远不会知道你会发现什么,这个设计师折扣店的购物体验的自发,令人惊讶的性质通过这个强调内在的“荒谬可能性”的运动而被提升。这是Wieden + Kennedy的作品,其他例子突出显示了穿着真丝衣服的女性在丝绸围巾制成的绳子上伸展建筑物的侧面,以及骑自行车的人做芭蕾舞。

+$21. See what you want to see

Print adverts: See what you want to see

+$Deer or penguin? You decide

此平面广告系列由以下内容创建Leo Burnett法国并且认为通过Jeep,你可以去任何你喜欢的地方,“看看你想看到什么”。每个广告都有一个动物的形象,当它被颠倒时,变成另一个来自世界另一端的生物:长颈鹿变成企鹅,大象变成天鹅,母鹿变成海狮。

+$22. Save Paper



+$23. Take A Breath


奥格威再一次证明自己是一名印刷广告大师,这次是在过敏医学运动中。简单而有效的颜色和智能插图技巧 - 使用常见过敏原的轮廓来“阻挡”人物的鼻子 - 使这个广告从页面弹出。

+$24. Sticky Ad


奥美以创造世界上最好的印刷广告而闻名。这只是其出色工作的另一个例子。它是为Fevikwik Instant Adhesive创作的,它是一个由三部分组成的印刷广告系列之一,它使用巧妙的插图和单色配色方案,充分发挥其潜力。

+$25. We are made of rock


由...制作DLV BBDO在意大利米兰,这个平面广告的简单执行为音乐杂志“滚石”创造了奇迹。一个很酷的图像与一个辉煌的标记线('我们是由摇滚'制成)搭配,毫不费力地捕捉品牌的态度,产品和精神。使用签名式手写字体也与摇滚明星的审美联系在一起。

+$26. Yoga for your back



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