+$There are some amazing Tumblr blogs around, packed with impressive work. The+$free Blogging Site+$and social network makes it mega-easy for anyone wanting to开始写博客+$. Tumblr blogs can be set up in a matter of minutes, and having a Tumblr account also enables you to 'follow' other people via their Tumblr blogs.



+$01. This Isn't Happiness

tumblr blogs: This isn't Happiness

+$Head this way for a non-stop stream of fantastic stuff

+$(Image credit: This isn't Happiness)

+$It's hard to think of a Tumblr we love more than Pete Nidzorski's+$This Isn't Happiness+$. Mixing up art, design, vintage photography and strange running themes that you'll get to recognise after following it for a while, it's a daily helping of cool stuff that's never less than entertaining and often thoroughly inspiring.

+$02. Beautiful Type

tumblr blogs: Beautiful Type

+$Get all the typographic inspiration you need here

+$(Image credit: Beautiful Type)

+$Run by Francis Chouquet and Aurélien Foutoyet, a pair of web designers with a passion for typography,漂亮的类型+$is the perfect place to see some fantastic imagery with lots of good-looking lettering. As an added bonus, it also features a page recommending some cool typography books.

+$03. We and the Color

tumblr blogs: We and the Color homepage


+$Founded by Dirk Petzold in 2010 to promote the most outstanding creative ideas of artists and designers from around the world,我们和颜色+$aims to inspire people and show that creativity has no bounds. Expect a variety of posts covering art, design, illustration, photography, architecture, fashion, animation, filmmaking and more.

+$04. DOMO-A

tumblr blogs: DOMO-A homepage


DOMO-A+$is a Barcelona-based art direction and graphic design studio focused on branding and user experience, and its Tumblr is a great way to get a taste of what it's about – and pick up some inspiration at the same time. The page has a real野兽派网页设计感受到它,并且所展示的作品倾向于反映出同样的美学。

+$05. Radiographista

tumblr blogs: Radiographista homepage


+$Updated seven days a week,Radiographista+$keeps things nice and orderly by posting three lovely things every day, with a set theme for every day: Sunday is web design, Monday is branding, Tuesday is typography, Wednesday is editorial, Thursday is industrial, Friday is illustration and Saturday is all about architecture.

+$06. Design Clever

design tumblr blogs


设计聪明+$is a collaboration by Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker – two aspiring graphic designers with a passion for everything design related. So, they created this brilliant Tumblr blog to collate anything and everything that inspires them. "This blog was created to showcase talented designers all over the world and their amazing talents," they explain. If you'd like to be part of it, submit your work.

+$07. Adult Art Club

Tumblr blogs: Adult Art Club

+$(Image Credit: Tumblr)

+$A creative practice working in the grey area of design, art direction and illustration,成人艺术俱乐部+$is run by Jonny Costello. The Tumblr is packed full of inspirational imagery including beautiful photography and graphic design. Head here for class and elegance.

+$08. Design is Fine, History is Mine

Tumblr blogs: Design is Fine

+$(Image Credit: Tumblr)

+$Design Is Fine+$is the Tumblr blog of German design history teacher Andrea, curating finds from the 15th century to the present day, along with inspiring products and art from Before the Common Era. "Imagine a time with no computers," the author encourages, "but with lots of craftsmanship and creativity. This is my library of art & design history, inspiration from the past." And pretty interesting it is too.

+$09. Design Everywhere

tumblr blogs: D.E


设计无处不在+$is a daily dose of visual inspirations found by Preston Tham. Unless otherwise stated, everything you see or read on the Design Everywhere blog is the property of respective owners. We adore their selections, which make for excellent inspiration.

+$10. Elevated Interiors

Tumblr blogs: Elevated Interiors


+$Surprisingly, you can find tonnes of inspiration in interior design no matter which design method you currently practise. In高架内饰+$there are hundreds of influences and styles, which can only help to improve your own work. What's more, you can stare at your dream home for hours.

+$11. Well Made Studio

Tumblr blogs: Well Made Studio

Well Made Studio有一个很好的Tumblr
+$(Image Credit: Tumblr)

做得好的工作室+$is a team of designers working for lifestyle, arts and publishing clients. Specialising in brand identities, print campaigns and websites, its Tumblr blog is not only full of inspiration but important opinions about the design industry itself. Head here if you're looking for career advice as well as some lovely imagery.

+$12. The Made Shop

Tumblr blogs: The Made Shop

Made Shop整理了来自世界各地的精美设计
+$(Image Credit: Tumblr)

制作店+$is a brilliant Tumblr blog from a brilliant team of designers, bringing you the best innovative work from across the globe, whether that be in photography, branding, illustration or film art direction.

+$13. Wallpaper*

Tumblr blogs: Wallpaper*

壁纸* - 伟大的印刷出版物,伟大的Tumblr博客
+$(Image Credit: Tumblr)

+$The high-end architecture, design, fashion, art and lifestyle magazine墙纸*+$has extended itself onto the Tumblr platform, bringing together the best images from wallpaper.com. The site is as pleasingly professional as the print magazine.

+$14. Design Cloud

Design Cloud showcases new work from a wide range of design fields

Design Cloud展示了来自各种设计领域的新作品
+$(Image credit: Design Cloud)

设计云+$is a carefully selective and informed blog that features images of new work covering a wide range of design fields, from graphic design to architecture. This Tumblr blog is beautifully laid out and easy to navigate.

+$15. Wrap

Tumblr blogs: Wrap

+$(Image Credit: Tumblr)

包裹+$is a UK print magazine celebrating the very best in illustration, design and creative culture. Its Tumblr blog showcases its best work as well as work that inspires the team. Both are sure to inspire creatives from all backgrounds.

+$16. I Heart My Art

Tumblr blogs: I Heart My Art

设计师Blair Prentice经营这款引人入胜的Tumblr
+$(Image Credit: Tumblr)

我的心我的艺术+$is a seriously cool collection of contemporary art, videos, vintage photography and much more. Run by Canadian artist and graphic designer Blair Prentice, he describes it as a "repository for art, music and other items of interest." Check this site out if you're looking for something a little different.

+$17. Visva

tumblr blogs for designers


维斯瓦+$is a stunning inspirational Tumblr that features the likes of photography, fashion, print design and branding. If you ever find yourself at a creative standstill, this is definitely a blog you should be bookmarking. The range of styles chosen is wonderfully diverse, while still fitting under the umbrella of design inspiration.


+$18. Quirksville

tumblr blogs for designers


Quirksville+$is the collaborative Tumblr blog of London's graphic design and illustration duo Naomi Ray and Justina Bailey, who are part of the Vice blogging network. The blog is an instant feast for the eyes, as it features art, design, technology, fashion, music and adverts.


+$19. Nice Things We Like

tumblr blogs for designers


+$Don't we all love nice things? Have a look at all things nice on+$Nice Things We Like+$– a Tumblr designed for nice creatives. The blog is a perfect outlet when it comes to providing daily inspiration, featuring fonts, graphic design and illustration. We dare you to take a look at it without uttering that inevitable four letter word.

+$20. Nvsblty

There's lovely attention to detail on this Tumblr

+$(Image Credit: Tumblr)

Nvsblty+$is the Tumblr blog of designer Ross Berens, which features a range of inspirational examples of typography, print design, photography and graphic design. Ross definitely shares the Tumblr love, as most of his pictures are sourced from fellow bloggers – as well as some of his own finds, of course!