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+$Creating stunning graphic design portfolios is a task open to interpretation. There's no one single way to lay a portfolio out. In a way, that's good as it means you're free to experiment and showcase your creativity when designing your website. But because it opens up so many avenues, it can create a tyranny of choice making it difficult to find the perfect direction for you.

+$It can be useful to look at the graphic design portfolios created by your peers, not only to get inspiration from their work, but also to discover the self promotion methods they've used. Looking at those portfolios can help you decide what you do and don't like, which will clarify what you want yours to achieve.

+$If you need even more ideas, head over to our more comprehensive list of设计组合+$that's sure to inspire you.

+$01. Alex Coven

Graphic design portfolios: Alex Coven


+$(Image credit: Alex Coven)

Alex Coven+$, in his own words, “wears three hats”, as a freelance graphic designer, letterer and front end developer based in Chicago, USA. He illustrates those hats literally on the homepage, which is a brilliantly simple way to convey the depth of his skills and experience.


+$02. Rafael Kfouri

Graphic design portfolios: Rafael Kfouri


+$(Image credit: Rafael Kfouri)

Rafael Kfouri+$is an award-winning graphic designer currently working for AlmapBBDO. He previously worked at威登肯尼迪++$Portland.

一页的投资组合网站是一个棘手的事情,但Kfouri成功地给了他丰富多彩和有影响力的视觉效果 - 包括单个图像和拼贴 - 呼吸的空间。几乎为整个屏幕宽度提供它们,只需几个细长的侧边栏,让游客可以悠闲地享受和欣赏他的广泛工作。


+$03. Heather Shaw

Graphic design portfolio: Heather Shaw

希瑟·肖(Heather Shaw)以简洁和优雅的方式完成了她的工作

+$(Image credit: Heather Shaw)

+$With almost 20 years' experience in design,希瑟肖+$designs brochures, menus, business cards, books, annual reports, Powerpoint and Keynote presentations, responsive websites, applications… anything her clients need, in short. And her impressive portfolio site marshals all this diverse work with simplicity and elegance.


+$04. Stefanie Bruckler

Graphic design portfolio: Stefanie Bruckler

Stefanie Bruckler的作品集中有一丝过时的优雅气质

+$(Image credit: Stefanie Bruckler)

总部设在纽约,斯蒂芬妮布鲁克勒+$is an Austrian designer and illustrator with a particular interest in branding and editorial design. Passionate about building cohesive and strong brands as well as typography and packaging, she’s applied a touch of old-fashioned elegance to her website. Its minimalist, grid-based layout, muted colour palette and restrained use of type are all enclosed within a fixed, single-line frame.

+$05. Peter Komierowski

Graphic design portfolios: Peter Komierowski


+$(Image credit: Peter Komierowski)

彼得科米罗斯基+$is a visual designer working in Vancouver, British Columbia who specialises in illustration, branding and identity design, and interface design. With many high-profile clients, including The Huffington Post, NBA, Telus, and YouTube, there’s a lot to fit in here.


+$06. Tobias Van Schneider

Graphic design portfolio: Tobias van Schneider


+$(Image credit: Tobias Van Schneider)

Tobias Van Schneider+$is a multidisciplinary designer and creative director born in Germany, raised in Austria and currently living and working in New York. Focused on branding and interactive design, he’s had some big-name clients including Red Bull, BMW, Google, Wacom, Sony, Toyota and Ralph Lauren.

当你在这个级别工作时,工作往往会被精美地拍摄。施耐德充分利用了这一点,其投资组合设计包含大量精美图像。大量可爱的排版将所有内容联系在一起 - 这里有一个非常大量的文字用于图形设计组合 - 整体而言,这个网站成功地传达了施奈德的经验和工作深度。

+$07. Grant Burke

Graphic design portfolio: Grant Burke


+$(Image credit: Grant Burke)

格兰特伯克+$heads up an Ottawa-based branding and web design studio specialising in logo design, brand identity and illustration. In the past he’s worked both as an in-house designer for large corporations and at an agency.

与van Schneider一样,Burke的主页证明您可以在投资组合中使用大量文本,但是如果您向下滚动或点击顶部菜单中的投资组合,您会看到以图片网格格式选择的大量作品。


+$08. Alessandro Scarpellini

Graphic design portfolio: Alessandro Scarpellini


+$(Image credit: Alessandro Scarpellini)

+$Italian Designer亚历山德罗·斯卡佩利尼+$has worked for a wide range of clients around the world in the fields of art direction, branding and visual identity, magazines and packaging design. He’s also the curator of Visual Journal, an inspirational blog about the best in branding and graphic design, so you’d expect him to know a thing or two about curating great work. And his portfolio doesn’t disappoint.


+$09. Nicolas Paries

Graphic design portfolio: Nicolas Paries


+$(Image credit: Nicolas Paries)

尼古拉斯帕里斯+$is an interactive art director who’s been working since 2008 with premium brands such as Chanel, Lancôme, Dior and Nespresso. The layout of his portfolio site is quite original, and the graphic effects as you scroll down are visually spectacular and hugely impressive. In short, this portfolio website is a real one-off.

+$10. Jennifer Heintz

Graphic design portfolio: Jennifer Heintz


+$(Image credit: Jennifer Heintz)

詹妮弗海因兹+$is a designer and illustrator living in Boston, USA. She was creative director of the Northeastern University Political Review, and is currently founding partner at creative studio,+$Self Aware

+$Careful curation and imaginative presentation is paramount for Heintz. Her site scores highly on both, with a great use of colour, delightfully smooth scrolling and a snazzy eye motif.