+$To mark International Women’s day, we’re celebrating 12 of the world’s most inspiring women in design. These are just some of the glass-ceiling-shattering trailblazers who inspire us to be better designers.


+$But according to a 2018 report from the设计委员会+$, a staggering 78 per cent of the design economy is male, this is higher than the wider UK workforce, which is 53 per cent male. This is also despite women making up 63 per cent of all students studying creative arts and design courses at university.

+$Meanwhile, According To削缝+$, only 11 per cent of creative directors are female.

+$The 12 women we’ve highlighted here haven't just made an incredible contribution to design: they're also important role models to designers of all genders around the world. Read on to be inspired…

01. 莫拉格迈尔斯科夫

Morag Myerscough in her studio

+$There's no need to be afraid of colours, Morag Myerscough encourages

+$If you’ve visited London’s Design Museum, chances are you will have seen the eye-catching, vibrant work of Morag Myerscough. Designer Maker User is the museum’s first permanent exhibition, and with its colourful, geometric shapes, it’s also the perfect calling card of the multi-award-winning designer and artist.

+$Specialising in structural installations and art commissions for a range of public spaces, Myerscough’s work aims to create a community and forge a sense of belonging. Speaking at Design Indaba 2018, she revealed that “my sense of belonging isn’t about having lots and lots of friends or having a tribe…to me it’s about having space and a place to escape to.”

Design Museum installation

+$Myerscough is the genius behind this distinctive display in the Design Museum

+$Praised as one of the UK’s most prolific designers, Myerscough first established her multi-disciplinary studio, Studio Myerscough, in 1993. Since then, she has founded+$Supergrouplondon+$with Luke Morgan.

+$Her varied output includes exhibitions like the one in the Design Museum, architectural installations such as the Temple of Agape, and interior designs that have improved the lives of children in hospital.

02. +$Tina Roth-Eisenberg

Tina Roth-Eisenberg at her desk

+$You'll get no complaints from the dynamic Tina Roth-Eisenberg

+$Swiss designer Tina Roth-Eisenberg doesn’t have time for complaints. Instead of dwelling on errors and letting them bring her down, Roth-Eisneberg’s ‘flip it’ philosophy sees her turn apparent defeat into fuel for success. In fact her favourite quote comes from James Murphy, “the best way to complain is to make things".

+$It’s an inspirational attitude that’s lead to a productive career for the Brooklyn-based creative. Perhaps best known for founding design blog Swiss Miss, Roth-Eisenberg is also the founder of Friends Work Here, CreativeMornings, TuexDeux and Tattly.

+$Citing her daughter as the catalyst that kicked off her career, Roth-Eisenberg started her design studio the very day she was born. From there she set up co-working spaces for creatives before co-working spaces were really a thing.

+$For Roth-Eisenberg, a lack of experience isn’t an issue when you dive into a new industry, in fact it can be a benefit because your ignorance makes you question conventions. Check out her full life story in just five minutes below.

03. 保拉谢尔

Paula Scher

Paula Scher自1991年以来一直是Pentagram的合伙人

+$Paula Scher is a multi-talented partner at Pentagram's New York office. Having started out by designing album covers for Atlantic and CBS records, including the distinctive Boston UFO sleeve, Scher quickly found recognition – not to mention Grammy nominations – coming her way.


Public Theatre typography poster


被称为“毫不掩饰的民粹主义者”和“即刻熟悉的大师魔术师”,Scher的各种职业生涯都见证了她与可口可乐,现代艺术博物馆和微软等顶级品牌的合作,以及共同创立设计Koppel&Scher工作室。说到Creative Bloq+$way back in 2009, she highlighted the benefit of stepping out of your comfort zone: "I try to force myself to grow by doing things I don't know how to do very well. Sometimes I fail utterly at it; sometimes I make breakthroughs."

04. Neri Oxman

Neri Oxman portrait

Neri Oxman,摄影:Noah Kalina,2017

+$How can we describe the work of Neri Oxman? She's ahead of her time, labelled as "shatteringly different" and even had to coin the phrase "material ecology" to define her own creations. It's fair to say that summing her up is no easy feat.

麻省理工学院媒体实验室的美籍以色列建筑师,设计师和教授以其融合了技术和生物学的创作而闻名。在一个+$talk at Design Indaba in 2018+$, Oxman said that her goal was to augment the relationship between built and biological elements.

Biological underwear


“大自然不会聚集。它长大了,“她告诉说设计Indaba听众。 “我们正处在文化世界与自然世界之间发生冲突的时刻。这是一个缓慢的过程,但它们正在相撞。“


05. 米娜马克姆

Mina Markham


+$Front end architect Mina Markham shot to success a couple of years ago thanks to her incredible work on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. A key figure in crafting Clinton's digital presence, Markham created and maintained the brilliantly named Pantsuit pattern library, as well as various supporting microsites.


+$"Campaigns move at an incredible pace. You could have an idea on Monday and it would be live on Wednesday," Markham said of her experience in an interview with our sister magazine+$. "Pantsuit was completed in about two months, and I felt bad taking that long. Deadlines tended to be more urgent and unyielding. If you were working on something for the caucuses, you have to be done on time – otherwise, the project is useless."

Hillary Clinton's college plan page



除了她的日常工作,她还积极参与诸如此类的活动女孩发展它黑人女孩代码部分原因是她在开始编写自己的职业生涯时缺乏支持和鼓励。 “当我试图开始我的科技职业生涯时,我感到非常孤独,就像我磕磕绊绊,”她说。 “如果我有像Black Girls Code这样的东西向我展示女性,黑人女性,可以是开发者,那将会让世界变得与众不同。”

06. Es Devlin

Mirror Maze

Es Devlin在她的2016年镜子迷宫

如果您在过去几年中看过最大艺术家的现场音乐表演,您很可能会看到Es Devlin的惊人作品。作为一名设计策划者,Devlin曾与Kanye West,Beyoncé和U2等人合作,创造令人惊叹的背景和舞台雕塑。


London Olympics closing ceremony

Es Devlin设计了令人惊叹的伦敦奥运会闭幕式


07. 杰西卡·希什

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische是一个排版名人

排版爱好者可能已经意识到Jessica Hische了。由于她在各种项目上的工作,美国的信,插画家和类型设计师已经拥有一大批奉献者,包括爱邮票+$for USPS, book Covers for Dave Eggers, and new book+$Tomorrow I'll Be Brave

+$When she isn't busy working for clients such as Wes Anderson, Penguin Books and The New York Times, Hische is also the creator of popular personal projects, such as the每日掉落帽和幽默(但有用)的流程图我应该免费工作吗?

tomorrow I'll be brave

+$Jessica Hische's beautifully illustrated new book encourages readers not to worry about not getting everything done today

+$Hische has also released a book called进行中+$. Described as a "show-all romp"through her lettering and type design projects, the book shows you how to sketch distinctive letterforms with step-by-step instructions.

08. 雷切尔英曼

Rachel Inman

Rachel Inman是Google的设计主管

Inman是谷歌地图团队的谷歌设计负责人。去年,她参与了新的谷歌地球 - 一项更新,让用户可以通过地标和主要城市飞越3D,然后通过切换到街景来近距离检查,或通过旅行者探索来自BBC和NASA等的精选故事。

她作为团队领导者的精神是以包容性为中心。 “士气高涨,因为没有更多的墙壁,”她在接受网络杂志的采访时热情洋溢地说道,“工程师的设计解决方案与设计师的工程理念一样有效,值得庆祝。”

Google Earth


她决定进入网络行业是出于创造能够让生活更美好的事物的愿望,以及她在谷歌的工作,她教授世界各地的设计课程。 “如果我的学生带着任何信息离开,我希望他们不需要获得创作和实验的许可,”她谈到她在纽约大学校园的UX设计课程简介。 “除了了解他们的用户之外,我真的希望他们随时可以继续制作,测试,失败和继续。这是他们变得更好的唯一方式!”

09. Malika Favre

Malika Favre

Malika Favre(来自艺术家Instagram页面的图片)

Malika Favre是一位来自伦敦的法国艺术家,她的独特作品使她成为英国最受追捧的插画家之一。这款风格被描述为波普艺术与欧普艺术相结合,Favre的插图将清晰的色彩与干净的形状相结合。


Illustration of woman in swimming pool

Favre的独特作品经常出现在The New Yorker的封面上

+$Favre's unmistakable style has landed her work with The Yorker, BAFTA, Penguin Books and many more. She also recently collaborated with Pantone and United Way to illustrate the world's most+$unignorable Colour


10. 卡特小

Catt Small

Catt Small促进了网络行业的多样性

作为她在纽约本土的网页设计师,Catt Small的简历吸收了网页设计界的一些知名人士:她在纳斯达克开始了自己的职业生涯,在那里她产生了这样的影响,公司重新雇用她,她已经完成了她的图形设计学位,在成为NYC SoundCloud办公室的第一个产品设计师之前。自2016年底以来,她一直是Etsy的高级设计师,在那里她改进了付款和结账流程。

Small专注于产品设计,但也有一个挤满了失业的活动时间表。她在共同创立的网络行业中发挥着积极作用,促进多样性代码解放和合作适合PoC+$. She also indulges her love for gaming as part of布鲁克林游戏她是一名在赢得黑客金银奖后于2013年共同创立的工作室。

Breakup Squad homepage

Breakup Squad是一款五人游戏,旨在让两位前恋人在派对上分开



11. 萨曼莎玩具沃伦

Samantha Toy Warren

Samantha Toy Warren以创造Style Tiles而闻名


在接受网络杂志采访时,她解释了该项目背后的灵感。在创建Style Tiles之前几年,Warren为斯堪的纳维亚连锁酒店设计了一个网站。她和客户一致认为,该网站应以某种方式捕捉其中一家酒店外的露台区域的精髓,酒店内充满了反映景观的透明泡泡椅。

Style Tiles

Style Tiles是一个用于传达网络视觉品牌精髓的系统

“他们需要帮助从一个到另一个。因此,需要考虑这些属性 - 光线,几乎看不见的线条和这种飘渺的感觉 - 并将它们分解并重建成渐变,细线和许多非常细微的阴影,“她解释道。

“当你说某些东西来形容视觉时,你可以用它来围绕一个人想象的东西进行对话。你可以说:'你说这个网站应该感觉轻盈通风;那条线路是否轻盈通风,还是这个呢?“这就是Style Tiles,它就是翻译过程。“

虽然Style Tiles是Warren最为人所知的,但她的简历同样令人印象深刻:她目前是Adobe Stock和Typekit的体验设计经理。在此之前,她是Twitter的高级设计师(她称之为“激动人心”的经历,“就像在火箭飞船上”)。

+$12. Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman

多才多艺的Debbie Millman是热门播客Design Matters的幕后推手

作为播客的创始人和主持人,Debbie Millman可能最为人所知设计事项。除了建立和运行世界上第一个也是运行时间最长的播客之一,米尔曼还是一位设计师,艺术家,策展人,教育家和作家。

+$In 2009 Millman co-founded the world's first graduate programme in branding at the School of Visual Arts in New York City alongside Steven Heller. Meanwhile her illustrations have appeared in The New York Times and New York Magazine among others. Millman's work has also been featured in Print, a magazine on which she has served as editorial and creative director.

Burger King logo


1995年至2016年间,Millman担任Sterling Brands设计部总裁,并担任首席营销官。在这里,她与百事可乐,吉列,汉堡王和星球大战等知名品牌合作。