+$Making infographics is a highly useful skill. Done right, infographics can be a great way to make sense of complex data. The best infographics transform complex information and data into graphics that are both easy to grasp and visually appealing. The only problem is, infographics that look like they were simple to make are often anything but.

+$Here, we've selected our top tools and apps for making infographics – we've included a load infographic makers that are free, or have a free option, and also some premium-only choices. Some of the selections are even suitable for non-designers, as templates and other features make them easy to use.

+$Give these free infographic tools a try and let us know which ones you get on with by sharing your最佳信息图表Facebook的推特要么Instagram的

01. Biteable

  • 价钱:免费

开始我们的免费信息图表工具列表有点不同。 Biteable为用户提供了免费创建高质量视频信息图表的机会,可以在Twitter,Facebook和YouTube上共享。

+$As well as providing engaging and high quality image assets for creatives to work with, Biteable also offers soundtracks to really make your creations sing. With plenty of designs and pre-made scenes at its disposal, Biteable removes the barrier to entry that so often stops people from using videos to their full effect.

02. 壁画

  • +$From $12/mo (with a 30 day trial period)

+$Thanks to its interactive, real-time tools, MURAL allows anyone to think like a designer and act like a designer. As an infographic tool, MURAL is more internally based, allowing teams all over the world to ideate with imagery and collaborate more efficiently.

+$Users can express ideas with smart inking on the Windows app, draw freely for a full whiteboard experience. and share sticky note feedback with team members so everybody is kept in the loop with the progress of a project. If your team needs to collaborate and share data in a visual way, MURAL could be the tool for you.

03. BeFunky

Infographics tools: BeFunky


  • 价钱:免费

+$As well as a photo editor and collage maker, BeFunky includes an infographic maker. Select a template, customise your theme with images and icons, and personalise the infographic by adjusting the text, colours and layout. Then, simply save and export. Easy peasy.

04. Visme

Visme infographic dashboard

+$A library of pre-made assets make Visme easy to use

  • 价钱:免费

+$Visme promises to help you 'speak visually'. You can use it to build presentations, but it's especially geared towards creating engaging infographics. This free tool includes over 100免费字体,数以百万计的免费图像和数以千计的质量图标,还有包括视频和音频的选项(包括直接在编辑器中录制画外音的功能,这很方便)。您还可以为内容添加动画以使事情更加清晰。

+$What sets this tool apart from the rest on this list is that Visme allows users to whip up an infographic in a few minutes, thanks to a library of pre-made assets that can be easily dragged and dropped into place. This allows even non-designers to display their data visually. Visme also gives users the ability to create interactive and animated infographics, making their stats and figures sing like never before.

05. Cacoo

Infographics tools: Cacoo


  • 价钱+$: From $5 p/month (free trial available)

Cacoo是一个基于云的信息图表制造商,与任何基于云的工具一样,它的主要优点是协同工作。 Cacoo的界面允许团队实时在线创建,编辑和交付高质量的图表。该应用程序提供了多样化的模板和形状库,可帮助您快速,轻松地组合精美的视觉效果,以及创建流程图,线框图,网络图,组织结构图等所需的一切,并通过用户界面提供更多信息。

如果他们没有Cacoo帐户,您还可以与团队成员和客户共享您的信息图表,并将Cacoo与其他生产力工具(如Google云端硬盘,Adobe Creative Cloud和Confluence)集成。

06. Snappa

Infographics tools: Snappa


  • 价钱:免费

+$Snappa is a graphic design tool that includes a free infographic maker. This one is aimed at non-designers. You won't have the kind of control on offer with some of the other tools on this list, but it does promise you will be able to 'whip up' an infographic in 10 minutes or so. Snappa offers preset templates that are optimised for social sharing on the web. There's a simple drag-and-drop interface, and access to thousands of hi-res, royalty-free stock photos.


07. Canva信息图表制造商

Infographics tools: Canva


  • 价钱:+$Free; from $12.95/mo (trial period available)


它有一个专门的信息图表制造商,你可以免费使用,有数百个免费的设计元素和字体触手可及,还有更多的优质元素,你可以花1美元购买。您可以在浏览器中使用它或下载Canva IPad应用程序+$to design on the move – which is also now also available forAndroid手机/平板电脑

08. 谷歌图表

Infographics tools: Google Charts


  • 价钱:自由

Google的图表工具功能强大,易于使用且免费。您可以从各种图表中进行选择,并配置一系列广泛的选项,以完美匹配您网站的外观。通过实时连接您的数据,Google Charts是您网站的完美信息图生成器。

09. Piktochart

  • 价钱:免费

Piktochart是一个信息图表和演示工具,只需点击几下,您就可以将枯燥的数据变成引人入胜的信息图表。 Piktochart的自定义编辑器可让您执行修改颜色方案和字体,插入预加载图形以及上传基本形状和图像等操作。其网格线模板还可以轻松对齐图形元素并按比例调整图像大小。

有一个免费版本提供三个基本主题,每月12.50美元或15美元的Lite定价计划(每年或每月收费)或每月费用24美元/ 29美元的专业帐户。还有一个Pro团队选项,最多可供25位用户使用 - 价格根据团队规模而有所不同。

10. Infogram

Infographics tools: Infogram


  • 价钱: 自由



+$The 5-tier pricing structure starts at Basic (free forever) and has a 24 per cent discount on the paid-for options when billed yearly. It moves up the scale with Pro ($19/mo), Business ($67/mo), Team ($149/mo) and Enterprise (priced on request).

11. 记住图表

  • 价钱+$: From Free

+$Mind the Graph specialises in scientific infographics, but its tools can be used to create illustrations to complement most forms of data outside of scientific papers. The online infographic maker provides various infographic layouts that can be used straight out of the box to design many types of visual illustrations.

Mind The Graph提供了数以千计的图标,这些图标可用于非科学目的,也可用于生成冗长的日记纸,您可以利用其内置的图像编辑器和在线更新程序即时进行更改。

12. Venngage

Infographics tools: Venngage


  • 价钱:免费


13. Kartograph

Infographics tools: Kartograph


  • 价钱: 自由

+$For map-based infographics, you need look no further than Kartograph. Kartograph is a free design tool that makes illustrative and interactive maps, created for the needs of designers and data journalists. The application doesn't require Google Maps or any other mapping service, making it a simple and lightweight framework – and there are a variety of map types to suit your needs.

+$It has Python and JavaScript-based tools to create the required maps. The Python library generates beautiful and compact SVG maps; while the JS library helps you to create interactive maps that run across all major browsers.

14. Animaker

  • 价钱:免费

这里有点不同。如果你对静态信息图表感到厌倦,为什么不用一些动作让它们活跃起来呢? Animaker是一个致力于创建视频信息图表的工具,该公司表示其服务正好比其他在线动画视频编辑软件好10倍。


+$There's a huge discount for annual billing with Animaker; Personal is $12/mo when billed monthly or $19/mo billed annually. Startup is $19/$35 and Business costs $39/$59.

15. Vizualize

Infographics tools: Visualize


  • 价钱:自由


16. Easel.ly

Infographics tools: Ease.ly


  • 价钱:免费


免费选项包括60个图像和10种字体,或用于每月4美元您可以获得更广泛的资源,加上增强的安全选项,以及 - 如果您需要 - 设计帮助。

17. Adioma

  • 价钱:每月39美元起


+$This infographic building tool includes a range of templates, large library of icons and colour palettes, and you can also upload your own images and icons to work with. The more expensive options include an expanded resource library, improved download options and the ability to upload more of your own content.

18. PicMonkey

Infographics tools: PicMonkey


  • 价钱:+$From £9/mo

PicMonkey是一个在线图像编辑器,其中有一节专门用于设计图表。从模板的选择中进行选择,并使用PicMonkey的库自定义内容或上传您自己的图像。还有一些教程可以帮助您,重点关注如何设计适合在社交媒体上分享的信息图,以及如何使用网格理论创造一个抛光的设计。但请注意 - 它依赖于Flash,因此您可能需要更改浏览器设置才能使用它。