+$Behance has over 10 million members, so it's no surprise that the online portfolio platform is a great place to find new work, potential collaborators and creative inspiration. But, with so many portfolios to browse through, how do you find the best? To make life easier, we've curated some of the top graphic design portfolios that are definitely worth a look.

+$And if the finest thatBehance的+$has to offer isn't enough for you, don't despair. We have selected more组合示例平面设计组合+$inspiration that will have you itching to get started.

01. TwoPoints.Net

+$TwoPoints.Net's cover for novum 11.18 – an issue dedicated to 'creative paper'

对于激动人心的平面设计工作(以及如何展示Behance产品组合的大师课程),我们不妨看看TwoPoints.Net+$. Co-founded by Dr Martin Lorenz – who specialises in flexible visual systems - and graphic designer Lupi Asensio, the Hamburg and Barcelona-based studio creates cutting-edge design for clients large and small.

+$The studio’s Behance portfolio is a tightly curated affair. Like their main site, it’s regularly updated with their latest projects - with details of the brief included at the top of each project page, above a series of stunning images. On the Road to Variable, edited and designed by TwoPoints.net, is an exciting and eclectic collection of variable typography innovation published byVictionary


Packaging for Mayhaven ginger liqueur

+$Packaging for Mayhaven ginger liqueur


他专注于品牌和包装设计 - 他曾与杰克丹尼尔斯和娱乐周刊等人一起工作 - 他的作品可以在20多种印刷出版物中看到,包括Los Logos,Logo Lounge,CA Magazine和HOW。

03. Marta Cerd

Blue OMELET business cards on a blue background

+$OMELET by Marta Cerd

阿姆斯特丹的平面设计师玛塔塞尔德拥有令人惊叹的Behance产品组合。如果你对排版感兴趣,你会发现一大堆光荣的实验类型和编辑设计作品,让你大饱眼福。 ADC Young Gun定期更新她的Behance产品组合,因此您无需等待更长时间的视觉灵感。


The National CD case on blue background

全国,睡眠好的野兽 - 运动和包装,由五角星

当然,Pentagram是世界上最着名的设计公司之一,拥有专门的沟通团队以保持其在线业务的奢侈品。但国际队的Behance投资组合在你能想到的每一种媒体上都有最好的平面设计作品 - 这意味着Pentagram在这个名单中应该占有一席之地。无论您是对徽标设计,编辑,包装还是其他感兴趣,都可以在这里找到。

05. Shane Griffin

Get Cozy campaign wall.

+$Griffin teamed up with NIKE on their Get Cozy campaign

生于爱尔兰,总部设在纽约,谢恩格里芬+$is a designer and artist whose work spans a range of disciplines, from animation and illustration to film direction and photography. His clients have included Nike, Bacardi and Adidas, and though he co-founded New York-based studio and artist representation agency星期天下午+$, he is currently a "free agent".

06. Andrew Fairclough

Official Pixies gig poster

+$Official Pixies gig poster

+$A self-taught illustrator, designer and art director at+$Kindred Studio安德鲁费尔克拉夫开始设计滑板和滑雪板图形,并开始与顶级客户合作,包括GQ,American Express,Jack Daniels和Penguin Books。他的作品灵感来自中世纪的现场插图,带有一些复古科幻和漫画艺术,他喜欢用有限的调色板来唤起对已发现艺术的怀旧和触觉。


Swirls of colours across three white backdrops

+$I Speak Fluid Colours is one of many vibrant, abstract artwork series by Maria Grønlund

专注于徽标和品牌,MariaGrønlund是位于丹麦Lystrup的独立平面设计师。使用鲜艳的色彩来激发感官,她的大部分作品都具有抽象的,梦幻般的品质。 “我喜欢玩文字,颜色,形状和风格,让所有方面像音乐一样发挥作用,”她评论Behance。

08. Ruslan Khasanov

俄罗斯数字艺术家鲁斯兰·哈萨诺夫擅长于平面设计,排版和插图,通常在不可思议的实验项目中将这三者混合在一起。他的作品包括Warm Up(上图),这是许多美丽的视频之一,其中不同颜色的液体扮演中心舞台。

09. Violaine&Jeremy

Theatre programme on red background

+$Violaine and Jeremy's work for Theatre des Bouffes du Nord

Violaine Orsoni和Jeremy Schneider+$are a creative duo who operate a graphic arts studio in Paris. Upon visiting their portfolio, you'll be greeted with numerous awe-inspiring pencil sketches, as well as multiple examples of projects they've art directed, including some stunning work on trend magazine Influencia. Their recent work for Theatre des Bouffes du Nord includes animated posters and a wonderful custom typeface.

10. Zim和Zou

Zim and Zou are masters at paper art creations


Lucie Thomas与Thibault Zimmermann合作组建以星和邹+$, a French studio based in Nancy. The pair explore a range of fields including installation, graphic design and illustration. but are best known for their magnificent纸艺术+$. Both studied graphic design during three years at an art school and now prefer creating real objects with paper and taking photos out of them, rather than composing images on a computer.

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