Free iPhone apps
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+$The best free iPhone apps mean it's possible to stay creative even when away from your trusty Mac. There is an app to fulfill your every desire, and while there are plenty of paid options available, there are also loads of great free ones so you don't need to spend a penny to get hold of a creative iPhone app.

+$There are free iPhone apps across the creative spectrum, including 3D, illustration, graphic design, animation and photography.


+$01. Filmmaker Pro

+$Filmmaker Pro is a film making app by the makers of award-winning ProCam 3, and it has rave reviews. You can create compositions with multiple audio tracks, voiceovers, text overlays and more after shooting film using the intuitive camera function. The app has 4K video support on iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/Plus, and iPad Pro and users can create and manage an unlimited number of projects at once.

+$02. Pantone Studio

Free iPhone apps: Pantone

+$Pantone Studio lets you build custom colour palettes and test them across different designs

+$(Image Credit: Pantone )

+$The Pantone Studio app is a useful tool that allows you to build colour palettes and test them across a range of different designs including graphics, interiors, and typography. You can grab colours from the world around you using the camera on your device to use in your project, and though you have to pay a subscription to access the full range of Pantone colours, you do have some included in the free version of the app.

+$03. Assembly

+$This app takes all the pain out of creating vector-based designs. Rather than laboriously building all of the shapes yourself (which is especially tricky on a small screen), Assembly provides a set of over 180 basic shapes for you to work with. You can layer, stack and position these shapes to create your own designs. With the latest version you can also create and share animated videos of your work.

+$04. Paper

+$You've probably heard of Paper. It's used by over 25 million people, and scores 4.5 stars in its 4.2k reviews on the App Store. This free iPhone app is designed to provide  a space for its users to capture their ideas freely, offering ways to draw, handwrite notes, create diagrams, or sketch. Its gesture-based navigation is intuitive and it's easy to rearrange your pages, annotate your photos and group notes with sketches to keep things organised.

+$05. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Free iPhone apps: Illustrator Draw

Illustrator Draw是Adobe提供的众多免费应用程序之一......

Adobe提供一系列免费的iPhone应用程序,几乎所有这些应用程序都值得下载。您只需要一个Creative Cloud ID。 Illustrator Draw非常适合在手机上创建矢量图。与Assembly一样,它包括用于开始的形状模板,并拥有几个可配置的笔尖和画笔,合并选项和图层混合模式。您可以在高达8k的画布上工作,只需轻按即可将分层文件直接发送到Illustrator CC。

+$06. Tayasui Sketches

Free iPhone apps: Tayasui Sketches


Tayasui Sketches背后的团队不知疲倦地在免费的iPhone应用程序中提供最逼真的绘图工具。有超过20种工具,包括令人印象深刻的逼真水彩画笔。它使用基于图层的工作流程,可以轻松导入和导出PSD文件。隐藏工具以在有限的屏幕空间上保持UI尽可能干净。了解更多信息Tayasui Sketches网站

+$07. PhotoScan

Free iPhone apps: PhotoScan



+$08. Prisma Photo Editor

Free iPhone apps: Prisma Photo Editor


这个免费的iPhone应用程序拥有1.2亿用户,并在2016年获得了Apple的年度应用奖。它的主要功能是将照片效果应用到你的快照 - 特别是那些使它们看起来像画作。 Prisma的效果库中有超过300种艺术风格(每天都会增加一个新的风格),因此您可以让您的照片看起来像毕加索到达利的每个人的画作。增强工具可帮助您调整结果。

+$09. Brushes Redux

Free iPhone apps: Brushes Redux


Brushes是创意iPhone应用程序的原始海报孩子,虽然最初的开发人员已经放弃了它,但Christoffer Hoel决定用一个完全重写的新版本保持活力。 Brushes Redux具有响应式OpenGL绘图引擎,可记录每个笔划,以便您可以重放您的过程,并且包含您创建令人惊叹的艺术品所需的所有画笔和设置,分辨率高达4096 x 4096。

+$10. Snapseed

Free iPhone apps: Snapseed



+$11. Adobe Spark Post

Free iPhone apps: Adobe Spark


+$Also from Adobe, Spark Post offers a fun and fast way to make stunning graphics. Templates help you get up and running quickly, then you can add photos, text and filters to create the style you want. The app makes it easy to share your creations via social media, text or email. The latest update introduces fun animation text, so you can make playful short videos as part of your project.

+$12. 3DMark Sling Shot

Free iphone apps: 3DMark



真正的乐趣在于运行基准测试,这是一个详细而动感十足的3D游戏的漂亮模型。他们很高兴观看,一旦完成,您可以了解您的设备每秒可以管理多少帧,以及模拟3D物理的好处。 Sling Shot针对最新的设备;如果你想给你的旧iPhone 5做一些锻炼,那就去吧3DMark冰风暴代替。


Free iPhone apps: Behance