11 2019年最大的平面设计趋势

+$Last year was an exciting time for graphic design, and by the looks of things, 2019 is going to be no different. In this article, we take a closer look at the trends that started to emerge last year and examine where they're heading now.

+$To put together this report, we spoke to a wide range of creatives, from diverse disciplines and at different levels, at creative studios across the world, to hear their takes on the hottest goings on in everything from标志设计+$to illustration. Read on to discover some of the standout themes they picked up on.

+$01. Millennial Pink

pink business card on fire

+$Branding for Zoldi Jewels by F61

+$Last year saw the dominance of one particular hue. “The colour known as ‘millennial pink’ provoked think piece after think piece in 2018,” says+$Optimist Inc+$'s Nomi Leasure. “Bright, cheery and androgynous, it was colour that instantly made products sell, Instagram posts amass ‘likes’ and restaurants procure multi-day wait-lists.”

+$The love of this hot hue is starting to fade already. “At some point we will reach fatigue, and seek another hue to unite us a culture of consumers,” she predicts. “Indeed, right now, social media stars and brands alike seem to be leaning into browns and beiges to feature products and spaces.”

+$02. Smashing Stereotypes

Kelly Anna's She Stole the Show

凯莉安娜的She Stole the Show展览庆祝女性的内心冠军

+$In illustration, there's one standout trend right now: the varied ways in which women are being represented. "From gender issues to body politics, what it's like to be a woman today is being explored in a more unapologetic way than ever before," says Alex Thursby-Pelham, lead designer at威登肯尼迪+伦敦。

通过#MeToo和类似的动作进行电镀,插画家们被鼓励摆脱漫画,探索面对现状的女性的细微差别和多维度的描绘。 “通过Instagram滚动,马蒂斯启发的裸体会跟随女性团结和抵抗的政治插图,”瑟斯比 - 佩勒姆兴奋地说。 “有能力,愤怒,快乐,有趣,有缺陷,自以为是......他们都在这里。”

Polly Nor’s 'You don't know him like I do'

Polly Nor's'你不像我一样认识他' - 她公开展示的个人Airing my Dirty Laundry的一部分

+$And it's not just about what is being produced but what isn't, the designer continues. "The furore caused by the recent cartoon of Serena Williams in Melbourne's Herald Sun – deemed sexist and racist – goes to prove that today, gendered stereotypes aren't met with a shrug, but with fiery backlash."

+$"This year feels like a time where these varying perspectives aren't just 'nice to have', but absolutely necessary," she concludes.

+$03. Colour Gradients

sky logo

+$Gradients dominated in 2018, and show no signs of going anywhere

+$Advancements in screen and display technology led many to dub 2018 the 'year of the gradient', and this trend is showing no signs of going anywhere in 2019.

+$"HTML5 enables people to code gradients rather than having to manually make graphics for them," explains Mitchell Nelson, lead creative atJazzbones。 “今年,人们对双色调渐变的关注度很高,而平面颜色则相对较为严格。现在很多网站都采用了更暗的渐变色调,给人一种光滑,近乎科技的感觉。”

海伦贝克,一位位于威尔特郡的自由品牌标识设计师,同意。 “渐变现在被认为是自己的颜色,并且在越来越多的标志设计中被看到,”她说。 “例如,英国奖项已经从前几年的平面颜色转变为丰富的”红地毯“渐变。

Rachel Brandon,平面设计师PLMR,假设这种趋势可能是对数字设计的一般反应。 “随着运动感和3D感觉,渐变看起来好像它有生命和重量,”她说。 “随着屏幕从基于印刷的物理介质中取代,这些元素创造的逼真外观可能是他们突然大受欢迎的一个原因。”

+$04. Custom Fonts

debenhams branded bag

+$Debenhams was one of the brands to introduce a custom typeface in 2018 (click the image to read more)

+$One mainstream way that designers have been adding extra personality to their typography has been through the rise of custom fonts. "Brands are asking themselves: how can I be myself if I'm using the same font as a hundred other brands, especially when that other brand is a real asshole?" says Chris Harmon, art director atLoyalkaspar。 “作为回应,越来越多的品牌正在制作真实感觉像自己的自定义字体,没有人可以复制它们。”

+$“At this rate it won’t be long until every company has a custom typeface,” believes Tyler Hendy, graphic designer at伍德曼+$. “This trend will be a force to reckon with, as it’s incredibly affordable and allows the ultimate creative freedom for designers.”

+$05. Striving For Simplicity

Anton&Anton Kioski

Bond for Anton&Anton Kioski的精简外观


“消费者现在习惯于在他们使用的应用程序和网站中看到更平坦,更整洁,整洁的设计审美,”Alastair Holmes说道,他是该公司的副创意总监。这个地方。 “因此,公司应该在整体品牌推广中反映这一点是有道理的。”

+$Examples Abound. "+$Burberry recently turned heads+$with a bold step in typographic simplicity, cutting ties with the elegant graphic ornament of the past and adopting a timeless, grotesque approach to its new identity," notes Lee Hoddy, creative partner at康兰设计集团

+$06. Super-functional Logos

Uber wordmark


“今年有越来越多的企业采用'小写无衬线'模式,附近还有一个简化的单色符号,”迈克尔约翰逊说,强生银行。 “所以现在我们看到几乎所有人使用的排版 - 从英国电信到英超联赛,从Airbnb到Spotify,到+$Uber's Latest Wordmark,给你起名字。“

他不确定我们是否看到过这种趋势高峰。约翰逊说:“首先,这种方法看起来更有趣,更容易被剥离,如果你愿意的话,更多'更少'。” “但我真的开始怀疑这种公司我可以继续多长时间。”

Chris Maclean,创意总监沃尔夫奥林斯+$, is among the optimists, though. "We're losing those glossy sheens and skeuomorphic embellishments that are a hangover from the UI design 10 years ago," he points out. "We're witnessing a return to classic logo design, where less is more, and anything that doesn't express the core essence of the brand is discarded."

此外,他认为徽标本身的简单性在其他地方得到了平衡。 “虽然有些人可能认为徽标设计变得更加保守,但徽标周围的表情却发生了激动人心的事情,”他争辩道。 “越来越多的品牌认识到,一个有凝聚力的品牌标识可以比单独的标识更具表现力。这意味着身份可以随着时间的推移而标志保持一致。”

+$07. Pastel Hues

Monzo logo

+$Monzo uses flat pastel tones to create a friendly feel

+$“Fintech and financial services startups are favouring restricted colours, typically in pastel hues,” says  David Shalam, founder and creative director at+$Studio 2br+$. “Flat, soft-edged, vector illustrations are also popular. Monzo was one of the first to do this, followed by the likes of Habito, Kinsu, Tink and Trussle. These brands, which all target millennials, are attempting to create a friendly, human feel. But this trend is starting to border on cliché.”

+$Jason Mayo, managing director of+$Postal+$, reports another simplified colour trend. “We’ve noticed the ubiquity of pastel still-life photography, especially on the
+$New York subway,” he says. “It has a sophistication that places it just above ‘normal’ product photography; artfully arranged, part minimal, part fine art, part decorative, but definitely aspirational. It feels like the new upper-middle class, urban go-to photography style of the year.”

+$08. Disruptive Typography

Future London academy


我们正在经历一个明显的趋势,即在网页设计中采用更复杂的排版,“高级设计师Alex Blattmann说道Dalton Maag。 “为了追求更简单的无衬线形式,经过多年的避免,Serif风格再次成为焦点。”

里克班克斯,董事Face37+$, takes a similar view. "Last year, I predicted in Computer Arts we'd see a reaction to the geometric sans-serifs that dominated 2016, and I think I've been right," he says. "I see this trend continuing over the next few years, with brands and designers wanting more personality in their type and logos."

+$In terms of 'more personality', there's been mini-trend for what Riccardo De Franceschi, senior designer at Dalton Maag, describes as a 'brutalist' approach. "This is where type gets compressed or expanded to the extreme, as well as being outlined or even mechanically slanted," he explains.

+$09. Motion graphics in branding

+$2018 saw a major change in what motion designers are being asked to produce, with a seismic shift towards social content. Creative agencyDMS在该领域已经看到了60%的增长,揭示了运动图形主管Nico Vargas。

“在当今世界,我们的客户需要更快地与他们的受众互动,”他说。 “所以我们在促销预告片之前使用保险杠 - 一个五秒钟的预告片 - 包含引人入胜的动态字幕,以吸引观众点击和查看促销内容。”

设计社会意味着重新思考你的方法,高级设计师Katie Cadwallader说柔软工作室。 “Twitter和Instagram现在循环播放视频,鼓励我们的电影更像是GIF,而不是像开头和结尾的故事,”她说。 “动画的长度也在适应.30秒到5分钟之间的任何东西现在都是无人区:你要么是喜欢设计,要么是午休时间。”

根据联合创始人兼动画总监Wouter Sel的说法,这只是更大趋势的一部分,即运动设计更好地融入品牌组合中。Volstok。 “比以往任何时候,视频都是品牌的一部分,而不仅仅是它的广告牌,”他说。 “运动设计现已深深融入客户之旅。”

+$10. Tactile Typography

typography for Howies

+$Carter Wong's woodblock-style branding for Howies

+$Over the past few months we've seen a mini-trend for physical materials (either the material itself or a graphic representation ) in their letterforms.

+$“Things like wood, stone and ceramic give brands a more premium and honest look,” says Martyn Garrod, creative director at卡特黄+$. “The rebrand of Shakespeare’s Globe is a great example of this, with a red, circular, woodblock-printed emblem, as is Dutchscot’s restaurant menus for Meraki. Our own work for fashion brand Howies embraced this trend, with the creation of a typeface created out of the wood of a fallen tree, near the company’s base in Wales.”

+$11. Playful Illustration

colourful illustration of houses and bikes

+$Illustration by Jing Wei

+$There has been a shift towards more straightforward concepts and a more simple and playful approach to illustration,” says+$Andrea Chronopoulos+$, illustrator and D&AD judge. “Clear, bold shapes and lines with bright colour palettes and sometimes an ironic retro feel are certainly a must. Many illustrators over the past year started using more tools such as theIPad专业版+$, which gives a more direct feeling to digital image-making. They’ve been sharing lots of work-in-progress of their illustrations, with sketches and speedpaint videos.”

+$This article originally appeared in issue #287 of Computer Arts. You can+$buy A Copy, 要么订阅计算机艺术