+$So you’re at design school with your essential kit. And you’re doing pretty well. So well, in fact, it might be going to your head. If you don’t want your design career to be dead in the water before you even graduate, take heed of the failings of those who have gone before you.

+$While there are plenty of proactive positive actions you can take to set yourself on the path to success, there are also some pitfalls to avoid. Here are five archetypal design student attitudes that are sure to make you crash and burn, and give your fledgling career the rainbow doughnut of death…

+$And when you have made certain these student types don't describe you, you'll need to make sure that portfolio is in order. Luckily, we've got some brilliant组合示例+$to help you get straight into the job market.


Student stereotypes: Lizard on wire

天哪,那个设计肯定看起来很熟悉[照片来自Himesh Kumar Behera的Unsplash]


+$News can travel quickly if you plagiarise, too, and if the creative in question calls you out and burns you publicly on social media, it’s a long way back if you want to be taken seriously again. The industry is smaller than you think (see for yourself in our article dissecting+$how designers deal with plagiarism)。


Student stereotypes: Dog in glasses

重型眼镜不适合所有人[照片来自Unsplash的Braydon Anderson]


任何有价值的设计工作室都会重视您的投资组合,您的态度以及您的想法。无论如何,如果那是你的风格,那就把自己打倒 - 但如果没有,那就做你自己,你就可以开辟自己的风采。


Student stereotypes: arrogant one

让你的自我受到控制 - 你仍然有很多东西需要学习[照片来自Unsplash的Melanie Hughes]

+$Nobody likes an over-inflated ego – particularly from a student. And yet, it’s an all-too-common sight. Sure, you’ve landed your dream placement and are on track for a first-class degree: great, good for you.


在展示位置或第一次真正的设计工作中,您不必是棕色的。但是 - 就像我们的文章一样如何将设计实习转变为工作+$points out – it does pay to be humble, to soak up the experience around you, and to go above and beyond whatever is asked of you.


Student stereotypes: bridge burner

还有另一种客户关系[照片来自Unsplash的Dawn Armfield]


珍惜这些关系。培养他们。这可能需要一些时间 - 而且要记住,它们不仅仅是要勾选的方框或要爬梯子的梯级。他们是人。如果你从第一次尝试踩到门后得到回击,请亲切并稍后再试。不要失去你的冷静,并在汽油已经摇摇晃晃的桥梁。


Student stereotype: turd polisher

+$Sparklers won't help if your pie doesn't taste good [Photo by Lucy Heath on Unsplash]


最后一步是重视实质和风格。这一切都很好,有能力让一些东西流行起来Photoshop CC,但这不是伟大的设计。养成在开发之前将你的想法重新回到绝对基础的习惯。如果它们作为缩略图草图或单行间距工作,那么您就可以了。