+$Welcome to our guide to the best collage maker tools. While it may seem like a simple task, successful collage making is an art form, and making sure you have the right collage maker can go a long way to helping you get it right. A fantastic, stylish way to show your best photos, it's no surprise that collage makers are hugely popular right now.

+$There are many web and mobile applications that have built-in collage maker tools, as well as dedicated standalone programs in both app and browser format. However, the quality of these varies wildly, so we've tried some out to let you know which ones are up to scratch.

+$Another perfectly viable option to create a collage is to use general design software, such as Adobe's suite (在这里获取Adobe Creative Cloud+$). We've got the pick of the bestPhotoshop教程+$to help you out with this. Or, if you want to use a high spec smartphone to use with these collage apps, why not check our our selection of the best照相手机

+$01. MOLDIV

+$Moldiv claims to be the all in one photo-editor that offers everything you need in photography, and it doesn't disappoint with its collage maker feature. The collage maker portion of the app is sleek and easy to use. We like that the workflow in the collage setting is non-destructive (unlike the main editor mode) so you can mess around with layouts without touching your original version. You can also customise with stickers and play with different fonts.

+$02. Photo Joiner

Photo Joiner具有直观的界面

Photo Joiner提供一系列不同的拼贴制造商选择。我们最感兴趣的是Collage;经典的拼贴制作工具。该过程很容易理解:上传图像,选择模板,将图像拖入插槽(可以放大和缩小,镜像或旋转以适应布局),然后保存和共享。您可以按照包含的照片数量缩小模板,并设置自定义图像大小和边框。

如果那不是您所追求的,请查看其他Photo Joiner工具。 Stitch是一种更简单的工具,用于使用Photo Joiner的预设布局之一垂直或水平连接照片。 Meme允许您向图像添加文本和装饰。 FB Cover提供了一系列适合Facebook封面图像尺寸的模板,可以省去创建令人印象深刻的封面拼贴画。

+$03. Ribbet

Collage maker: Ribbet



还有一个免费的IOS应用+$and One ForAndroid的太。

+$04. Adobe Spark

Collage maker: Adobe Spark


Spark是Adobe的免费照片拼贴制作工具。它简单的界面意味着它不需要大多数Adobe应用程序所需的相同学习曲线:只需命名您的项目并使用各种设计选项将您的照片排列成引人注目的拼贴画。您需要Creative Cloud帐户才能获得完整的CC优惠(在此注册),但没有它是完全可用的。

+$05. Canva Collage Templates




+$06. BeFunky

Collage maker: Be Funky


+$BeFunky is one of the best free online collage makers around. It offers tons of templates, a simple interface and seamless integration with the BeFunky Photo Editor. The free version works well, but if you're after more photo effects, higher-resolution downloads and the ability to use your collages commercially, you'll need the BeFunky Plus account. As well as an online tool, BeFunky is available as an app for iOS or Android.

+$07. PiZap

Collage maker: piZap



+$The Pro version offers ad-free designing, a much bigger selection of fonts, stock images and templates, the ability to download your collage in super high resolution, and more. You can suss it out via the free trial before you commit.

+$08. PhotoCollage

Collage maker: PhotoCollage


PhotoCollage有一个什么 - 它说的名字,而基于网络的拼贴制造商也同样直截了当。它适用于Mac,Windows,Android和iOS平台,包括触摸屏,您可以从拼贴模板中选择或使用您的技能创建自由形式拼贴。


+$09. Fotor Collage Maker

Collage maker: Fotor

  • 价钱:免费(基础);每月3.33美元(专业版)
  • +$Find It Here


您只能使用免费版本获得部分内容 - 您可以设计拼贴画,但它们将具有Fotor水印,这并不理想。对于高级功能,无广告界面,无水印拼贴和基于云的存储,您需要支持Pro版本。

+$10. Photovisi

Collage maker: Photovisi



+$11. Google Photos

Collage maker: Google Photos


谷歌照片,曾经被称为Picasa,是一个图像组织者和照片编辑器 - 但你知道它有一个内置的拼贴制造商吗?您可以在动手拼贴创建屏幕中尝试六种不同的拼贴类型,它们将保存在“拼贴”文件夹中。这是非常基本的,但正如你对谷歌的期望,界面很好,清晰,它做了什么,它做得很好。

+$12. Kizoa

Collage maker: Kizoa

  • 价钱:+$Free (Basic); lifetime Premium memberships from $29.99
  • +$Find It Here

+$The web-based version of Kizoa collage maker is one of the most difficult collage maker tools to navigate, but it does offer dozens of ready-made templates (both static and animated) for all kinds of occasions. You can customise the templates or create your own from scratch, then add photos, GIFs, videos and even stickers to your designs, and finish the whole thing off with some text.

+$It's now available as an iOS app and Kinoa membership also includes access to a movie maker and photo editor, so you can now accomplish any number of creative tasks from inside the browser and on your iPad/iPhone.

+$13. FotoJet

Collage maker: FotoJet

+$FotoJet enables you to create show-stopping collages

Pearlmountain的FotoJet是一个免费的在线拼贴制造商,可以让您创建拼贴画,照片卡,海报,Facebook封面,Twitter标题,YouTube横幅,有趣的照片等。您可以使用数百种模板,包括我们目前看到的一些最具创意的设计 - 例如这一个,您可以在其中添加图像到椰子中。付费Plus选项提供了更广泛的资源。

+$14. PicMonkey Collage

Collage maker: PicMonkey


+$Part of the PicMonkey suite – a web app that also offers image editing, touch-up and design tools – PicMonkey collage maker is a fast and powerful way to organise your images into attractive shapes. Import images from your computer or connect to online services such as Facebook, OneDrive, Dropbox and Flickr. You can fine-tune your collage by adjusting the zoom and placement of your images, and add filters. 'Supremium' users also have access to advanced touch-up tools.

+$This was once a free online collage maker, but you now need to subscribe to PicMonkey to download your design. There are three different plans available, depending on your needs. However, you can design your collage for free, and there is a week-long free trial available, which is worth exploring before you shell out.

+$15. PicCollage

Collage maker: PicCollage



+$16. Layout From Instagram

Collage maker: Instagram


+$Instagram's Layout app is designed to help people create collages of their images and share their creations on social media. Layout lets you select and rearrange images by dragging and dropping, and you can also control the size of images by pinching, or tap to mirror or flip them.

这个拼贴制造商应用程序包括一个内置的Photo Booth,您可以使用它来拍摄瞬间拍摄,并立即看到它们以各种组合布局。完成后,您可以轻松保存并在社交媒体网络中分享拼贴。它在App Store和Google Play上都获得了很高的评价,因此您可以确信自己获得了高质量的产品。