Black Friday and Cyber Mondaydeals

+$Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now just a matter of weeks away, meaning soon we'll be practically swimming in top Black Friday deals. And the first pre-Black Friday deals are already starting to appear.

+$So what exactly can we expect from Black Friday 2019, which these days also extends throughout the weekend, all the way until Cyber Monday 2019? And how can you get the best Black Friday deals? Let's find out.




+$These days, Cyber Monday usually sees a wider range of deals across individual retailers. It's less about one-off discounts, and more about lower prices generally. Saying that, if stores need to shift stock they’ll follow up Black Friday discounts with further reductions on Cyber Monday – so expect one-off deals too. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday happening a little later than normal this year, it may well be a good opportunity to get your Christmas shopping sorted.

+$The best pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for creatives

+$Surface Pro 6 | i5 | 8GB RAM | 128GB SSD:$ 899$ 699
+$The Surface Pro 6 is a popular device among the creative community. All the power of Windows 10 in this portable device makes it a highly capable, stylish machine.


+$Apple Watch Series 3 | GPS | 38mm:+$Was £279 Now £198.99
+$There's already money to be saved on this Apple Watch Series 3, with a space grey aluminium case and black sports band. This model has GPS and a dual-core S3 processor.


+$Apple AirPods with charging case:+$Was $159 Now $144 @Walmart
+$Save $14:
+$You can get the latest AirPods with a charging case (non-wireless) for $14 less at Walmart at the moment. That drops the price to under $150, making this a pretty nice AirPods Black Friday deal ahead of the big day.

+$Apple AirPods with charging case:+$Was £159 Now £140.99 @Amazon
+$Save £18+$: In the UK, you can get the latest AirPods with a non-wireless charging case for £18 less at Amazon. That means the AirPods cost less than £150, making this a pretty sweet AirPods Black Friday deal. Trust us, the discounts aren't huge here.

+$Apple AirPods with wireless charging case:+$Was £199 Now £169 @Amazon
+$Amazon is offering the latest AirPods with a wireless charging case for £30 less than the RRP. Snap up this deal while you can as this pre-Black Friday deal for AirPods won't last long.


+$Apple AirPods with wireless charging case:+$Was $169 Now $199 @Walmart
+$Walmart is offering the latest AirPods with a wireless charging case for $30 off at the moment. We wouldn't expect even the best AirPods Cyber Monday sales to beat this one.




+$So what kind of items are we talking about? Below are our top predictions on the creative items you might have on your Christmas list this year. But first, here's the early Black Friday deals we're already seeing, and guess what? They're on the items we predicted.

+$01. Microsoft Surface Range


+$The Microsoft Surface range has become hugely popular among artists and designers in recent years. The Surface Pro and Surface Go lend themselves well to the needs of a creative, so it was no surprise to see them fly off the shelves in some of the best Black Friday deals we saw last year.

+$Microsoft has been busy this year, recently announcing six new devices to its Surface range, all of which are aimed at a creative audience. With the release of these devices so close to Black Friday 2019, it's highly unlikely we'll see any discounts on these newer models. However, with the introduction of the new Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X, we will almost certainly see some great savings on the Surface Pro 6. A fantastic device in its own right, the Surface Pro 6 is currently one of the最好的带有触控笔的药片+$around, so if you're not bothered about having the shiniest new Microsoft model, this will be a product to watch out for this Black Friday.

+$Bookmark Our Dedicated+$Surface Pro Black Friday deals+$page for all the latest deals and updates on these popular devices.

+$02. Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

Adobe Creative Cloud logo




+$03. Apple iPad and iPhone

iPad with Apple Pencil


+$Apple has been busy this year, launching its new iPad Mini and iPad Air, plus the iPad 10.2-inch. With all these models offering Apple Pencil support, they are a great choice for busy creatives on the go. As shiny new additions to Apple's portfolio, we don't expect to see huge savings on these, but if there are any discounts to be had, we'll keep you posted. And if you're after an Apple Pencil, then see our+$Apple Pencil Black Friday deals

不过,最好的交易几乎肯定会出现在老款iPad上-但仍是非常抢手的-iPad型号。例如,去年,iPad(2018年)在沃尔玛(Walmart)的售价降至249美元,这一点也不足为奇。如果你想要获得更多的动力,那么iPad Pro(2017年)在沃尔玛的售价也从去年的524.99美元(约合649美元)降到了524.99美元(合649美元)。不管你想要什么型号的iPad,我们都有+$best iPad Black Friday deals现在,并将更新为最好的黑色星期五交易下降。



+$04. Apple MacBook Pro

Bird's eye view of MacBook Pro

噢,MacBook Pro,我们多么希望你更便宜

这是创意界的最爱,但是MacBook Pro+$doesn't come cheap. So it's no surprise that a load of them got snapped up last year when B&H dropped the 2017 15.4-inch model to $2,149 (from $2,799). It may not be the newest version, but the MacBook Pro 2017 is still a highly capable and powerful machine.

+$It's rare to see big savings like this on the latest Apple products, but if you're not worried about having the most up-to-date specs, you can save an absolute packet, and grab a great bit of kit while you're at it. And the place to do so? On our dedicated+$best Black Friday Macbook deals+$post, which has all the biggest savings as and when they arrive.

+$05. Apple Watch

Apple Watch Black Friday


+$We don't know about you but keeping up with what version the Apple Watch is currently on is exhausting. That said, now there are a number of models (at time of writing the most recent model is Series 5), there's quite a high chance we're going to see some good savings on older (but still highly capable) devices.

+$If you really want to find a bargain, Series 1 and Series 2 are almost certainly going to be where it's at. But if you want the option to have GPS and Cellular connections, go for the Series 3. Keep up to date with all the biggest offers over on our+$best Apple Watch deals+$post, which will include all Black Friday savings too.

+$See an early Black Friday Apple Watch offer on the Series 3 Watch below.

+$06. Apple AirPods

Apple Airpods in case

+$Hold tight! You could save a packet on Apple AirPods later this year

+$Rounding up our Apple products Black Friday review is the company's controversial AirPods. Some people love them, others think they look weird/want the headphone jack back. And the release of the AirPods Pro has been even more controversial – here's why we were+$pleasantly surprised by their release

去年,我们看到的最大折扣是在20/30美元左右,这并不是什么值得夸耀的问题。然而,随着新的改进+$Apple AirPods (2019)+$out now, plus the AirPods Pro, we're hopeful we'll see much better Black Friday AirPod deals in November (although we're not holding our breath for deals on the AirPods Pro).

+$We'll keep you updated with any great offers that land via our dedicated+$best Apple AirPods deals+$post, so make sure to bookmark that page and check back regularly.

+$07. Wacom Drawing Tablets

Wacom Cintiq 16 and stylus

新的Wacom Cintiq 16会有黑色星期五的交易吗?希望如此。

+$It's tricky to find discounted Wacom products, which is why Black Friday 2018 was such a pleasant surprise for designers in the market for one. Various retailers dropped the price of Wacom's sought-after products, with the best Black Friday deals seeing a whopping $200-$500 knocked off the popular Cintiq Pro range. Wacom has recently released its budgetWacom Cintiq 16..这将是有趣的,看看是否有任何黑色星期五交易出现在这个已经负担得起的创意钢笔显示器。

+$In a similar vein to Apple, it's rare for Wacom to offer discounts directly – if you want to make a saving, you're best looking at major retailers such as Amazon or Walmart. Alternatively, if you're on the hunt for a graphics tablet, but don't mind if it's not a Wacom, last year there were some great bargains on XP-Pens, so that could be one to watch out for. Better still, save yourself the hassle, bookmark ourWacom黑色星期五优惠+$page and let us do the work for you.

+$08. External Hard Drives

Western Digital My Passport product shot


+$Okay, so it's not exactly the sexiest of items, but an external hard drive can form a vital part of a designer's toolset. And, as anyone who's bought one will attest, they don't come cheap. Last year, leading manufacturer Western Digital offered some decent savings on its 'My Passport' range, which starts at around £90 for its 4TB option. We'll be keeping you up to date with any offers over on our+$best Black Friday external hard drives+$post, where you'll find all the lowest prices now and over the Black Friday period.