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+$Finding the best ultrawide monitor for your computer setup can be a tricky process. A new screen can make all the difference to how you work and play on your computer, and some of the latest technology is very tempting.

+$If you wanted some extra desktop space to let you have two full-sized applications on screen at once, or just more space to have multiple documents open, hooking up a second monitor was once the only answer. But now, an alternative option to consider is to opt for an ultrawide monitor.

+$Characterised by extra-wide aspect ratios and screen resolutions, ultrawide monitors give you a lot more horizontal pixels. Unlike the dual monitor option, which splits your desktop space with bezels right in the middle, an ultrawide monitor offers a single, wide and seamless desktop space.

+$Before we get started, let's look at the different things you should consider when choosing the best ultrawide monitor for you. Not sure if ultrawide is for you? Head to our guide to the最佳监视器

+$The best ultrawide monitor on Amazon Prime Day

+$Amazon Prime Day is here, and we're already seeing some fantastic deals on ultrawide monitors. If you're looking to purchase one, today could be your lucky day! We've listed some of the highlights on ultrawide monitors below.

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+$This ultra-wide curved monitor is designed for gamers but ideal for creatives, and now there's almost £200 off. Specs include 3840 x 1080 resolution and 1ms response time.
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+$LG 29WK600 29-Inch Ultrawide HDR 10 IPS Monitor:+$Was £276.99 Now £186.99 @Amazon
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+$Get £90 off this ultrawide monitor. The contrast shows up all the details you'll need to see your designs, and the IPR displays boasts 99% coverage of the sRGB colour spectrum.
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+$The best ultrawide monitor: Things to consider

+$While the most common, comfortable size of an ultrawide is around 34 inches, the largest screens on offer are even wider, a whopping 49 inches wide. If you like the idea of such a massive screen, you should consider that you’ll need a large desk to accommodate it.

+$In terms of resolution, look for WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition) – which gives you a pixel count of 2560x1440 – and a wide aspect ratio of 21:9. Usually the bigger the screen, the higher the resolution. Some of the best ultrawide monitors offer additional features such as picture in-picture or side-by-side, so you can connect up a couple of sources (like two computers, or a computer and tablet) to the same display.

+$Another issue with ultrawide monitors is that the screen is so wide, the edges will be slightly outside your peripheral vision, when sitting at a normal working distance. To solve this, most ultrawide monitors are just slightly curved at the edges, subtly bending the image to bring it back into your vision. The effect works extremely well and makes it much nicer to work on an ultrawide monitor.

+$Ultrawide monitors vary based on panel technology and features. Ultrawide screens  generally look just fine with vertical alignment (VA) panels, but the sharper, brighter and considerably more expensive in-plane switching (IPS) panel technology will offer better image quality.

+$Displays of all shapes and sizes now come with a range of optional extra features, such as 4K screens, colour-accurate screens and gaming displays with fast refresh rates (some up to 144Hz), low latency and adaptive-sync technology, all of which will certainly be great for all kinds of desktop use, from watching movies to using graphic design tools. Ensure your monitor is displaying perfectly with one of the+$best Monitor Calibrators


Dell Ultrasharp U3419W



屏幕尺寸:34英寸|宽高比:21:9 |解析度:3440 X 1440 |响应时间:5ms |谁是它的:视频编辑,设计师,创意专业人士


戴尔最新的超宽显示屏 -戴尔Ultrasharp U3419W- 凭借卓越的画质,出色的连接性和出色的构建质量,我们的名单上保留了杆位。除了两个HDMI端口和一个DisplayPort接口外,它现在还具有USB-C,可以同时将显示器连接到笔记本电脑,并提供高达90w的电量进行充电。

它还具有连接设备的KVM功能。将单个键盘和鼠标连接到USB上游端口,一次控制两台计算机,这两台计算机通过Picture-By-Picture功能同时可见。对于图形工作,10位色和99%sRGB覆盖率也意味着出色的图像质量。虽然U3419W比它的前辈略胜一筹(同样优秀戴尔Ultrasharp U3415W),我们认为额外的功能和更现代的连接性提供了未来的证明,使额外的支出值得。

LG 34UC79G

02. LG 34UC79G

最实惠的超宽显示器 - 非常适合游戏玩家

屏幕尺寸:34英寸|宽高比:21:9 |解析度:2,560 X 1,080 |谁是它的:游戏玩家和那些将脚趾浸入超宽的人

AMD FreeSync兼容

专为游戏而设计LG 34UC79G是一款价格合理的超宽显示器,配有DisplayPort和双HDMI。有一个潜在的缺点:在2,560 x 1,080,它没有更昂贵的选项那么高的分辨率 - LG反而选择原生的144Hz性能。但是,我们会选择色彩精确度,对比度和运动模糊度,以及高像素数 - 而LG 34UC79G在大多数区域都能提供。它具有很高的对比度和黑色水平,以及鲜艳的色彩,但它确实需要一些校准以获得最大的准确度。该显示器还采用了一些旨在提高游戏性能的技术,包括AMD FreeSync(50-144Hz范围),以减少卡顿和运动模糊。响应时间也快1ms。更便宜29英寸版也可以。

Dell U4919DW

+$03. Dell U4919DW

+$The Ultimate Ultrawide

屏幕尺寸:49英寸|宽高比:32:9 |解析度:+$5,120 X 1,440 |响应时间:+$8ms (normal mode); 5ms (fast mode) |谁是它的:+$Gamers, design pros, people who like big things

+$Bright image IPS panel
+$Low Response Time
+$A bit too large for some desks
+$No Adaptive-sync Technology

+$Dell has knocked it out of the park with its monstrous 49-inch U4919DW, due to the excellent image quality from its enormous IPS panel, superior to the majority of alternative ultrawides that use VA panel technology.

+$Offering 99% sRGB coverage, 350-nit brightness and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, it has a 32:9 aspect ratio and a 5,120 x 1,440 resolution - an absolutely huge desktop area that can accommodate two full screen applications side by side.

+$Delving in a bit deeper, its relatively low 5ms (fast mode) response time means it’s fine for gaming too, making it well worth the additional expenditure, although it doesn’t support adaptive-sync like some alternative displays out there.

Alienware AW3418DW

+$04. Alienware AW3418DW

+$A great ultrawide for 120Hz gaming with G-Sync

屏幕尺寸:34英寸|宽高比:21:9 |解析度:+$3,440 X 1,080 |谁是它的:+$Gamers, Design Pros

+$Low Response Time
+$Pricey for a 34-incher

+$Alienware is one of PC gaming’s best known hardware brands of high-end and high priced laptops and desktops, but with the+$AW3418DW+$, it’s turned its attention to ultrawide displays and come up with a specification that is great for gaming on.

+$It’s a 34.1-inch display with an IPS panel, 21:9 aspect ratio and a WQHD 3,440 x 1,440 resolution, that will certainly offer up great desktop image quality. Gamers will be most interested in the 120Hz refresh rate and G-Sync adaptive-sync technology for ultra-fluid, tear-free animation with Nvidia graphics cards.

+$What’s more, the 4ms response time stands out as one of the lowest in an ultrawide display, further boosting its gaming credentials.

Acer Predator Z35P

05. Acer Predator Z35P

外观漂亮,价格合理的100Hz G-Sync显示屏

屏幕尺寸:35英寸|宽高比:21:9 |解析度:3,440 X 1,440 |响应时间:4毫秒|谁是它的:游戏玩家,喜欢工业硬件设计的人


随着宏碁捕食者Z35P,宏碁继续探索激动人心的硬件设计。这款超宽显示器上的支架就像一个科幻飞船的扭曲金属片,以及34英寸的弧形屏幕,提供卓越的游戏性能。它提供100Hz的刷新率 - 这将比我们所习惯的普通60Hz提供更大的提升,以及使用GeForce卡进行无泪游戏的原生G-Sync技术。连接性是DisplayPort,HDMI和USB集线器的标准阵列,图像质量高达100%sRGB覆盖率,使该屏幕也非常适合一般计算任务。

Best ultrawide monitor: ASUS ProArt PA34VC

+$06. ASUS ProArt PA34VC

+$The best colour-accurate ultrawide

屏幕尺寸:34英寸|宽高比:21:9 |解析度:3,440 X 1,440 |谁是它的:+$Design Pros

+$98% DCI-P3 Colour Accuracy
+$Another Pricey Display

+$While there are loads of options for standard sized 16:9 colour accurate displays, and plenty of general purpose ultrawide displays with features for gaming, the choice is more scant if you want an ultrawide that can offer exceptional colour accuracy.

+$The ever resourceful Asus has managed to fill this slot though with its+$ProArt PA34VC+$, a 34 inch 21:9 HDR screen that’s the one to go for if you demand high levels of colour accuracy. It’s one of the few ultrawide displays that ticks both boxes, offering 10-bit colour, 100% sRGB and 98% DCI-P3 coverage.

AOC Agon Curved Ultrawide

+$07. AOC Agon Curved Ultrawide


屏幕尺寸:35英寸|宽高比:21:9 |解析度:3,440 X 1,440 |响应时间:4毫秒|谁是它的:想要更高分辨率的游戏玩家

Nvidia G-Sync

以Nvidia G-Sync为特色,实现无间断游戏AOC Agon AG352UCG如果你不准备忍受上面LG的低分辨率(你可以为这个型号增加额外的现金),我们的游戏选择。同样,这个显示器是轻微弯曲的,还有一些AOC技术可以改善游戏色彩和阴影。支架也可调节高度。屏幕的后部采用醒目的“翅膀”设计,因此不适合所有人。这是一个奇怪的组合,因为显示器的正面在外观上相当实用。