+$Looking for the best 4K monitor you can afford? You’ve come to the right place. With 4K video now in most照相手机+$, in 4K games, and even 4K movies, this incredibly high resolution is now becoming commonplace. There are a lot of 4K monitors to choose from, but whether you’re looking for the best curved or ultra wide 4K monitor, a 4K display for gaming, design or image editing, or just a stunning 4K display for your home, we’ve got you covered here.

+$It helps that 4K displays are much cheaper than they used to be. On the high street, you can find 4K TVs for around the same price that a standard HD screen cost only a few years ago. And for PCs, 4K displays are cheaper than ever.

+$We’ve found the best便宜的4K监视器交易在其他地方,如果你正在寻找一个不会破坏银行的优秀4K屏幕。

+$But right now, it's Black Friday and we've found the best 4K monitor deals around today. We've listed them below, but you can also skip straight down to our购买指南+$if you'd rather not partake.

+$The best 4K monitors: What to look for

+$When it comes to choosing the right display,+$precise colour accuracy and ultra-vivid picture quality+$remain coveted features for designers. Although you won’t be disappointed by the image quality on an entry-level 4K display, you’ll need to aim slightly higher to get a screen that offers full coverage of the AdobeRGB or DCI-P3 colour space. (You'll want to invest in the最好的监控校准器同样。)

+$If you’re looking for great 4K colour accuracy but your budget won't stretch to the most high-end 32-inch displays, take a look at smaller 27-inch displays, which naturally tend to be more affordable. The+$Philips Brilliance 272P7VPTKEB+$offers outstanding value for excellent image quality. If image editing is your thing, be sure to take a look at our round up of the+$best monitors for photo editing太。

+$When you first gaze at any of these screens, you’ll know where that money went. There’s a visible improvement in colour quality, black levels and brightness with a high-end, colour accurate display, which makes them absolutely superb for working with images or video, and many for gaming too. Read on for our recommendations for the best 4K monitors out there.


+$If you remove price from the equation, the best 4K monitor is theEizo ColorEdge CG319X+$, thanks to its outstanding colour accuracy and built-in hardware calibration tool. However, our top recommendation is the戴尔UltraSharp U3219Q+$, which is an excellent 4K monitor – and a little easier on your wallet.






01.戴尔Ultrasharp U3219Q


屏幕尺寸:32英寸|解析度:3840 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:IPS |输入:1x HDMI,1x Displayport |USB:4个USB 3.0,1个USB C型


戴尔拥有提供高质量显示器的悠久历史,每年最新型号都提高了图像质量和功能的标准。该戴尔UltraSharp U3219Q是该公司的2019旗舰4K 32英寸屏幕 - 我们喜欢它。它提供完整的sRGB和Rec。 709覆盖率,95%DCI-P3和出色的色彩均匀性,使其成为专业设计师和创意人士的绝佳选择。最重要的是,它不是一些高端屏幕的钱包破坏者。虽然它没有内置的色彩校准器,但你可以使用一些屏幕 - 比如下面昂贵的Eizo ColorEdge CG319X - U3219Q的整体构造质量非常高,采用现代设计,亚光IPS面板,6mm薄边框和USB -C。如果您需要专业功能,精湛的色彩准确性,并且没有备用的四个盛大,这是您现在可以购买的最佳4K显示器。






02. Eizo ColorEdge CG319X

您可以购买的最佳4K显示器 - 具有匹配的专业价格标签

屏幕尺寸:31.1英寸|解析度:4096 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:IPS |输入:2 x DisplayPort,2 x HDMI,|USB:3 X USB 3.0


Eizo ColorEdge CG319X无疑是鉴赏家在高品质显示器中的选择。 Eizo显示器在专业视频和摄影工作室非常熟悉 - 这款31英寸4K显示器配有10位显示器和24位彩色查找表,代表了其前代产品的重大升级。 CG319X还拥有一项功能,使其与所有竞争的高端4K屏幕区别开来。与其他4K显示器不同,CG318-4K的分辨率为4096 x 2160。与大多数计算机显示器中使用的3840 x 2160分辨率相比,这反映了数字视频制作中使用的不同,略高的4K标准。所有这些显示器的功能结合在一起,产生令人惊叹的图像,使您的创意工作大放异彩。哦,还有一个内置的校准工具,可以让您的颜色尽可能准确,每次开机时都会在屏幕上弹出,还有一个捆绑的显示器罩。如果钱不是问题,Eizo ColorEdge CG319X是您现在可以买到的最好的4K显示器

Phillips Brilliance 272P7VPTKEB

+$03. Phillips Brilliance 272P7VPTKEB

+$This 4K monitor has great image quality at a very attractive price point

屏幕尺寸:27英寸|解析度:4096 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:IPS |输入:+$2 x DisplayPort, 1x Mini-DP, 1 x HDMI, 1x VGA |USB:3 X USB 3.0

+$Superb Value
+$Excellent Image
+$Fiddly OSD Controls

+$Compared with some of the pricey high-end colour accurate screens, the Phillips Brilliance 272P7VPTKEB (catchy name, we know) is an excellent alternative, as it’s great value for money and can serve up an excellent image. It’s a 27-inch IPS panel with measured 99% sRGB and 73% AdobeRGB coverage, a thin-bezel design and a few extras such as a pop-up webcam that works when the built-in USB hub is connected. It’s not really aimed at graphic designers – the colour presets are given terms like 'office' and 'movie' rather than 'sRGB' and 'DCI-P3' and the fiddly underside buttons make it tricky to flick through on-screen menu options. And although the image quality isn’t as high-end as it gets, with a Delta-E under 2, rather than under 1, and a 270-nit measured brightness, this screen still looks very impressive and won’t disappoint.

BenQ SW271 Photographer Monitor

+$04. BenQ SW271

+$A fantastic 4K monitor for all kinds of image editing

屏幕尺寸:27英寸|解析度:4096 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:IPS |输入:+$2 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, |USB:+$2 x USB 3.0, 1x USB-C

+$Fantastic Image Quality
+$Might be too small for some
+$Quite Expensive

+$BenQ already has a strong portfolio of gaming and general-purpose 4K displays of different sizes, all featuring the company’s trademark 'puck' – a wired remote control that sits in the base and makes it much easier to flip through colour settings and presets, compared to constant fiddling with on-screen controls. The+$SW271+$is a 27-inch IPS 4K display with a 10-bit HDR panel and a 14-bit LUT, aimed squarely at photography and graphic design use. The headline features for graphics work are 99% AdobeRGB and 100% sRGB coverage and a whole range of colour settings to choose, including a gamma range from 1.6 to 2.6, numerous calibration modes and excellent brightness and contrast levels that really offer a up a sumptuous picture.

+$Thin surrounding bezels, a flexible stand that tilts, rotates and swivels, and a reasonably generous set of display inputs with picture-in-picture modes rounds off this premium offering from BenQ.

Lenovo ThinkVision P32u

05.联想ThinkVision P32u

完整的Adobe RGB报道使这款联想值得一看

屏幕尺寸:32英寸|解析度:3840 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:IPS |输入:2 x HDMI,1 x DisplayPort,1 x Thunderbolt 3 |USB:4 x USB 3.0,1 x Thunderbolt 3


每当联想推出Think品牌产品时,您都可以期待高品质,这正是您从设计师专注的ThinkVision显示器中获得的。优秀的设计,充足的端口和出色的图像质量使其成为高端产品联想ThinkVision P32U值得高价。 100%的AdobeRGB覆盖率足以与顶级屏幕竞争,它具有Thunderbolt 3,可让您从单个端口连接笔记本电脑并为其充电。这款专业级4K显示器并不便宜,但肯定令人印象深刻。

BenQ PD3200U

+$06. BenQ PD3200U


屏幕尺寸:32英寸|解析度:4096 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:IPS |输入:+$1 x DisplayPort, 1x Mini-DP, 1 x HDMI, |USB:4 X USB 3.0


明基PD3200U屏幕尺寸和分辨率使其成为设计师和创作者的绝佳选择。它不是我们指南中最便宜的型号(为此,向下滚动到07号的Iiyama),但对于专业广告来说,它比目前为止的其他选项更实惠。那它有什么好处呢?嗯,屏幕是32英寸,这使得使用4K图像和视频更加舒适。 3D设计师将非常感谢包含CAD / CAM模式,其他人都会欣赏工厂校准的色彩准确度和Rec。 709坚持。

Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC

+$07. Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC


屏幕尺寸:40英寸|解析度:3840 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:VA |输入:2 x HDMI,1 x DisplayPort,1 x Mini DisplayPort,1 x VGA |USB:4 X USB 3.0


飞利浦Brilliance BDM4065UC是一个令人难以置信的显示 - 但你真的想要一个40英寸的面板?基于VA-IPS面板技术,它具有极佳的对比度,亮度为300 cd / m2。它的菜单由后面的小操纵杆控制,它还提供四向画中画(PIP)模式,允许您为每个视频输入分配四分之一的屏幕。在如此大的4K屏幕上,每个连接的设备都有自己的1920 x 1080屏幕区域 - 非常适合查看您的设计插画家CC或者你的工作3D艺术例如,在一台机器上查找同一屏幕上另一台设备上的参考图像。

+$08. Viewsonic VP2785-4K

+$This 4K monitor has a bright picture and great contrast

屏幕尺寸:27英寸|解析度:4096 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:IPS |输入:+$1 x DisplayPort, 1x Mini-DP, 2 x HDMI |USB:+$3 x USB 3.0, 1x USB-C

+$Excellent Picture Quality
+$Fiddly to put together
+$Bulky external power brick

+$Viewsonic has a few colour accurate displays on the market, and the VP2785-4K is the most high-end model in its catalogue, a 27-inch 4K IPS screen, sporting 100% srGB and quoted 99% AdobeRGB coverage. It’s a bit fiddly to put together, requiring a screwdriver to attach the panel to the stand, but the overall design is extremely svelte, with a thin and light build, near edge-to-edge screen, and only a small bezel at the bottom that accommodates touch-sensitive controls. With a 14-bit LUT, 700:1 contrast ratio and 375-nit brightness, the picture quality of the VP2785-4K won’t disappoint, although it doesn’t quite deliver the same eye-popping colours of the most high-end 4K displays money can buy.

Asus ProArt PA32UC-K

+$09. Asus ProArt PA32UC-K


屏幕尺寸:32英寸|解析度:3840 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:IPS |输入:4 x HDMI,1 x DisplayPort,1 x Thunderbolt 3 |USB:2个USB 3.0 A型,1个USB 3.0 C型


华硕已更新其旗舰ProArt 4K显示屏ProArt PA32UC-K,具有更高级的外观,10位颜色,全新的输入(包括Thunderbolt 3),更高的1000尼特亮度和更高的精度,现在使用14位查找表(LUT)。现在包括对色彩校准器的硬件支持,精度可以达到100%sRGB,99.5%Adobe RGB,95%DCI-P3和85%Rec.20。一切都非常令人印象深刻,但它的价格很高。也就是说,凭借功能列表和图像质量,现在可以使用最高端的屏幕,PA32UC-4K的价格比首次出现更具竞争力。这是您可以购买的最好的4K显示器之一。

Iiyama B2888UHSU

+$10. Iiyama B2888UHSU


屏幕尺寸:28英寸|解析度:3840 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:TN |输入:2 x HDMI,1 x DisplayPort,1 x Mini DisplayPort,1 x VGA,1 x DVI |USB:4 X USB 3.0



Samsung U28E590D

+$11. Samsung U28E590D


屏幕尺寸:28英寸|解析度:3840 X 2160 |刷新率:60Hz |面板技术:TN |输入:2 x HDMI,1 x DisplayPort,1 x Mini DisplayPort,1 x VGA,1 x DVI |USB:没有


U28E590D是一款外观漂亮的28英寸4K显示器,设计精美,高达83亿像素。 DisplayPort 1.2为您提供流畅的60Hz 4K,由于亮度为370cd / m,所有内容都清晰细腻。可以使用屏幕菜单调整图像设置,或者您可以坐下来启用动态对比度模式来完成繁重的操作。还有非常智能的端口放置,因此您不必弯曲背部以连接任何电缆或外围设备。


4K,也称为超高清,是指高清分辨率3840 X 2160像素,是全高清电视中的1920 X 1080像素的四倍。这些额外的像素对于想要从显示器中获得最佳色彩准确度和细节的创意人员和游戏玩家特别有吸引力。