Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook

+$Finding the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals is the dream for many designers. Everybody wants a MacBook; they're by far the best-looking laptops on the market, but there's no escaping the fact that you're paying extra for that Apple cachet. Come Black Friday, however, you're in with a chance of submitting to your Apple lust without breaking the bank.

+$In this article, we'll bring you all the best Black Friday MacBook deals as soon as they go live. Across the shopping event itself, we'll be curating the offers on different products to make sure you're actually getting a good deal.

+$If it's a MacBook Pro you're interested in, you're in luck too – Apple has also just launched a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, which bodes well for bargains on previous Pro models as retailers shift older stock.

+$Black Friday is nearly upon us (this year's event takes place one 29 November, with Cyber Monday following on 2 December). We're seeing some very strong early Black Friday MacBook deals appearing now, and there will be more and more popping up as the weeks go on as retailers try to get in on the action early. If you keep your eyes peeled you could have a bargain MacBook bought, paid for and even delivered well before 29 November.

+$We're constantly scouring the web in search of the best Black Friday MacBook deals, and we'll be updating this article with details of the best prices as soon as we spot them. These are the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals right now...

+$The best early Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals

+$Apple MacBook Pro 16" (512GB SSD) (2019):$+$2,399.99+$$2,300 at Best Buy
+$Save $99.99:
+$This brand new Apple MacBook Pro 16" is days old, but Best Buy are already offering almost $100 off (Best Buy members only). This hot new model has an Intel Core i7, 16GB Memory, AMD Radeon Pro 5300M and 512GB SSD.

+$Apple MacBook Pro 16" (1TB SSD) (2019):+$$2,799.99 $2,700 at Best Buy
+$Save $99.99:
+$This a top-specced version of Apple's latest 16-inch MacBook Pro, and there's almost $100 off for Best Buy members. This model has an Intel Core i9, 16GB Memory, AMD Radeon Pro 5300M and a whopping 1TB SSD. What more could you want?


+$Apple MacBook Pro (2019) with Touch Bar:+$Was £1,299, now £1,155 at Amazon
+$Save £144:
+$Got your heart set on a MacBook Pro? You're unlikely to find a better deal than this Space Grey model. This 13-inch MacBook has a Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. The specs are right at the bottom of the Pro range, but you can't argue with the price.查看交易

+$Apple MacBook Air (2019):+$Was £1.099, now £985 at Amazon
+$Save £114.00:+$This 2019 MacBook Air in Space Grey, is available for the low price of just £985. The Gold version is £1,047, saving you £52, while the Silver version is £50.39 off. Click through to the deal to choose between models. This 13-inch model comes with 128GB SSD.查看交易

+$Apple MacBook Air (2019):+$Was £1,299, now £1,049 at Amazon
250英镑:+$If you're in need of some more storage, you can save a whopping £250 on this 13-inch MacBook Air with 256GB of SSD, 8GB RAM and an 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, in gold.查看交易

+$Can't see exactly what you want in the deals above? The widget below will pull in the best prices across a range of MacBook models, in your region. We'll also be updating the section above with any good new offers as soon as they appear, so bookmark this page and check back.

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+$Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2019: What we expect to see

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: MacBook


+$The standard MacBook is a popular choice, and it's easy to see why. If portability is your thing, it's worth noting that the most up-to-date 12-inch MacBook is both thinner and lighter than the old 13-inch MacBook Air, with better specs and a Retina display.

+$What this popularity means, though, is that you're unlikely to see much in the way of massive Black Friday or Cyber Monday MacBook deals on the standard models. However the introduction of new 2019 models means there may well be great bargains to be had on last year's still highly capable models. Keep your eyes peeled, and be prepared to act fast, as these deals are likely to get snapped up quickly.

+$Black Friday and Cyber Monday: MacBook Pro deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

MacBook Pro配有Touch Bar,价格实惠

+$It usually a safe bet that the biggest bargains will be on slightly older models. The good news is that Apple has just launched a brand new+$16" MacBook Pro+$, which means we're likely to see some price drops on the previous 15" MacBook Pro (2019) as retailers seek to shift stock.

MacBook Pro的高价格 - 特别是Touch Bar型号 - 意味着零售商更容易实现大幅度的临时降价并仍能获利,因此如果您正在寻找功能强大的创意笔记本电脑,那么值得记住。你仍然会付出相当多的代价,但这笔费用是值得的。

+$These were the hottest deals from the 2018 event.

+$EXPIRED MacBook Pro (15.4-inch, 2017):$ 2799B&H $ 2399 +$Save $400+$: This full-fat 2017-vintage MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD, had a whopping $400 knocked off the retail price. You won't be surprised to know they flew off the shelves.

+$EXPIRED Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar:2289.971699.97在Laptops Direct
+$Save £590
+$: A saving of almost £600 on this MacBook Pro, this was one of the best Black Friday MacBook deals we saw last year. Here's hoping we see lots more like this in 2019.

+$Black Friday and Cyber Monday: MacBook Air deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: MacBook Air

它有点过时,但较旧的MacBook Air可能是一个很好的讨价还价选择

+$The MacBook Air was refreshed in July 2019, which means we'll likely be seeing some offers on older models. We expect there to be some fantastic Black Friday MacBook Air deals on offer this year as retailers clear out their old stock.

+$The downside to choosing an older Air is that it's the least powerful MacBook you can get... it's not even the thinnest and lightest any more. However if you simply have to have a MacBook but you're on a budget, it's a strong choice. These are the best savings we saw last year...

+$EXPIRED MacBook Air (2017)$ 1,000个百思买800美元
节省200美元+$: For those who didn't mind an older model MacBook Air in the basic configuration, this deal from Best Buy was a corker. Only available in limited qualities, these didn't hang around long.

+$EXPIRED MacBook Air 2017 (256GB SSD): £949 £779 from Very
+$Save £170+$: Another cracking MacBook Air deal, Very shaved £170 off the retail price, putting the powerful device down to less than £800. Bargain.

+$How to get the best MacBook deals on Black Friday

+$The best advice we have for you is this: be sure to decide just how much you want to spend on a Black Friday MacBook deal (or a MacBook on Cyber Monday, of course), and if you see one within that budget, go for it. The best deals can be gone in minutes, so don't waste time if you know you're looking at a solid gold bargain. Bookmark this page and check back to make sure you know what to expect and you can jump on the best Black Friday MacBook deals before they sell out.

+$Preparation is key when it comes to getting good Black Friday MacBook deals, or picking up a MacBook Cyber Monday bargain, especially when you bear in mind that a lot of retailers can't wait for Black Friday, and so start shipping their bargains well in advance of the big day. In the run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday we'll be keeping tabs on new deals as they appear, so keep checking back for offers that you won't want to miss.

你需要决定它是你想要的标准MacBook,Air还是全脂MacBook Pro。如果你打算使用新的MacBook作为一款全能的工作机,那么它就值得坚持一个专业版,因为它能够应付你投入的所有东西。如果你不是一个高级用户,那么普通的MacBook应该可以满足你的需求,而旧的Air更受限制,如果你想要一个最低价格的MacBook,它应该是最好的。如果您将便携式和超薄机器优先于屏幕尺寸,那么最新的Air也可能适合您。

谨防旧型号 - 他们可能会看到最大的折扣,但他们将比更新的机器包装更少的电力。虽然你可以考虑得到一个SSD加快速度。当然,在购物时要有一点常识;留意现金返还优惠,请务必检查保证,并确保在收到错误或买家悔意的情况下保留收据。

MacBook,MacBook Pro和MacBook Air的功能和规格应该注意广告素材

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: features and specs


+$There might only be three main models of MacBook to choose from, but there are plenty of variations in the line that are well worth noting when you're looking for Black Friday MacBook deals.

+$Firstly, the CPU: the MacBook Air's is the least powerful of the lot, although the most recent 2019 version improves things with an 8th-generation Core i5 processor, with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz. Older models feature an old Intel Broadwell chipset running at 1.6GHz, or 1.8GHz for more recent models.

+$Both the MacBook and MacBook Pro boast beefier 8th and 9th generation chipsets; with the latest Pro really turning up the heat: up to 2.7GHz quad-core Core i7 in the 13-inch Touch Bar model,  while the 15-inch Touch Bar version goes up to a 2.9GHz six-core Core i9.

较低端的MacBooks - 较旧的Air和13英寸的MacBook Pro - 只能为您提供128GB的SSD,这可能意味着您需要投资一些外部存储设备;新款MacBook Air的启动速度为128GB,但如果你有预算,可以选择高达1.5TB的SSD。所有其他MacBook型号都配备256GB SSD;请记住,如果你使用大文件,那么你可能会很快烧掉它。

如果您需要将外围设备插入新MacBook,请检查可用端口的数量;标准MacBook只有一个USB-C端口,而大多数MacBook Pro有四个。最新的MacBook Air配备了一对Thunderbolt 3端口,而旧型号有三个端口:它们是USB 3.0和Thunderbolt 2,虽然它们不应该给你任何问题,但请记住你可能需要一个适配器来获得更多最近的外围设备。

+$Display-wise, all the MacBooks apart from the original Air feature crisp Retina displays. And they'll all serve you well in terms of battery, but watch out for MacBook Pros with a Touch Bar; Apple claims that this makes no difference but our friends at TechRadar have found that the Touch Bar can take a fair toll on battery life.

3台MacBook和MacBook Pro在黑色星期五和网络星期一值得关注

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: 15-inch MacBook Pro

01. MacBook Pro(15英寸,2018年中)


中央处理器:6核英特尔酷睿i7 - I9 |显卡:AMD Radeon Pro 540X - 560X,Intel UHD Graphics 630 |内存:16 - 32GB |屏幕:15.4英寸,2,880 X 1,800 Retina显示屏|存储:512GB - 4TB SSD |外形尺寸:(H×W×D):34.93×24.07×1.55cm


如果您需要所有可以处理的功能并且不介意付费,那么15英寸2018 MacBook Pro是唯一的出路。由六核英特尔咖啡Lake处理器和AMD Radeon Pro显卡供电,这台机器无法应付。存储选项从512GB到4TB SSD,您可以拥有16或32GB RAM。简而言之,它是一个强大的创造力强国,不会让你失望,假设你有能力负担得起它。

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

02.带Touch Bar的MacBook Pro(13英寸,2018年中)

入门级MacBook Pro具有充足的动力

中央处理器:四核英特尔酷睿i5 - I7 |显卡:英特尔Iris Plus图形655 |内存:8GB - 16GB |存储:256GB - 2TB PCIe 3.0 SSD |外形尺寸:(H×W×D):30.41×21.24×1.49cm


您可能已经阅读过有关近期MacBook上气质蝴蝶键盘的投诉;最新的MacBook Pro仍然具有它的功能,但它是一个改进版本,噪音更小,可靠性更高。此型号还具有Touch Bar,可为各种应用程序提供省时,上下文相关的命令,以及最新的CPU和大量存储和内存选项。如果你想要一款入门级MacBook Pro,那就是最好的选择。

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: 2017 MacBook

03. MacBook(2017)

中央处理器:双核英特尔酷睿m3 - 酷睿m7 |显卡:英特尔高清显卡615 |内存:8GB - 16GB |屏幕:12英寸Retina(2,304 X 1,440)IPS |存储:256GB - 512GB PCIe SSD |外形尺寸:(W×D×H):11.04×7.74×0.14~0.52in


不需要Pro的力量?这款香草MacBook应该很适合你;它超级便携,重量轻,配有12英寸Retina屏幕,只要您不介意支付额外费用,它就比老旧的MacBook Air更具吸引力。它的端口很低,但这是你为这种超薄机器付出的代价,如果你需要一台可以随身携带的可靠MacBook,那么这真的是城里唯一的选择。