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+$Finding the best cheap iPad deals is no easy feat. Discounts on these sought-after devices are rare and difficult to find, especially as Apple rarely offers savings on any of its products. But that doesn't mean cheap iPad deals don't exist, you just need to know where to look.

+$First, a note on Black Friday. The shopping event is getting ever closer, and can be a great time to pick up a cheap iPad. We'll be monitoring prices and bringing you the best bargains in our guides to the best黑色星期五iPad优惠+$and The Best苹果黑色星期五交易+$. Should you wait for the big day before hitting the Buy button? If you're not too fussy on the particular model you're buying, it might be worth holding off, as we do see some good discounts over the holiday shopping event. However, if you're after something specific, and you can see a good price below, don't wait to buy (our widgets will monitor prices and update with the best offers).


+$2018 was huge for the iPad, in more ways than one. The newIPad专业版+$had a complete redesign, ditching the Home button completely and drastically shrinking the bezels around the sides. It now has a USB-C port rather than the old Lightning connector, so it can be hooked up to external displays. There’s a brand new version of Apple’s Pencil stylus to go with it. And with the latest A12X Bionic processor, it can deliver computing performance that rivals desktop PCs.

+$The regular more affordableIPad的+$also had an update that makes it seriously brilliant for graphic designers. It also supports the苹果铅笔,将广泛的手写笔驱动的iPad图形和插图应用程序带给更广泛的受众,包括即将推出的更新到Adobe Photoshop+$, which is shaping up to be a potential tablet-sized replacement for the desktop version. If it's a stylus you're after, check out our roundup of the+$best IPad Styluses

+$And 2019 is following closely in last year's footsteps when it comes to iPad news. Back in March we saw Apple launch a newIPad Air小型平板电脑+$, both of which support the (first gen) Apple Pencil.

+$Whether you're considering the most powerful iPad Pro, or if the regular iPad will be sufficient for you, you’ll find the iPad is a brilliant tool for graphic design. And we’ve scoured the web for the best iPad prices anywhere.

如果您一般在市场上寻找更具创意的硬件,请不要错过以下文章:最便宜的便宜笔记最佳创意监控最好的Wacom平板电脑优惠,和+$smartphone deals for designers


+$01. IPad Pro 11 (2018) Deals

Best cheap iPad deals: ipad Pro 2018

值得庆幸的是,今年的iPad Pro中较小的一款可以让你的钱包里有一个稍小的凹痕,而不是一个巨大的凹坑。价格仅略高于去年的型号,您可以获得12.9英寸型号的所有技术优势 - 第二代Pencil 2支持,支持外设的USB-C连接,包括高达5K分辨率的外部显示器,当然还有近距离边对边设计。

它同样由A12X Bionic处理器提供动力,其性能使得这款iPad与笔记本电脑一样强大,并且可以轻松地咀嚼苛刻的设计应用程序。它在之前的iPad的A10X芯片上也有很大的图形冲击力。

+$And it's brilliant for graphic design, with the ever-accurate Pencil accessory now in its second generation, able to clip to the side of the iPad magnetically and recharging completely wirelessly off the iPad’s battery. Want to know more, take a look at our in-depth+$iPad Pro 11-inch review

02. IPad(2018)成交

best cheap iPad deals: ipad 2018

普通iPad的功能比今年或者去年的iPad Pro少。它使用较旧的处理器,较少的内存,较宽的边框和较少的花哨显示。但至关重要的是,它现在支持Apple Pencil(第一代)并且成本远低于iPad Pro。压缩到更广泛的预算,对于具有完全烘焙的手写笔支持的设计平板电脑来说,它是一个更实惠的选择,而不会影响交互性。

它使用的是A10 Fusion处理器,这款芯片可能已经有几代了,但它仍然没有任何懈怠,并且能够运行所有当前的iOS应用程序,具有光滑,流畅的性能。

+$With excellent all-round performance and Pencil support, most designers will be best off with this model, as it’s especially good value for money. And right now, Walmart has some even more incredible savings:

+$Apple IPad (2018) 128GB:+$$429.99$ 329
节省$ 100.99:
+$In one of the cheapest iPad deals we've seen this year, you can save a whopping $100 on a brand new 128GB iPad (2018). The 9.7-inch tablet boasts advanced cameras, a better display, Touch ID, support for Apple Pencil and over a million apps available on the App Store. Don't miss this incredible deal!查看交易

+$Apple IPad (2018) 32GB:$ 329.99$ 249.99
+$If you want the same model but don't need quite as much memory, Walmart also has this cracking deal on the 32GB iPad (2018). Now at under $250, this deal is going to fly off the shelves so you best be quick if you don't want to miss out.查看交易

+$03. IPad Pro 12.9 (2018) Deals

New iPad Pro 12.9

围绕新设计的大尺寸iPad Pro的纤薄边框为您的视觉创作提供了大量空间。但凭借轻巧便携的USB-C构建和支持,iPad Pro基本上就像一块巨大的玻璃板,适合将您的想法变为现实,具有iOS的所有触控和手写笔交互性。

但新iPad Pro不仅仅是美学。其内部有一个A12X Bionic处理器,这是一款基于PC和Mac台式机英特尔处理器基准测试的芯片,具有更高的GPU性能,4GB内存和高达1TB的内部存储。

+$We think the larger iPad is the all-round best iPad for graphic designers. But unfortunately, along with the increase in specs and new features, the new iPad Pro has seen a big bump in pricing, which accelerates rapidly with additional storage. It's totally worth it if you can afford it, though. For a more in-depth look at this model, head over to ourIPad Pro 12.9评论

+$04. IPad Air (2019) Deals

Apple iPad Air (2019)

+$The perfect combination of power and portability, the 2019 iPad Air has been resurrected to become Apple’s most balanced digital canvas. It doesn't compromise on performance or push the boundaries of price, making it a very attractive new option.

+$It’s a brilliantly sized tablet for drawing and photo editing, thanks to its bright and colourful laminated screen. We just wish it used an easier-to-wield second-gen Apple Pencil.

+$05. IPad Mini (2019) Deals

Product shot of iPad Mini (2019)



+$If information serves us correctly, the last time Apple paid its iPad Mini version any proper attention was back in 2015, so it was well overdue an update. Thankfully that came earlier this year, and Apple didn't hold back.

+$Deceptively powerful for its size, thanks to its iPhone XS-class chipset, the Mini comes equipped with a bright 7.9-inch display. The most notable update for the design community is the Mini's added support for the first Gen Apple Pencil. Small, highly portable and super-easy to instantly scribble notes and sketches makes this another option for designer's to throw into the mix.

+$06. IPad Pro (2017) Deals

iPad Pro (2017)

+$We’ve gushed about the new 2018 iPad Pro, but 2017’s model was fantastic too. It’s still available from Apple and outpaces the 2018 iPad with the beefier A10X, which has more graphics cores and better multi tasking performance.

虽然iPad Pro不再能够获得独家铅笔支持,但由于2018年便宜的iPad现在提供了这项功能,因此旧版iPad Pro有一些技术领域。这包括一个120hz刷新率的完全层压屏幕,以获得更加流畅的性能。

但话虽如此,虽然你可以在较旧的iPad Pro型号上找到的一些交易可能很诱人,但在苹果的官方定价下,较新的11英寸2018 iPad Pro仅需140英镑。鉴于今年型号的改进,我们建议将额外的现金用于更新的iPad Pro。