+$The best camera for creatives in 2020

Best camera: Photo by Jean Gerber on Unsplash
+$(Image credit: Photo by Jean Gerber on Unsplash)

+$The best cameras on the market all make for excellent tools for creatives. Adding photography to your portfolio of skills can be a tremendous asset, whether you want to create your own library of stock imagery, bolster your social presence with striking images, or simply avail yourself of another service to offer your clients, it just makes sense.

+$Besides, taking pictures is fun, too. While the最好的拍照手机+$do a good job nowadays, they still don't offer the range and versatility of dedicated cameras, especially in low light. A proper camera allows you to experiment with depth of field as well as different lenses such as wide-angles and telephotos, and you've also got much more latitude to capture fast action.

+$The best camera for creatives: Top 5

01. +$Fujifilm X-T30
02. 尼康D850
03. +$Canon EOS 250D
04. 松下Lumix GH5
05. 尼康Z6

+$Read on for an in-depth look at our picks

+$So the question is, which is the best camera to buy? Do you want a DSLR, a mirrorless camera or a compact with a fixed lens? These different types all offer different advantages and disadvantages, and all of them have models in a range of budgets – you may think it a general rule that compacts are cheap and DSLRs are expensive but this really isn't the case.

+$That's why we're here to help. We've put together a roundup of all the best cameras that creatives can buy right now. We've factored in the quality, availability, versatility and price of each model when making our picks, and included a range of different types of camera so you can find the one that's right for you (don't forget to pick up one of the最佳存储卡+$, too). We've also included our pick for the best smartphone camera, if that's how you'd like to shoot, as well as our favourite action camera on the market right now.

+$Our dedicated tool automatically checks prices from all reputable retailers, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal. And if you're not in any huge rush, it's worth booking marking our最佳黑色星期五优惠+$post, which we will be updating as and when any great camera offers arrive.

+$The best camera for creatives overall

+$If you're after a quick answer, we think at the moment the best camera for creatives is the+$Fujifilm X-T30+$. It’s a camera for everyone, with fantastic image quality, top-notch 4K video and access to the terrific range of X-mount lenses. At its price, there's nothing else to touch it for the balance of performance, quality, handling and price. Scroll down to number 1 in the list to find out more.

+$If video is your thing, our best 4K camera is the松下Lumix GH5+$, with its impressive breadth of movie-making features. It's by no means the only 4K camera on our list though, so read through to see the options available.

+$It's worth remembering that the best camera for you depends on your personal needs, and what works for you may not for another. We encourage you to scroll through the list and think about what sounds right for your needs, and we've tried to list as many similar alternatives as possible for each model.

+$Here's our pick of the best cameras out there. And if you want to brush up on photo editing too, check our posts on the+$best photo editing apps+$best laptops for photo editing





+$01. Fujifilm X-T30


类型:无反光镜传感器尺寸:APS-C |解析度:26MP |镜片:Fujifilm X |监控:3.0英寸显示屏,1,040,000点|取景器:混合动力|最大爆发速度:30fps |电影:4K |用户级别:爱好者

+$Excellent Autofocus
+$Great All-around Performance
+$Controls can be fiddly
+$4K could be better

+$A triumphant achievement by Fujifilm, the+$X-T30+$is a mirrorless camera that packs an incredible amount of tech into a small camera body. It's the smaller sibling to the flagship X-T3, with a lower price tag to match, and this winning combination of power and price makes the X-T30, in our eyes, the best camera around for creatives right now. It sports the latest 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 APS-C sensor and X Processor Pro 4, but where advancements have really been in made is in the super-sophisticated autofocus system, with 2.16 million phase detection pixels that cover 100 per cent of the frame, able to work even in extreme low-light conditions.

+$The X-T30 uses an electronic shutter that allows the user to burst-shoot at up to 30fps with no viewfinder blackout, and it can capture 4K UHD video at a maximum frame rate of 30p. The camera's ergonomics are first-rate, making use of Fujifilm's signature dial-led controls for a tactile handling experience. It's an utterly superb camera by any standards, and the fact that it comes at a sub-£1000 price makes all this all the sweeter. If you’re feeling a little more flush, take a look at the Fujifilm X-T3, which is this camera's more powerful big brother.

+$The best camera for client work:尼康D850

+$The best camera and accessory for shooting your portfolio:+$Panasonic G85/G80+$and 12-60mm lens
G85 / G80拥有符合人体工程学设计的数码单反相机机身和快速增长的镜头系统。没有抗混叠滤波器,图像滴落细节,而12-60mm镜头的宽大变焦范围(35mm术语中24-120mm)使得它非常适合宽镜头和更紧凑的合成。






类型:数码单反相机|传感器尺寸:全帧|解析度:45.4MP |镜片:尼康F支架|取景器:光学|监控:3.2英寸倾斜触摸屏,2,359,000点|最大爆发速度:7fps |电影:4K |用户级别:中级/专家

不如Sony A7R III便携


围绕其坚实的核心,相机已准备好无限创意,具有延时拍摄,全高清慢动作视频输出,相机内处理和大量其他捕捉后调整。晚上射击?许多相机的控制装置亮起,ISO范围扩展到相当于102,400的设置 - 这对于装有这种传感器的相机来说很罕见。需要默默拍摄?这在许多其他数码单反相机上是不可能的,但在这里你可以完全沉默地发射30fps的爆发声。

专注于专业人士 - 以及在工作室中的家庭 - 尼康D850的机身通常是独立的。但如果你还没有自己的镜头,你可以通过与优秀的镜头合作来获得良好的服务AF-S尼克尔24-70mm f / 2.8E ED VR一般用途。不能完全延伸到D850的要价?老年人的优质例子尼康D810仍然可以在网上找到。


+$(Image Credit: Canon)

+$(Image Credit: Canon)

+$(Image Credit: Canon)

+$(Image Credit: Canon)

+$(Image Credit: Canon)

+$03. Canon EOS 250D / Rebel SL3

+$The best entry-level DSLR around gets updated with 4K video

类型:数码单反相机|传感器尺寸:APS-C |解析度:+$24.1MP |镜头座:佳能EF-S |监控:3英寸可倾斜触摸屏,1,040,000K点|取景器:是的,光学|连拍:5fps |电影:+$4K UHD at 25p |用户级别:初学者


+$Canon made a real splash in the entry-level DSLR world with its EOS 200D camera (called the Rebel SL2 in the United States), and happily the updated+$Canon EOS 250D+$(or Rebel SL3) is much more than a cosmetic refresh. It firmly cements the status of this series as the best entry-level DSLR around, with a design that’s sophisticated while still being friendly to the novice – boasting the guided Creative Assist mode to help you get to grips with what the camera can do. It’s fully connected, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for super-fast shot transfer and remote control, and it also can now shoot 4K UHD video at 25p, further expanding your creative options.

+$Another big update is to the Live View functionality – composing and focusing using the rear screen rather than the viewfinder – which has been radically overhauled from the previous model and is now much improved, with whip-fast Dual Pixel autofocus that’s actually much better than the 9-point system offered in the viewfinder. Composing with Live View can be useful in all sorts of creative situations – if for example you’re photographing human subjects, it’s much easier to give directions without a camera pressed up in your face. The 250D is also extremely small and light for a DSLR, weighing just 451g, and won’t take up too much space in your bag.

+$The EOS 250D blends many of the advantages of DSLR cameras with those of mirrorless models, creating a fantastic DSLR that’s suitable for everyone from entry-level users to more advanced shooters – for an excellent price, too.

你可以把它作为一个仅限身体的选项,虽然大多数人刚开始时无疑会花更多的钱来配合它与EF-S 18-55mm f / 4-5.6 IS STM镜头。如果你喜欢冒险,你甚至可以选择一个包罗万象的套装EF-S 18-135mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS STM相反,如果你喜欢类似但有点强大的东西,请看看佳能EOS 800D。这对于第一个计时器来说是一个很好的选择,特别是如果您喜欢实时视图或视频。





04.松下Lumix GH5


类型:无反光镜传感器尺寸:Micro Four Thirds |解析度:20.3MP |镜头座:Micro Four Thirds |取景器:EVF |监控:3.2英寸可变角度显示屏,1,620,000点|最大爆发速度:12fps |电影:4K |用户:专家


很难知道从哪里开始松下GH5;引起摄像师的兴趣真是太过分了。可以用DCI 4K和UHD 4K风格记录4K素材,而不会产生困扰其他4K模型的繁重作物因素,这可以通过高质量的10位4:2:2(内部)捕获。您还可以使用焦点峰值来获得锐利的焦点,调用变形拍摄选项,高速捕捉慢动作输出并选择(付费)日志选项。除了视频外,还有更多值得欣赏的东西,从优秀的360万点取景器和清晰的液晶显示屏到9fps拍摄和225个自动对焦点,都在坚固的天气密封的机身内。





+$05. Nikon Z6

+$Nikon's more affordable full-frame mirrorless camera

类型:无反光镜传感器尺寸:全帧|解析度:+$24.5MP |镜片:+$Nikon Z |监控:+$3.2-inch Display, 2,100,000 Dots |取景器:EVF |最大爆发速度:12fps |电影:4K |用户级别:爱好者

+$Great high ISO quality
+$In-body Stabilisation
+$Middling Battery Life
+$Buffer could be better

+$Number 5 in our list is the尼康Z6+$. In 2018 we saw an explosion of full-frame mirrorless cameras as Canon, Nikon and Panasonic started muscling in on this territory. For our money, this is the best choices for creatives in this department – it blends comprehensive functionality and top-notch image quality with fast autofocus and fantastic low-light performance, all wrapped up in a body that doesn't cost the earth. The larger, more sophisticated Z7 is pitched towards professional photographers, and we reckon this slimmed-down model is the better choice for creatives. You still get access to the exciting new range of Z mount lenses, and the 24.5MP of resolution is going to be more than enough for most purposes.

+$The wide ISO range (expandable to 204,800) makes the Z6 an extremely capable choice for low-light work, and the in-body image stabilisation and 4K video using the full width of the sensor both add to this tremendous package. If you're feeling especially flush you might want to consider the NIkon Z7, which boasts a considerable 45MP of resolution, but we think the balance the Z6 offers between price and power will be a winner with any creative.






06.索尼Alpha A7 III


类型:无反光镜传感器:全帧|百万像素:24.2MP |镜头座:索尼E-mount |监控:3英寸倾斜触摸屏,921k点|取景器:EVF,2.36m点|最大爆发速度:10fps |电影:4K |用户级别:爱好者

Mark II现在几乎是价格的一半

就像尼康的D850迅速成为每个人都希望切换到的数码单反相机一样,索尼的A7 III有无镜子的用户节省他们的便士。虽然许多型号都有其特定的焦点和目标受众,但A7 III确实是适合所有人的相机。一个24MP全帧传感器,混合自动对焦系统覆盖了惊人的93%的帧和过度采样镜头的4K视频只是亮点的一小部分。索尼也专注于细节,安装有用的AF操纵杆,在以前的型号上找到了风扇,并将电池寿命提升到一个非常可观的(无镜像标准)710帧。

A7 III是一款出色的多面手,具有多功能特性,非常适合各种应用,但年龄较大索尼A7 II如果你喜欢价格更高的东西,那么它仍然非常畅销并值得考虑。无论哪种方式,如果您刚刚开始使用FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS,请抓住它,除非您已经拥有一两个镜头。


+$(Image Credit: Sony)

+$(Image Credit: Sony)

+$(Image Credit: Sony)

+$(Image Credit: Sony)

+$(Image Credit: Sony)

+$07. Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark V

+$One of the best compact cameras around, perfect for travel

类型:紧凑|传感器:1in型|百万像素:20.1MP |镜片:24-70mm f / 1.8-2.8 |监控:3英寸倾斜屏幕,122.8万点|取景器:EVF,235万个点|最大爆发速度:24fps |电影:4K |用户级别:爱好者

+$More advanced models available

+$Small, light, fast and high-quality, Sony's RX100 series of compacts is hailed by many as the best of best in terms of what compact cameras have to offer. Whether or not you agree, you can't deny there's a compelling case for it. Two standout pieces of evidence are, first, the fact that Sony keeps all the older models in production even when newer ones come out, and second, that they've produced seven of the things and show no signs of slowing down.

+$So why have we plumped for the+$RX100 V+$– why not the VII or the IV? We think this model offers the best balance between price and quality, providing frankly amazing functionality and features in a body that costs less than £1,000. It's capable of burst shooting at a mega-impressive 24fps in both JPEG and Raw formats with full autofocus. It inherits the winning combination of a 1-inch sensor an a 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens, and captures incredibly detailed 4K video, as well as super-slow-motion footage,

+$Really, there’s not a huge amount this camera+$can't+$do, and the fact that Sony packed all this tech into such a tiny, pocketable body is nothing short of a miracle. The high-resolution screen also flips around, making it a great camera for vlogging if this is a string you'd like to add to your bow, and it's got all the wireless and connectivity functionality you'd expect from a modern camera.

+$While we definitely recommend this camera as our top pick, the great thing about the RX series is that you can move up and down the iterations to find a camera that fits your needs and budgets. Too expensive? Try the+$RX100 IV+$or Even The+$III+$– they're both great cameras. Alternatively, if you have more to spend, take a look at the+$VI+$and VII, which add a longer lens and an external mic socket respectively, among other things.








08.索尼Cyber-shot RX10 III


类型:紧凑|传感器:1in型|百万像素:20.1MP |镜片:24-600mm f / 2.8-4 |监控:3英寸倾斜屏幕,1.228百万点|取景器:EVF |最大爆发速度:14fps |电影:4K |用户级别:爱好者

F / 4最大光圈在变焦时很早就达到了

索尼RX10 III是另一款自推出以来一直更新的相机,但仍然推荐其价格符合规格表 - 特别是因为它经常受到奇怪的现金返还优惠。那为什么旅游摄影如此诱人呢?堆叠式1英寸传感器和令人印象深刻的24-600mm(等效)f / 2.8-4镜头的核心组合主要是为什么它如此特别,因为你不能在这样的传感器尺寸,焦距和亮度之间取得平衡在其他地方紧凑的包装。但事实上,这些功能都是优秀的表演者,而不是营销亮点,这使得相机很高兴使用。


不需要这么大的光学镜头吗?年纪大了索尼RX10 Mark II提供大致相同但具有24-200mm(等效)镜头。感觉很奇特,想要更强大的东西?较新的RX10 Mark IV拥有卓越的315点相位检测自动对焦系统和触摸屏,并且在各种变化的基础上提供更快的24fps突发速率。


+$(Image Credit: DJI)

+$(Image Credit: DJI)

+$(Image Credit: DJI)

+$(Image Credit: DJI)

+$(Image Credit: DJI)

+$09. DJI Osmo Action

+$A terrific GoPro rival, at an extremely competitive price

类型:运动相机|传感器尺寸:1 / 2.3in |解析度:12MP |监控:+$2.25inch touchscreen LCD (rear); 1.4inch LCD (front) |取景器:没有|连拍:7fps |电影:+$4K At 60p |用户级别:新手/爱好者

+$Useful Front LCD
+$Cheaper than a GoPro
+$Some lag issues in Live View
+$GoPro offers better accessories

+$While GoPro HERO rivals have existed for almost as long as GoPro itself, many of them are either very cheap knock-offs that don’t have the same level of reliability, quality and support, or hyper-expensive imitators like Sony’s RX0 that are aimed more at the professional video sector. No longer. The+$DJI Osmo Action+$is a GoPro-like action camera that’s clearly designed to upset the kings, undercutting its rival the HERO7 on price and offering many features that camera lacks, such as an additional front-facing LCD screen that’s hugely useful for vlogging, and a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000sec for capturing those super-fast moments.

+$In terms of tough features, the Osmo Action is waterproof down to 11m without a case – outpacing GoPro by 1m in a way that feels… somewhat deliberate. It can withstand drops of up to 5ft, and if you’re planning on heading into the snow, it’ll endure temperatures as low as -10°C.

+$In terms of video quality and stabilisation it’s more or less on a par with the HERO7 Black – which is to say that it’s very, very good. Video footage looks super-smooth even when the camera is being handheld in challenging conditions, and the Osmo Action can record 4K at 60p, ensuring your videos will look absolutely fantastic, with crisp detail and rich colours. It’s also one of the more user-friendly action cameras, arguably easier to get to grips with than a GoPro, and it has some welcome quality-of-life features like screw-on lenses (handy if one breaks) and a Quick Set button on the top that makes it easy to toggle between settings without using the touchscreen. The value you get here for the GoPro-undercutting price means the Osmo Action is our pick for the best action camera around right now.










10.佳能PowerShot SX620 HS

200英镑/ 250美元以下最好的相机

类型:Superzoom紧凑型|传感器:1 / 2.3in |百万像素:20.2MP |镜片:25-625(当量)f / 3.2-6.3 |监控:3英寸固定LCD,922k点|取景器:没有|最大爆发速度:2.5fps |最高视频分辨率:全高清(1080p)|用户:初学者


智能手机可能已经将紧凑型相机市场缩小到原来尺寸的一小部分,但像相机这样的相机的出现PowerShot SX620 HS证明两种格式共存仍有充分理由。毕竟,智能手机提供稳定的25倍光学变焦范围,范围从25-625mm(以35mm为单位),以及SX620 HS的物理控制水平?


如果你追求类似的东西,但不太需要那种怪异的变焦,可以说更帅气IXUS 285 HS值得一提在你的候选名单上。



11. Google Pixel 3


百万像素:12.2MP |最高视频分辨率:2160p |辅助相机:8Mp |操作系统:Android 9 Pie |屏幕尺寸:5英寸|电池:2915mAh


Google Pixel 3智能手机相机可能不会在其竞争对手中拥有最高分辨率或最大光圈,但你无法与它产生的图像争论。其Android驱动的智能学习意味着随着时间的推移,它可以针对不同的拍摄环境进行优化,并且专用的Pixel Visual Core芯片可以为相机提供真正的优势。 Pixel 3相机的一致性非常显着 - 借用竞争对手公司的旧锯,它就是这样作品。它在低光照条件下表现良好,并具有令人印象深刻的数码变焦模式,可让您以最小的质量降低距离。

您将在漂亮的5.5英寸屏幕上预览图像,这对于单手操作来说是一个不错的尺寸。缺点?好吧,电池寿命可能会更好 - 如果你花一天的时间拍摄,你肯定会想带上一个便携式充电器 - 而4GB的RAM可以说有点平庸,因为许多竞争对手都提供6GB。这些都是小小的抱怨,如果您对智能手机摄影有兴趣,那么Pixel 3就是一个很棒的选择。

如果你喜欢超大尺寸的东西而且不介意多花一点钱,你可以选择Google Pixel 3 XL。您确实在XL上获得了更大的电池,但实际上通过增加更大屏幕的功耗可以减轻这种影响。最终我们认为,对于价格和操作的舒适性,Pixel 3是您最好的选择。