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+$When it comes to free ebooks, recent years have seen a lot to offer. Of course, there's always been a healthy market for design written by experts, and this isn't likely to change any time soon. Sometimes there's just no substitute for splashing your cash and getting high quality content in return.

+$But there's a growing movement towards free and 'freemium' content on the web. And the quality of the content is often on a par with the books you'd part with cash for. Clearly nobody can afford to print and distribute free physical books, but in this age of tablets, smartphones and laptops the electronic book offers a fantastic, and very cheap, way to spread this content. If you do have some cash to spare, take a minute to browse our guide to the best平面设计书籍+$– you can be sure you won't be wasting your money.

+$If you are inspired by these free ebooks, and in need of other incredible freebies to get your project started, check out our selections of the best免费的图形设计软件+$and The Best免费字体对于设计师。

+$So, what content can you get for free in the field of design? A quick search on your favourite search engine will reveal hundreds of free ebook offerings, making it difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff. But we've saved you the trouble, so here goes...

+$01. Everything There Is To Know About Logo Design

Everything there is to know about logo design ebook cover

+$Master the art of logo design with this free ebook [Image: Blue Soda Promo]

+$(Image credit: Blue Soda Promo)

+$Logo design is one of those apparently simple areas of graphic design that actually contains many subtle nuances. To walk you through what makes for a good logo, including how to incorporate colours and typography, download Blue Soda Promo's free ebook,+$Everything There Is To Know About Logo Design

+$Running at a trim 25 pages, this free ebook will quickly fill you in on everything you need to consider when creating a graphic to represent either your brand or that of a client.

+$02. Pay Me or Else!

Free ebooks for designers: Pay Me or Else!

+$Don't let tight-fisted clients get away with it [Image: Lior Frenkel]

+$Sooner or later, every designer is going to come up against a client who, for whatever reason, won't pay up come invoice time. Lior Frenkel fromNuSchool+$has been in this situation plenty of times, so he's written a book,+$Pay Me or Else!+$, on how to deal with such clients.

+$It's broken up into three parts: the first is about the best tactics for getting clients to pay up, the second looks into why clients don't pay, and the third part covers strategies for avoiding bad clients and working in a way that covers you in almost every situation.

+$03. Attention-Driven Design

Free ebooks for designers: Attention-Driven Design

+$Eliminate online distractions with this practical guide [Image: Oli Gardner]

+$Attention, says Oli Gardner, is a limited resource; every link and banner you add to a web page, while serving a purpose, also serves to distract your users and deplete their mental energy. If you want to eliminate unwanted distractions from your websites, his book+$Attention-Drive Design+$hopes to help you out.

+$In it, Gardner outlines techniques for achieving visual simplicity through psychology and interaction design, with plenty of real-life examples to help you ramp up your conversion rate.

+$04. The Shape of Design

Free ebooks for designers: The Shape of Design

+$Frank Chimero's book will inspire you to look at what you do in a whole new light [Image: Frank Chimero]

+$Starting life as a talk in 2010, Frank Chimero's self-published设计的形状+$was an early design community Kickstarter success, getting funded on its first day, and has since become essential foundational reading, not just in design education but in other creative practices, too.


+$05. The DesignBetter.co library

Free ebooks for designers: The DesignBetter.co library

+$These three books cover product design, design thinking and design leadership [Image: InVision]

+$Why settle for just one free ebook when you can have three?DesignBetter.co库+$from InVision aims to help you build a strong design practice.

这本权威书籍由Aarron Walter和Eli Woolery撰写,探讨了最佳公司如何处理产品设计,设计思维,设计领导等问题。

+$06. 50 Must Read Tips From Designers, To Designers

Free ebooks for designers: 50 Must Read Tips From Designers, To Designers

+$Experienced designers share their tips [Image: Rout One Print]

正如标题所示,这本来自Route One Print的免费电子书汇集了经验丰富的平面设计师的主要建议 - 包括Jacob Cass(又名只是创意)和布伦特加洛韦- 让你的生活更轻松“从客户管理到排版,品牌识别到在Photoshop中寻找替代纹理,这本电子书为设计师提供了实用技巧,并展示了思考设计的新方法,”简介说。

+$It also promises to reveal which fonts the designers never use. Is it Comic Sans? Helvetica? We guess you'll have to download the+$50 Must Read Tips From Designers, To Designers eBook+$to find out. Route 1 offers a whole range of ebooks for designers in fact, including The Freelancer’s Bible (below) and设计喜剧:如何应对客户地狱的9个阶段

+$07. Brand House Book

Free ebooks for designers: Brand House Book

+$The Brand House Book breaks branding down into six manageable stages [Image: Roger Lindeback]

如果您在掌握品牌世界时遇到问题,Roger Lindeback的这本免费电子书可以通过删除所有术语并将其与日常体验联系起来帮助您解决问题。

在里面品牌屋书+$, Lindeback aims to make branding tangible by comparing it to building a house. He breaks it down into six manageable stages – dreaming, planning, starting work, designing, building and finally getting the details right – with a branding summary at the end of each stage, setting out all the important issues to think through in your brand building process.

+$08. The Practical Interaction Design Bundle

Free ebooks for designers: The Practical Interaction Design Bundle

+$Get three helpings of interaction design advice for the price of none [Image: UXPin]

+$Not one but three free ebooks in one handy bundle,实用交互设计包+$consists of three free volumes fromUXPin,包括超过250页的设计最佳实践和超过60个最佳用户体验设计的例子。

交互设计最佳实践的第1卷和第2卷将带您了解与交互设计的有形性相关的技术,理论和最佳实践 - 单词,视觉和空间 - 而第2卷则涉及无形资产:时间,响应和行为。

+$Topping off the bundle is Consistency in UI Design, covering how and when to maintain consistency in your design, and when to break it to draw attention to elements - without suffering the drawbacks.

+$09. An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Free ebooks for designers: An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

+$What's a Photoshop? This book will tell you [Image: Steve Bark]

+$If you're after a beginner-friendly guide to getting started with Photoshop, this free ebook by Steve Bark,Adobe Photoshop简介+$, will explain the fundamentals for you, from panels and tools to layers and basic printing.


+$10. The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy

Free ebooks for designers: The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy

+$Learn to create accessible, intuitive layouts [Image: UXPin]

+$If you're designing for the web and want your layouts and interfaces to be accessible and visually intuitive,Visual Hierarchy的构建块+$from UXPin is an invaluable resource.

+$This free ebook explains how size, colours, space, layout, and style affect visual understanding, provides tips for designing clear visual hierarchies, and includes 18 examples of great sites including MailChimp and RelateIQ.

+$11. The Freelancer's Bible

Free ebooks for designers: The Freelancer's Bible

+$From marketing to tax, plan out your freelance career with this book [Image: Rout One Print]

+$Whether you're already freelance or thinking of making the jump,自由职业者的圣经+$from Route One Print is full of useful freelance advice. It includes tips on how to market your business, find your USP, licence your work, manage client relationships, complete tax returns and much more.

+$12. Flat Design & Colors

Free ebooks for designers: Flat Design & Colors

+$Love flat design but don't know where to start? Download this freebie [Image: UXPin]

免费电子书平面设计和颜色+$by UXPin dives deep into the most powerful techniques for creating highly usable yet visually interesting web designs.


+$13. Houdini Foundations

Free ebooks for designers: Houdini Foundations

+$Add that extra dimension to your designs with this free ebook on Houdini [Image: SideFX]

如果你想增加一点点3D艺术+$to Your Designs,胡迪尼基金会+$will help get you started. With this free ebook you'll learn all about the tools and techniques you will use as a Houdini artists, then run through three lessons that teach you how to build simple projects from scratch.

+$14. Design's Iron Fist

Free ebooks for designers: Design's Iron Fist

+$This free ebook will help you get the best out of yourself [Image: Jarrod Drysdale]

Jarrod Drysdale+$is a designer writer who focuses his articles on getting the best out of your work.设计的铁拳+$is a sort of continuation of his previous book Bootstrapping Design (now discontinued), in which he collects all of his previous essays into one, free ebook.


15. Pixel Perfect Precision手册

Free ebooks for designers: Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

+$The Pixel Perfect Precision ebook has had an important update [Image: ustwo]

+$The Pixel Perfect Precision (PPP) Handbook+$from leading digital design agencyUstwo自从它首次发布以来已经走过了漫长的道路。最开始是一本108页的关于像素和Photoshop最佳实践的简单指南,已经发展成为第3册 - 一本高达214页的设计师圣经。

+$16. The Creative Aid Handbook

Free ebooks for designers: The Creative Aid Handbook

+$The Creative Aid book aims to be a mini resource for your creative projects [Image: Kooroo Kooroo]

+$Created by Kooroo Kooroo,创意援助是一本充满灵感的免费书籍封面,今天可以下载。



+$17. Type Classification EBook

Free ebooks for designers: Type Classification eBook

+$Grasp the fundamentals of type selection [Image: Just Creative]

+$This excellent 27-page ebook details the 10 key classifications for typography, providing the basic understanding you'll need to gain a grasp of the fundamentals of type selection. The类型分类电子书+$covers a brief history for each of the classifications, as well as the core characteristics of the style.

+$18. Creative Suite Printing Guide

Free ebooks for designers: Creative Suite Printing Guide

+$Wave goodbye to bad printing by following this guide [Image: Adobe]

Creative Suite印刷指南+$from Adobe provides all the information you'll need to get the best-quality results possible when printing from AdobePhotoshop中插画InDesign中和Acrobat。


+$19. Graphic Design for Non-profit Organizations

Free ebooks for designers: Graphic Design for Non-profit Organisations

+$Graphic Design for Non-profit Organisations [Image: AisleOne]

非营利组织的平面设计+$focuses mainly on design and best prac­tices for non-profit orga­ni­za­tions, but the con­tent is a great resource in gen­eral and the teach­ings can be applied pretty much any­where.

+$20. The Design Funnel

Free ebooks for designers: The Design Funnel

+$Learn to turn client input into something that's actually useful [Image: ChangeThis]

+$Seeing us out is a manifesto from theChangeThis.com网站。设计漏斗+$from author Stephen Hay provides a methodology for converting client input (which may often be extremely vague!) into a meaningful design approach. This free PDF offers a personal insight into the process, demonstrating its value.