+$Watercolour tattoo art has been a red hot trend for the last few years, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Tattoo art in general has become more mainstream recently, gaining more credence and being respected as an art form, with tattoo artists pushing the boundaries of what can be done. Watercolour tattoos are an awesome example of this.

+$It takes an enormous amount of skill to create a convincing replica of the distinctive colour washes and paint splashes of watercolour painting, and we are amazed by what's being achieved. So we've put together this list of the finest examples of watercolour tattoo art around at the moment.

+$For our pick of the best of the best tattoo art in all styles, check out our post on the most inspirational纹身艺术

+$01. Find Your Smile

Watercolour art: Find Your Smile

Russell Van Schaick涉足流行文化

+$(Image credit: Russell Van Schaick)

+$Russell Van Schaick runs找到你的笑容+$, a tattoo parlour in Orlando, Florida. He specialises in colourful watercolour tattoos depicting subjects from popular culture, sci-fi and gaming worlds. His Instagram page features beautiful inked versions of everyone from Disney characters to Pokémon.

Van Schaick描述自己是一名“抽象水彩纹身艺术家”,他的纹身之旅始于明尼苏达州,然后才跃入佛罗里达州阳光充足的土地。尽管他说自己还在学习,但凭借令人惊艳的生动艺术作品,流动的线条以及相互流畅的颜色如此轻松地流淌,很明显他到目前为止都在钉上它。

+$02. Skinny Chabo

Watercolour tattoo art: Skinny Chabo


瘦瘦的Chabo+$works at Blitzstich Tattoo in Frankfurt, Germany. His striking designs often combine watercolour effects with stronger outlines, or balanced against geometric designs.

+$03. June Jung

Watercolour tattoo: June Jung

+$(Image credit: June Jung)

六月荣格+$was one of the early adopters of the watercolour tattoo art trend, and has gone on to gain a worldwide reputation for her work. She starts out with realistic-looking designs and adds watercolour effects around them. June appeared in an episode of The Art of Ink, talking about her inspirations and approach. Watch it below.

+$04. Miriam Frank

Watercolour tattoo: Miri Frank

+$This bodysuit is already awesome, and it's only half finished

+$(Image credit: Miri Frank)

+$Miriam Frank+$'s breathtaking watercolour bodysuit may be only half finished, but it's one of the most unusual designs we've seen so we had to include it. It's a masterpiece in style mixing, with watercolour effects intertwining with geometric patterns. The line work is on point, and the splashes and drips contrast beautifully. It's clever how so much black is used to create such a vibrant effect. We can't wait to see it when it's finished.

+$05. Mario Gregor

Watercolour tattoo: Mario Gregor

+$These designs are on four different arms

+$(Image credit: Mario Gregor)

+$Mario Gregor+$is a tattoo artist from New Zealand who's at the top of his game. Known for his stunning interpretations of NZ wildlife, Gregor's watercolour designs are really special. The picture above shows art that was tattooed on four different arms (attached to four different people), and from these four examples you get a great overall feeling for his work – it's all about vibrant colour and insane detail.

+$06. Joanne Baker

Watercolour tattoo: Joanne Baker

+$(Image credit: Joanne Baker)

乔安妮贝克+$is a tattoo artist at森佩尔在英国爱丁堡。她专注于动物水彩纹身设计,她的Instagram帐户包括雄伟的乌鸦,精致的海马和愤怒的海鸥(有人必须爱他们)。她还分享了她最初的草图,这些草图本身就是艺术品。这种彩虹色的水母设计需要两天才能完成。

+$07. G.NO

Watercolour tattoo: G.NO

+$(Image credit: G.NO)

+$This sprawling floral work is a good example ofG.NO+$'s signature style. She also specialises in delicate, miniature tattoos and work that looks botanically accurate. G.NO is at纹身人在多伦多。

+$08. Candelaria Carballo

Watercolour tattoo: Candelaria Carballo

+$Carballo's work shows her eye for fashion and style

+$(Image credit: Candelaria Carballo)

+$Carballo+$has her fingers in many pies; from make-up artistry and tattooing to painting and illustrating. There really is nothing creative she can't master. The Argentinian artist has a penchant for whimsical, pastel coloured watercolour skin art, and we adore the "rough around the edges" sketchy line-work, which is reminiscent of mid-century fashion illustrations.

+$09. Rodrigo Tas

Watercolour tattoo: Rodrigo Tas

+$(Image credit: Rodrigo Tas)

+$Tattooist and graphic artist+$Tas+$draws on any surface he's presented with. He's tried his hand at everything, including teaching, and is a qualified graphic designer – but since he discovered the pull of the tattoo machine he's never looked back.


+$10. Filipe Rodriguez

Watercolour tattoo: Felipe Rodrigues

+$This Mario design is clever and fun

+$(Image credit: Felipe Rodrigues)

+$A tattoo artist from Brazil,+$Felipe Rodrigues+$has an array of bold-yet-intricate watercolour designs on his Instagram feed. His work varies from dark and brooding, to the retro fun of this Mario tattoo. We love everything about it, from the way Mario is morphing from a black and white imprint to bold colour, to the inclusion of the star and flower on the plant pot. With beautiful watercolour splashes, this tattoo is one to covet.

+$11. Alejandra Idarraga

Watercolour tattoo: Alejandra Idarraga

+$Idarraga also creates murals and sculptures

+$(Image credit: Alejandra Idarraga)

亚历杭德拉伊达拉加+$is a Colombian tattoo artist based in Miami, working at纹身休息室。除了作为纹身艺术家,她还创作壁画和雕塑。 Idarraga的纹身作品从复杂的几何设计到充满活力的水彩纹身艺术,还有油漆飞溅和滴水。

+$12. Lianne Moule

Watercolour tattoo: Lianne Moule

+$UK-based artist Moule creates picture-perfect watercolours on skin

+$(Image credit: Lianne Moule)

Lianne Moule+$is a versatile artist who works across a variety of media, but her speciality is watercolour tattoos imbued with breathtakingly realistic sunlight effects.


+$13. Victor Octaviano

Watercolour tattoo: Victor Octaviano

+$Octaviano creates his stunning works straight onto clients' skin

+$(Image credit: Victor Octaviano)

+$Hailing from Brazil, tattoo artist and self-taught illustratorVictor Octaviano+$has been exploring the possibilities of creating a watercolour look in tattoo form for a while now. He loves the challenge of conveying the look and texture of watercolour paintings in his tattoo work, mixing up sharp, energetic brush strokes with gloriously liquid washes, splatters and stains.

+$14. Ivana Tattoo Art

Watercolour tattoo: Ivana Tattoo

+$(Image credit: Ivana Tattoo)

+$Currently living and working in Los Angeles,+$Ivana+$is a multi award-winning tattoo artist who's in demand at tattoo conventions worldwide. She describes her work as innovative, sophisticated, and eclectic; a mixture of multiple genres combining funky, bright colours and abstract elements with street style and high art. We love the expressive splashes of colour in this playful image of a Japanese doll.

+$15. Dêner Silva

+$If you've wondered about the sort of work that goes into creating a watercolor tattoo, this video from Brazilian tattoo artistDênerSilva+$should cast a little light on the process. It shows him creating a distinctive Cheshire Cat tattoo, starting from a reference work that he turns into a line art transfer, and then painstakingly inking the design. Impressive job!

+$16. Ondrash

Watercolour tattoo: Ondrash

+$(Image Credit: Ondrash)

+$It's not easy to get an appointment withOndrash+$. A versatile artist and tattoo artist with a background in fashion design and conceptual art, he likes to give every client his full attention and so only takes one booking a day at his studio in Znojmo in the Czech Republic, taking time to understand what his client is after and create a reference painting. Only then does he go to work with the needle to create a tattoo as individual as each customer.