+$Using a free resume template as a starting point for your own CV can be super-useful if you're feeling uninspired. A bit like a blank canvas, creating a standout creative resume from scratch can be a little daunting and very time-consuming. But it's vital to keep your resume up-to-date, and sometimes a good way to get some inspiration is finding a free resume template that you can put your own stamp on.

+$The amount of quality free resume templates available is somewhat limited. However, there are a few diamonds in the rough, which we've found for you here. All of the templates below act as great starting points for your own designs, with each offering something a little different. Fully customisable to help explain your set up and sell your skills, all of these templates are compatible with the最好的数字艺术软件+$, including Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator, so you can tweak to your heart's desire.

+$If you need some quality resume inspiration before you start, take a look at these创意简历+$, which are brilliant examples of how to stand out from the crowd.

+$01. Anam free resume template

Free resume templates: Anam

+$Image: Fadhli Robbi

+$Kicking off our free resume template list is this stylish design from graphic designer Fadhli Robbi. Created in Adobe Illustrator, with this template you can edit to create new colour schemes, add or delete selected sections and change fonts so the overall design fully reflects your style. An attractive design and great starting point to developing your own stand out creative resume.

+$02. Clean and professional resume

Example resume on table with pencils

+$Image: Raka Caesar

+$Simple but elegant, this free resume template designed by Raka Caesar has nothing but need-to-know information on it, making everything very clear for prospective employers. More of a visual guide, this resume template uses icons to reveal interests and a chart-type system for strengths in various skills. The file is in .psd format, so fully customisable if you wanted to replace or add any content.

+$03. Free resume template with business card

Example resume on table with pen and business cards

+$Image: Alamin Mir

+$This standout free resume template design created by Alamin Mir, in collaboration with Grapphiora (was Pixelll), provides the perfect starting point to update your CV. A multi-page resume including cover letter, CV, image portfolio page and bonus two-sided business card, this free pack is fully customisable. It also uses a free font, which is great for anyone wanting to keep the same design as displayed.

+$For more great fonts at no cost, see our免费字体+$roundup.

+$04. Graphic Designer Resume

Free resume templates


这个A4大小的免费简历模板是任何想要更新简历的平面设计师的一个很好的起点。 PSD文件可在Photoshop中完全自定义,具有多色选项以及标记良好且有条理的图层,可用于制作您自己的图层。这很清楚,很专业,而且还有空间可以在顶部拍摄大杯 - 微笑!

+$05. Material Design Resume

Resume and CV templates


+$For a stand-out resume with an on-trend look, this template, inspired by Google's Material Design framework, is excellent. It includes areas for professional profile, work experience, education, skill circles, skill bars, social media icons and images, and it's supplied in A4-size format for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. It uses free fonts, and if you'd like a covering letter and portfolio template to go with your resume, there's a premium version that also includes new colour options plus matching business card templates and custom icons.

+$06. Stylish Infographic Resume

Free resume templates

+$Image: Federica Procaccino

想以一种对眼睛友好的图形方式获取所有相关信息吗?为什么,你会想要某种东西最好的信息图, 然后! Federica Procaccino这个时尚的模板就是这样,让您可以在一个页面上传达您的信息,而不会让每个人都用文字压倒。

+$07. Creative Resume

Resume and CV templates

+$Image: Template.net

如果您了解Adobe Illustrator的方式,并且不介意弄脏手,那么这个模板非常适合制作一个漂亮的简历,您可以根据自己的个人喜好进行自定义。您可以按原样使用它,更改文本和添加照片,也可以花时间编辑颜色并调整布局,直到您拥有更准确地反映您个性的内容。

+$08. YA free resume template

YA resume template

+$Image: Angga Baskara

这个优雅的模板由印度尼西亚平面设计师Angga Baskara创建,涵盖了所有基础,包括三个部分 - 一个主要的简历信息页面,其中包含引人注目的进度条以说明您的主要技能,一封求职信和一个投资组合部分,您可以在其中添加选择你的作品以图像和简短描述的形式出现。

+$09. Creative Vintage Resume

free resume template

+$Image: Graphic Google

+$This is a splendidly vintage-looking resume template in deliciously earthy tones, and it comes as an .AI file so that you can adjust it to your heart's content. Be aware, though, that the fonts aren't included, so you'll either have to hunt them down yourself (they're all free fonts, luckily) or substitute your own.

+$10. Creative Designer Resume Template

Creative Designer Resume Template

+$Image: PSDFreebies

这种大胆而有力的视觉模板完全分层且组织良好,可以保持定制的美观和简单,使您能够快速掌握自己和技能,而不会有任何混乱。它是一个可打印的300dpi A4 PSD,可以在Photoshop中进行编辑。

+$11. Project-based Resume

Project-based resume

+$Image: Graphic Pear


+$12. Timeline Resume

timeline resume

+$Image: Patryk Korycki

这个基于时间轴的免费简历模板由平面设计师Patryk Korycki创建。这个AI文件设计以字体Open Sans为特色,有各种领域可用于输入教育细节,技能,兴趣等等。

+$13. Stylish Resume

Resume and CV templates

+$Image: Ikono

这个精致而时尚的CV模板包含您需要包含的所有细节,以及一个简洁的侧边栏,其中包含个人资料和参考资料以及时间表 - 您可以在其中列出您的工作经历。此外,还有一个在线个人资料部分,可以展示您对社交媒体的了解程度以及软件技能条形图,以便您展示自己的确切技能。它以PSD,AI和INDD格式提供。

+$14. Resume for icon fans

Resume and CV templates

+$Image: Fernando Báez


+$15. Resume for type fans

Resume and CV templates

+$Image: Pixeden

当然,这可能不是每个人的口味 - 但它肯定是有影响力的。中央印刷列突发显示在您可以添加详细信息的框中。简历以AI格式提供,因此您可以轻松导出PDF - 并且黑白分明,因此您可以使用颜色进行创作。

+$16. Simple Resume

Resume and CV templates

+$Image: Pixeden

简洁是这种基于类型的简历中的关键,它将您的个人资料放在首位,然后在简单的框中列出经验和教育。还有一个专业技能部分,使您能够给自己一个语言和专业技能的百分比分数。 Illustrator文件充分利用了颜色,以简化其简洁性。

+$17. Clean Resume

Resume and CV templates

+$Image: Mats-Peter Forss

+$This highly customisable free resume template from Mats-Peter Forss +$comes in PSD and AI formats, and has a Smart Object header, meaning you can quickly and easily link in an image of your choice. It's A4, 300dpi, with 3mm bleed – so completely print-ready. Just add your logo, bio, experience and so on, and you're ready to print and send.