+$Looking for the best children's books of all time? We've got them right here. And with World Book Day 2019 tomorrow, there's no better time to stock up on some classics. So, whether you're in need of some costume inspiration, want to inspire budding readers or you're searching for some inspiration for your own children's books projects, we've got you covered.

+$After all, there are few better displays of imagination, craft and creativity than a well-written and illustrated children’s book. And no one knows that better than the organisers of World Book Day, a registered charity on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own. This year marks the 22nd World Book Day, and tomorrow, kids from all ages with come together to appreciate reading – no doubt very loudly and happily.

+$The best children's books not only need to excite the mind of a child, they also need to engage the adult reading them to the point that they're happy going through the same book over and over again. We've broken our list of children's books down into age groups – with some extra recommendations in each section that anyone with a designer's eye will get a kick out of as well.

+$We think these newer books are modern classics, and hope that this selection, as a whole, will be useful for everyday reading, World Book Day inspiration, baby showers and keeping those who are kids at heart entertained as well. Read on for our pick of the best children's books of all time.


The Gruffalo

+$01. The Gruffalo

出版商:+$Macmillan Children's Books |作者:+$Julia Donaldson |页数:26 |ISBN-10:+$9780230747937 |ISBN-13:+$978-0230747937 |最适合:+$3-7 |市场价:6.99

+$Beautiful Illustrations
+$Learn About Animals
+$Available in many formats
+$Some kids might find it scary

+$Summary: Follow a quick-witted mouse through the deep dark wood and discover what happens when he comes face-to-face with an owl, a snake... and a hungry Gruffalo!

+$You'd be hard pushed to find a parent of young children who doesn't know about The Gruffalo. Written by prize-winning author Julia Donaldson, The Gruffalo has become one of the world's most famous literary monsters.

+$But his counterpart, a quick-witted mouse travelling through a perilous deep, dark wood, is as much loved by kids as the big man himself. The Gruffalo's detailed, beautiful illustrations by Axel Scheffler are brought to life when reading Donaldson's rhythmic tale – making for a winning recipe most children find very hard to resist.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

+$02. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

出版商:海雀|作者:Eric Carle |页数:26 |ISBN-10:0241003008 |ISBN-13:978-0241003008 |最适合:任何年龄(早期介绍!)|市场价:6.99



+$Now over 40 years old, The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been delighting children for generations. Eric Carle's unique and beautiful illustration style combines with a story that is fun and educational, even for young ears. It's a 'first buy' book for anyone with a child on the way.

+$The original is in paperback, but the book is available in so many different formats, from pop-up to puppet, and there's even a film. We've linked the board book, which is perfect for toddlers to hold and read and discover the world.

Where The Wild Things Are

+$03. Where The Wild Things Are

出版商:红狐;新版Ed(2000年5月4日)|作者:Maurice Sendak |页数:48 |ISBN-10:9780099408390 |ISBN-13:N / A |最适合:4+ |市场价:6.99



+$Another classic, Where the Wild Things Are, has been on children's bookshelves since 1964. The story uses the jungle and Wild Things as a metaphor for Max's rage at being told to go to his room.

+$There's a beautiful message hidden under what seems like a story of an overactive imagination: sometimes a child just needs a bit of time to calm themselves down. This is something both parents and children can learn from.

The Jolly Christmas Postman

+$04. The Jolly Christmas Postman

出版商:海雀;英国编辑。版(2013年10月10日)|作者:珍妮特和艾伦阿尔伯格**页数:** 52 |ISBN-10:9780099408390 |ISBN-13:978-0141340111 |最适合:3-5 |市场价:12.99


简介:这是圣诞节前夕,快乐邮递员有信件可以送到心爱的童话人物中 - 包括书中的信封。

真的,任何一本Ahlberg书都可以进入这个列表。每个Peach Pear Plum,Funny Bones和Peepo都是永恒的经典。 Jolly Christmas Postman获胜,因为当您翻页时看到与下一个经典角色交付的内容,与您的孩子一起玩得非常有趣。

+$There's a game for Little Red Riding Hood, a jigsaw for Humpty Dumpty, a tiny book-in-a-book for the Gingerbread Man. Sit in bed on Christmas Eve and pop open the envelopes to reveal little toys and games to play with your little ones.

The Snowman

+$05. The Snowman

出版商:海雀; 35周年纪念版(1980年9月25日)|作者:雷蒙德布里格斯|页数:32页|ISBN-10:9780723275534 |ISBN-13:978-0723275534 **最适合:** 2-6岁|市场价:7.99


+$Summary: One winter's night a boy finds his Snowman has come to life, so they head on a magical adventure across the skies.

+$The Snowman is one of the rare occasions when a book and a film are on par with each other. If you've watched and read the story, you can almost see Raymond Briggs' illustrations dancing across the page.

+$There is a slight difference in that the characters don't visit the North Pole and meet Father Christmas in the book, which feels notably absent if you do it in film - book order. The end is still touching and sad though. The entire story of The Snowman is wordless, and it is fascinating to see how emotion and context are achieved using just body and facial expressions.

Lost & Found

+$06. Lost & Found

出版商:哈珀柯林斯儿童书籍;英国编辑。版(2015年2月26日)|作者:奥利弗杰弗斯|页数:32 |ISBN-10:0007150369 |ISBN-13:978-0007150366 |最适合:3 - 5年|市场价:6.99



+$Lost & Found is just about the pinnacle of what a picture book should be. It's the perfect length and tone, and the illustrations are approachable for both adult and child. The story of a developing friendship is quickly picked up by young children, and the humour is well placed, and subtle at points.

虽然如何抓住一个明星是Oliver Jeffers出色的首张专辑,Lost and Found真的是他开始变得臭名昭着的地方。这本书由Studio AKA开发成电影,其中Jeffers制作了大量的图形资产,这是你第一次真正开始看到他的标志性手写作品。

+$More recently, Oliver Jeffers released an anthology of all of his 'boy' books featuring pencil sketches and brainstorms completed while plotting the series.男孩,他的故事以及他们将如何成为+$is also available on Amazon. See+$our interview with Oliver Jeffers+$on the making of this collection here.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

+$07. The Tiger Who Came to Tea

出版商:哈珀柯林斯儿童书籍; 50周年纪念版(2018年2月23日)|作者:Judith Kerr |页数:32页|ISBN-10:0007215991 |ISBN-13:978-0007215997 |最适合:3 - 5年|市场价:6.99


+$Summary: Sophie and her mum sit down for tea when the doorbell rings. Who could it be? It's a tiger of course.

+$You will often spot The Tiger Who Came to Tea in coffee shops, doctors surgeries, nurseries and waiting rooms across the country. This slightly absurd story has been entertaining for over 50 years and is immediately inviting to toddlers and young children, due in part to the fact that the imagery on the front is of a tiger sat at the dinner table. Once kids pick it up, there's plenty to look at and it's a joy to follow along. Just make sure you explain tigers aren't this friendly in real life.

 I Want My Hat Back

+$08. I Want My Hat Back

出版商:沃克书籍(2012年10月4日)|作者:Jon Klassen |页数:40 |ISBN-10:1406338532 |ISBN-13:978-1406338539 |最适合:3 - 5年|市场价:6.99


+$Summary: A book about a bear whose hat has gone and he wants it back. Asking creatures one by one, the bear searches for his lost hat.

+$Klassen's colour and illustration style juxtapose the traditionally vibrant world we usually see in picture books. With its neutral hues and darker tones I Want my Hat Back makes a refreshing read in between magical kingdoms and fairy tales.

+$The humour is drier, subtler and darker as well, meaning its much more of a treat for adults than the norm. Kids still massively enjoy it though. The pacing of this story is some of the best you'll see in a 40-page picture book, meaning the plot twist at the end is delivered with excellent comic timing.

The Storm Whale

+$09. The Storm Whale

出版商:Simon&Schuster儿童英国(2013年8月15日)|作者:Benji Davies |页数:32页|ISBN-10:9781471115684 |ISBN-13:978-1471115684 |最适合:3年以上|市场价:6.99



+$Benji Davies' illustration style reminds of Axel Scheffler (Gruffalo, Room on a Broom) in that it's incredibly detailed but completely unique. It's like landscape painting with a modern, more simplified colour scheme.

+$Add that to a story that is heartwarming and enjoys positive father-son dynamics, and you end up with a book that will go down as a modern classic.+$The Storm Whale in Winter+$is an excellent follow up that shifts the colour palette and adds even more vibrancy to the world.

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

+$10. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

出版商:哈珀柯林斯儿童书籍; 01版(2017年11月14日)|作者:奥利弗杰弗斯|页数:48页|ISBN-10:9780008266165 |ISBN-13:978-0008266165 |最适合:2年+ |市场价:14.99





I Know a Lot of Things

+$11. I Know a Lot of Things

出版商:编年史书; 01版(2009年3月26日)|作者:安兰德,保罗兰德的插图页数:48页|ISBN-10:0811866157 |ISBN-13:978-0811866156 |最适合:4 - 6年|市场价:10.99

+$Paul Rand Illustrations

摘要:Ann的丈夫和妻子团队与设计传奇人物Paul Rand合作,为孩子们制作了一本简单而有效的书。


Tomorrow I'll Be Brave

+$12. Tomorrow I'll Be Brave

出版商:企鹅工作坊(2018年11月1日)|作者:Jessica Hische |页数:40 |ISBN-10:9781524787011 |ISBN-13:978-1524787011 |最适合:4 - 8年|市场价:13.99


摘要:基于Jessica Hische漂亮的手绘字母的鼓励故事。

+$'A joyous burst of colour' is the best way to describe this book, which is Jessica Hische's debut children's book. Hische is famous for her ornate lettering that is shared far and wide across the internet as a beacon of beautiful, modern calligraphy.

+$This book is an extension of that work, combing her expressive lettering with charming illustrations and vibrant colours. The book encourages readers to seize the day, while reminding them that if for whatever reason they didn't accomplish what they set out to do, they have another chance tomorrow.


 A Bear Called Paddington

+$13. A Bear Called Paddington

出版商:哈珀柯林斯儿童书籍;新版Ed(2018年5月31日)|作者:迈克尔邦德|页数:160页|ISBN-10:9780007174164 |ISBN-13:978-0007174164 |最适合:7年以上|市场价:6.99


+$Summary: Paddington Bear has travelled from darkest Peru to London, England, where he meets a family called the Browns at Padding Station – bear-related high jinx follows.


+$The stories are quite bite-sized making it an excellent introduction to long-form reading and for making the transition from picture book to novels.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

+$14. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

出版商:海雀; 01版(2016年2月11日)|作者:罗尔德达尔|页数:208 |ISBN-10:9780007174164 |ISBN-13:N / A |最适合:7 - 9年|市场价:6.99


摘要:经过多年的缺席,Willy Wonka决定将他世界着名的巧克力工厂重新开放给五个幸运的孩子,他们在他的一个巧克力棒中找到了一张金票。

+$This list of children's books could be entirely made up of Roald Dahl books, such is the quality of probably the world's most celebrated children's author. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory makes it ahead of any other because it ticks the box for every kid's fantasy – a magical chocolate factory where everything is edible.

+$As poor Charlie makes his way to becoming the successor to Willy Wonka, we wave goodbye to nasty, spoilt children who get the best of comeuppances. In the most hilarious of ways, Dahl's books provide great reminders to be kind to one another.


+$15. Winnie-the-Pooh

出版商:埃格蒙特(2016年2月25日)|作者:AA Milne |页数:160 |ISBN-10:1405280832 |ISBN-13:978-1405280839 |最适合:5 - 8年|市场价:14.99

EH Shepard的插图

摘要:加入Pooh,Piglet,Eeyore和Christopher Robin参加100英亩木材的比赛。

众所周知,AA米尔恩根据儿子克里斯托弗罗宾米尔恩的玩具创作了维尼书。这些故事已经持续了近一个世纪,并且已经适应了多种形式 - 最着名的是迪士尼。

迪士尼的维尼从来没有捕捉过EH Shepard插图的美丽,然而,这本书很丰富,给了维尼和他的好朋友更多的清白。

The Velveteen Rabbit

+$16. The Velveteen Rabbit

出版商:埃格蒙特(2017年2月9日)|作者:Margery Williams |页数:48 |ISBN-10:1405285346 |ISBN-13:978-1405285346 |最适合:3 - 5年|市场价:10.99



+$The Velveteen Rabbit is nearly 100 years old, and yet the story feels so familiar (apart from perhaps the scarlet fever part). It's the tale of a rabbit who is loved and cared for by a boy who pretends he is real, and goes on a journey of discovery to find out what that really means.

插图非常适合他们的时间,以一种迷人的方式,故事比大多数针对这个年龄段的书籍要长一些。但是,玩具总动员让你三思而后行,扔掉旧玩具,Velveteen Rabbit吸引读者进入无生命物体并更多地照顾他们。

Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space

+$17. Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space

出版商:飞行眼书;第2版新版(2013年10月1日)|作者:Ben Newman(插画家),Dominic Walliman(作者)|页数:64 |ISBN-10:9781909263079 |ISBN-13:978-1909263079 |最适合:7 - 10年|市场价:15.99


+$Summary: Join Professor Astro Cat on an educational trip through the galaxy. From the big bang to life on earth, this book is a modern take on educational science literature.

+$Professor Astro Cat is like the Brian Cox of children's books, breaking down the Universe into easy to understand metaphors. With Ben Newman's lovely retro-styled illustrations the book will delight young scientists, and likely teach adults a thing or two.

The Heart and the Bottle

+$18. The Heart and the Bottle

出版商:哈珀柯林斯儿童书籍(2010年9月2日)|作者:奥利弗杰弗斯|页数:32页|ISBN-10:9780007182343 |ISBN-13:978-0007182343 |最适合:5 - 8年|市场价:15.99



+$A much more sombre book than most of Oliver Jeffers other offerings, The Heart in the Bottle will really strike a chord with anyone who suffered loss at a young age. The title of the book addresses the metaphorical situation the main protagonist puts herself in by closing her heart to the world and not allowing it to be filled with life and joy. Her life becomes mundane and day-to-day as she grows into adulthood, and it is up to a child to help her open up her heart.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

+$19. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

出版商:特别书籍; 01版(2017年3月2日)|作者:Elena Favilli,Francesca Cavallo |页数:224页|ISBN-10:9780007182343 |ISBN-13:978-0007182343 |最适合:6岁以上(而不仅仅是女孩)|市场价:20



+$Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is an incredible collaboration between the authors, the women they write about and the 60 contributing artists from around the world. The tales are a mixture of stories you may know (Cleopatra, Jane Austin, Harriet Tubman) and ones that are lesser known, or even being told for the first time in this book.

+$They range from Mexico's first female doctor to a transgender schoolgirl, covering a broad history of girl power. Each story is accompanied by an illustration equally as powerful, and combined together this makes for some inspirational reading – regardless of the reader's gender.

The Fox and the Star

+$20. The Fox and the Star

出版商:特别书籍; 01版(2017年3月2日)|作者:Coralie Bickford-Smith |页数:64页|ISBN-10:9781846148507 |ISBN-13:978-1846148507 |最适合:3 - 17年|市场价:15.99



+$The Fox and the Star is one of the best-illustrated books you can buy, let alone in the children's book category. It's like flipping through a series of framed art that also happens to contain an intricate and heartfelt story across its 64 pages. This is a perfect gift for any age.



+$21. Matilda

出版商:海雀; 01版(2016年2月11日)|作者:罗尔德达尔|页数:256页|ISBN-10:9780141365466 |ISBN-13:978-0141365466 |最适合:7 - 9年|市场价:6.99


+$Summary: Matilda is an extraordinary girl with a magical mind, but is oppressed by her horrible parents. When she signs up for school, she is top of her class but has to deal with her bully of a headteacher, Miss Trunchbull.

+$Matilda is probably one of Roald Dahl's most accomplished and balanced works, mixing horrendous caricatures of the worst parents and teachers with those of hope and delight: Matilda, her teacher and her classmates – who shine like a beacon throughout the book.

即使在最荒谬的时刻,玛蒂尔达仍然感到难以置信的相关性。 Trunchbull小姐是你见过的最差老师,而Honey小姐是最棒的老师。在他们的学校生活中,每个人都应该有一个蜜糖小姐。

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

+$22. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

出版商:布卢姆斯伯里儿童书籍; 01版(2014年9月1日)|作者:JK罗琳|页数:352页|ISBN-10:9781408855652 |ISBN-13:978-1408855652 |最适合:9 - 11年|市场价:7.99


+$Summary: When an envelope arrives from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Harry Potter's life changes forever. Unbeknown to him, Harry is a wizard, one who survived a deadly attack from one of the most powerful dark wizards of all time.

+$Harry Potter is one of the most well-known and beloved entertainment properties in the world today. This book is where it all began, and is the perfect catalyst for getting your child to read more.


Northern Lights (The Golden Compass): His Dark Materials 1

+$23. Northern Lights (The Golden Compass): His Dark Materials 1

出版商:士林; 3版(2011年3月3日)|作者:菲利浦普尔曼|页数:448页|ISBN-10:1407130226 |ISBN-13:978-1407130224 |最适合:10+ |市场价:7.99


简介:在一个充满守护进程的平行世界中,孩子们已经消失了。 Lyra,带着一种神奇的乐器,可以告诉未来踏上危险的旅程。

+$Much like Harry Potter, The Nothern Lights is a beloved children's fantasy book with huge lore associated with its magical world. The book is intense, captivating, and kids will be gripped throughout as the suspense leaves them wanting more. The world is familiar to our own, yet much darker, and the gritty story stars Lyra, who is feisty and smart as she battles the Gobblers.

+$There's also an armoured polar bear.

The Hobbit

+$24. The Hobbit

出版商:HarperCollins出版社英国编辑。版(2013年9月12日)|作者:JRR Tolkien |页数:384页|ISBN-10:9780007497904 |ISBN-13:978-0007497904 |最适合:10年以上|市场价:20.00


+$Summary: Bilbo Baggins is a Hobbit who enjoys the quiet things in life. That is until Gandalf the wizard comes calling with a band of dwarves in tow, who are looking for help stealing back their treasure from a dragon named Smaug.


+$The Hobbit sets the scene for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it is just as good as a standalone book, as Bilbo faces his fears and trades his comfortable way of life for adventure and gold.

+$Aimed at a younger audience, The Hobbit is a little more deliberate than its successor, the pacing is better and young readers will find it more engaging. The linked book is an illustrated version, which will help bring the world to life.

Hilda and the Troll

+$25. Hilda and the Troll

出版商:飞行眼书;重印版(2013年7月1日)|作者:卢克皮尔逊|页数:40页|ISBN-10:1909263141 |ISBN-13:978-1909263147 |最适合:7 - 10年|市场价:12.95


+$Summary: The very first outing of Luke Pearson's blue-haired heroine, Hilda. While out on an expedition, magical Hilda discovers a Troll but becomes lost in a snowstorm.

希尔达感觉就像是Moomins,Tin Tin和Adventure Time的结合。她生活在一个奇特的世界里,这个世界已被精美的插图和干净的幽默。

+$Hilda and the Troll is the first in the series, but there are many more, and the stories were recently made into a Netflix series, which is equally as good.


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

+$26. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

出版商:复古;重印版(2004年4月1日)|作者:马克哈登|页数:280页|ISBN-10:9780099450252 |ISBN-13:978-0099450252 |最适合:12年以上|市场价:8.99


+$Summary: Christopher is 15 and has Asperger's Syndrome. He is extremely intelligent but struggles with other people and has not travelled further than the end of his own road. That changes when he finds his neighbour's dog murdered, and he sets out to investigate.

+$Writing books from the point of view of an autistic protagonist is a challenging task. Using Christopher's love of Sherlock Holmes, Mark Haddon is able to develop the story in a way that feels natural for a character who has difficulty interacting with the world around them.


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

+$27. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

出版商:+$David Fickling Books (Random House) |作者:+$John Boyne |页数:224页|ISBN-10:+$9781862305274 |ISBN-13:+$978-1862305274 |最适合:13年以上|市场价:6.99




+$28. The Hunger Games

出版商:Scholastic |作者:Suzanne Collins |页数:448 |ISBN:9781407132082 |最适合:12年以上|市场价:7.99






The Fault in our Stars

+$29. The Fault in our Stars

出版商:企鹅; 01版(2013年1月3日)|作者:约翰格林|页数:352页|ISBN-10:0141345659 |ISBN-13:978-0141345659 |最适合:14年以上|市场价:7.99


+$Summary: Hazel is dying of cancer, but despite promising she would not start a romance with Augustus, she yields and begins a relationship that will change her outlook on love, despite the pain it will cause.

+$From the summary, you can tell this book is going to be a tough and emotional read. The author does a compelling job in keeping the characters grounded and realistic, offering insight into a teen's thought process when they are going to die.


The Book Thief

+$30. The Book Thief

出版商:黑天鹅;电影搭配版(2014年1月30日)|作者:Markus Zusak |页数:560页|ISBN-10:9780552779739 |ISBN-13:978-0552779739 |最适合:13年以上|市场价:7.99



+$This book warrants many re-readings as you come to care for the variety of characters introduced in a realistic portrayal of Germany under Nazi rule. The fates, both good and bad, play out in an emotional ending, with Death as the narrator forming an essential part of the book.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

+$31. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

出版商:泛;新编辑/封面版(2016年9月8日)|作者:道格拉斯亚当斯|页数:224页|ISBN-10:9781509808311 |ISBN-13:978-1509808311 |最适合:13年以上|市场价:7.99


简介:Hitchhiker's Guide与Monty Python的圣杯一起生活在流行文化中,伴随着许多笑话,粉丝们会一直引用彼此(不要惊慌,带毛巾,42!)