+$The best laptop stands in 2019

The best laptop stands
+$Image credit: GroveMade on Unsplash
+$(Image credit: GroveMade on Unsplash)

+$Welcome to Creative Bloq's guide to the best laptop stands. A good quality laptop stand can be one of the most important tools you'll buy for creative work.

+$Laptops are far more convenient than hefty desktop computers for most tasks, but they're not designed for long periods of work. Ideally, the screen you're working at should sit at eye level, but the design of a laptop means you'll be hunched over, peering at its display instead.

+$When you're looking for a laptop stand, ergonomics is one of the most important factors to consider, but you'll also want to think about portability – particularly if you use a shared workspace. Some of the stands here even fold up so you can tuck them into your笔记本包

+$If your device tends to run hot, you might want to choose a stand with built-in fans for extra cooling – or at least a well ventilated design (alternatively, you could pick up one of the+$best laptop cooling pads)。

+$Finally, you'll want a laptop stand that looks great, and fits well with your studio. Stylish stands don't have to be expensive, so there's no need to settle for something bland.

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook

+$Image credit: Twelve South

+$(Image credit: Twelve South)

+$01. Twelve South HiRise for MacBook

+$The best laptop stand overall provides some serious lift

+$Supported Laptop Size:+$Up To 15-inch |重量:+$0.86kg |颜色:+$Silver |+$Fans:没有

+$Height Adjustable
+$Chic, Simple Design
+$No 'lip' to support laptop
+$Not for larger notebooks

+$If you've invested in a new Apple device, you'll want a suitably smart stand to match, and the+$Twelve South HiRise for MacBook+$is exactly that. Not only does it look the part, finished in brushed aluminum, it's also a practical choice for creatives thanks to its spring-loaded piston design. This feature lets you raise your laptop up to six inches, so you can position it level with a desktop monitor with a flick of a switch. The only downside to its minimal design is that there's no 'lip' to stop your laptop sliding forwards, but the non-skid surface should keep it in place.

Bosvision Ergonomic Foldable X-Stand

+$Image Credit: Bovision

+$(Image Credit: Bovision)

+$02. Bosvision Ergonomic Foldable X-Stand

+$The best portable laptop stand is perfect for working on the move

+$Supported Laptop Size:最多17英寸重量:+$0.18kg |颜色:+$Silver |+$Fans:没有

+$Folding Design
+$Not Adjustable
+$Not the most stylish

+$The Super Portable+$Ergonomic Aluminium Foldable X-Stand+$has a very simple design, but does an excellent job of holding your laptop at a more comfortable angle for working and viewing. It lacks fans, but its open, cross-shaped design means there'll be a good flow of air under your laptop to stop it from overheating, with rubber feet to keep it off your desk. This little stand is also extremely portable, weighing a mere 18 grams and folding up neatly into a package small enough to tuck into your laptop bag. A handy addition to any designer's toolkit, and an affordable one too.

Thermaltake Massive TM Notebook Cooler

+$Image Credit: Thermaltake

+$(Image Credit: ThermalTake)

+$03. Thermaltake Massive TM Notebook Cooler

+$The best cooling laptop stand knows when to chill out

+$Supported Laptop Size:最多17英寸重量:+$1.07kg |颜色:+$Silver And Black |+$Fans:

+$Temperature Sensor
+$Powerful Fans
+$Rather Chunky

+$Thermaltake Massive TM Notebook Cooler+$will keep your laptop nicely chilled during demanding tasks like video rendering, preventing overheating and extending the life of its components. This certainly isn't the most elegant laptop stand (it was created with gamers rather than designers in mind), but it's definitely one of the smartest. It features a temperature sensor that detects heat in four different areas and responds automatically, plus manual controls if you want to take things into your own hands. The angle and height of the laptop stand can be fine-tuned using a pair of adjustable legs at the back for more comfortable viewing.

Rain Design mStand360

+$Image credit: Rain Design

+$(Image credit: Rain Design)

+$04. Rain Design MStand360

+$The best laptop stand for desks looks smart and swivels in style

+$Supported Laptop Size:最多17英寸重量:+$1.63kg |+$Colors:+$Silver, space gray, gold |+$Fans:没有

+$Available in Apple colorways
+$Rotating Base
+$Some colors only for pre-order
+$Angle Not Adjustable

+$This handsome device is one of Rain Design's best-selling laptop stands, with the added bonus of a 360-degree swivel base. The+$RainDesign MStand 360+$is another stand designed with MacBooks in mind, and is available in a range of colorways that match Apple's designs. It features rubberized grips to keep your laptop firmly in place, plus a cable management hole at the back to keep wires neatly out of the way. If you also use an iPad for work, Rain Design's range also includes a tablet stand that will keep it at the same height for a dual-screen setup.

Lavolta Folding Laptop Table Desk Tray Stand

+$Image Credit: Lavolta

+$(Image Credit: Lavolta)

+$05. Lavolta Folding Laptop Table Desk Tray Stand

+$The best laptop stand for in bed will keep you sitting comfortably

+$Supported Laptop Size:+$Up To 15-inch |重量:+$1.76kg |+$Colors:+$Black, Blue, Silver |+$Fans:

+$Two Cooling Fans
+$Not the prettiest option
+$A Little Heavy

+$For comfortable working in bed or at a desk, the+$Lavolta Folding Laptop Table Desk Tray Stand+$is hard to beat. Its auto-locking joints rotate a full 360 degrees, enabling you to choose the perfect height and angle, wherever you're working. It features two built-in fans, powered by your laptop's USB port (though there's also a fanless version available if you prefer), and it even offers a removable mouse board to keep your hand in a more natural position (take a look at our guide to the最佳老鼠+$). Its chunky, articulated design won't be to everyone's liking, but we think this stand's versatility more than makes up for any stylistic concerns.

Twelve South BookArc Stand

+$Image credit: Twelve South

+$(Image credit: Twelve South)

+$06. Twelve South BookArc Stand

+$The best vertical laptop stand is a neat space-saver

+$Supported Laptop Size:+$Depends on changeable insert |重量:+$445g |颜色:+$Silver |+$Fans:没有

+$Sleek, Minimalist Design
+$Can fit various size laptops
+$Surprisingly Heavy
+$Extra inserts sold separately

+$Twelve South BookArc Stand+$is a little different from the other entries on our list. Laptops can take up a lot of valuable desk space when not in use, gathering dust and taking up room you might otherwise use for sketchbooks and other work. That's where vertical laptop stands come in. The Twelve South Bookarc Stand has been specially designed for MacBooks, and will keep your computer neatly out of the way when it's shut down, or connected to an external monitor and keyboard. Its sleek design complements Apple's hardware, and there are interchangeable inserts available for different size laptops. All inserts are soft and flexible, so you don't need to worry about your MacBook getting scuffed.

Portable wooden laptop stand

+$Image Credit: WaldenGoods

+$(Image Credit: WaldenGoods)

+$07. WaldenGoods Portable Wood Laptop Stand

+$The best wooden laptop stand is a walnut wonder

+$Supported Laptop Size:+$13-inch |重量:N / A |颜色:+$Walnut |+$Fans:没有

+$Great looking walnut design
+$Includes space for keyboard
+$Designed for smaller laptops
+$Not Adjustable

+$Aluminum laptop stands are fine if you prefer a slick, modern aesthetic, but if you lean more towards natural materials or want something to fit in a more traditional-looking workspace then a wooden laptop stand might be a better choice. The+$WaldenGoods Portable Wood Laptop Stand+$is designed to suit 13-inch Macbooks, raising the screen to a comfortable height and providing space for a keyboard to be tucked neatly underneath. Each stand is made to order from solid walnut, so delivery will take a few days more than for other laptop stands – but the result is worth the wait.

HP Dual Hinge II Laptop Stand

+$Image Credit: HP

+$(Image Credit: HP)

+$08. HP Dual Hinge II Notebook Stand

+$The best adjustable laptop stand is solid and dependable

+$Supported Laptop Size:+$Up To 17.3-inch |重量:+$3.6kg |颜色:黑色|+$Fans:没有

+$Adjustable height and tilt
+$360-degree Panning

+$If you struggle to get comfortable when working, the+$HP Dual Hinge II Notebook Stand+$could be exactly what you need. Its height can be adjusted and locked, it can be tilted to an ergonomic position, and the chunky base offers 360-degree panning. If you own an HP laptop, you can take advantage of this stand's docking station, which allows you to connect peripherals such as keyboards, mice, drawing tablets and external hard drives directly to the stand. However, it also works perfectly well as a versatile, robust stand for any other laptop, and its considerable weight helps keep it stable while you experiment.