The best cloud storage in 2019

+$Looking for the best cloud storage solutions in 2019? This guide is here to help. Cloud storage services are extremely useful for design professionals. They provide somewhere for you to store all your files safely, no matter how many there are or how large they are. They also mean your files can be accessed easily wherever you are, as well as making it simple to send large files to clients.

+$The best cloud storage: Top 5

01. IDrive
02. PCloud
03. +$OneDrive
04. ICloud的
05. Google云端硬盘

+$Read on for an in-depth explanation of each service

+$Finally, having your critical files backed up on a cloud storage solution means that if you suffer a serious tech failure or are the victim of a catastrophic human error (it happens to the best of us), your work can easily be retrieved.

+$Whether you're a freelancer or running your own design business, it's increasingly important to have some kind of cloud storage in place. Finding the best cloud storage solution can be a challenge, though, especially now there are so many different services to choose from.

+$To help you make your decision we've picked out the best cloud storage solutions available right now. Our selection covers a range of options, from no-frills online backup right through to much more heavyweight services that pack in all the features your company will ever need. Read on for our guide to the best cloud storage solutions in 2019.

Best cloud storage 2019: iDrive


+$This reliable service is our the best cloud storage solution right now




我们认为IDrive+$is the best cloud storage solution overall right now. If your main priority when it comes to cloud storage is having a reliable online backup system in place, then this is a strong contender. It'll continuously sync all your files, even the ones on network drives, and if you're on its Personal or Business plans it provides a potentially life-saving free backup service called IDrive Express: if for whatever reason you lose all your local files, it'll send you an actual hard drive containing everything that's been backed up.


IDrive 2TB计划:$69.50$13.90,为期1年
+$For a limited time, you can get a massive 80% off a 2TB IDrive cloud storage plan for the first year. So instead of coughing up just under $70, you'll pay just $13.90, which is an absurdly cheap price for that amount of cloud storage.

Best cloud storage solutions: pCloud logo


+$A lifetime subscription means you can pay once and get on with it

存储:10 GB-2TB免费储存:高达10 GB


PCloud+$'s lifetime premium subscriptions give you either 500GB or 2TB of online storage for a pretty reasonable one-off payment. Anyone who's been online for any length of time should naturally be suspicious of any service that offers a lifetime subscription – after all, how many web companies from just 20 years ago are still around today? However, this looks like a good deal to us.

+$With no apparent limit to the file sizes you can upload, pCloud is a great option for sharing large media files, and it features a built-in video player and streaming, plus an audio player complete with playlists. For peace of mind, this cloud storage solution hosts five copies of all your files across different servers, using 256-bit AES encryption. For a small extra monthly payment you can also add pCloud Crypto to your service, enabling you to password-protect your files.


Best cloud storage solutions: OneDrive


一种适用于Windows 10的简易云存储解决方案

存储:+$5GB-Unlimited |免费储存:高达5GB


+$If you're a Windows 10 user,微软的OneDrive+$offers an easy way to get cloud storage. It comes built into File Explorer, so you can get started straight away with 5GB of online storage for free, or bump up to 50GB for a low monthly fee. However, if you want to share files you'll need either need to use one of Microsoft's Office 365 plans, starting at $69.99 per year with 1TB storage and including a full suite of Office apps, or look at OneDrive business plans.

+$Note, with this service you're not limited to Windows any more: there are now apps for both iOS and Android. There's also an app available on the Mac App Store, although in typical Microsoft style it doesn't seem to work as well as the Windows version.


Best cloud storage solutions: iCloud

+$04. Apple ICloud

+$A good storage-only option for Apple devotees

存储:+$5GB-2TB |免费储存:高达5GB


+$Like its Microsoft rival, Apple's iCloud gives you 5GB of free online storage – not nearly enough to back up your iPhone, but plenty of space for stashing your photos. However, its paid plans come at a very reasonable price.


+$The downside, though, is this is strictly a storage solution – there's no option to share files outside of Apple's Family Sharing. If you want a cloud storage service that you can also use to send files to friends or clients, you'll need to look elsewhere.

订阅iCloud:每月支付0.99美元/GB 0.79美元的计划

Best cloud storage: Google Drive



存储:15 GB-30 TB免费储存:高达15 GB

15 GB免费存储器

+$For Android or Chromebook users, Google Drive is the best cloud storage choice as it's built into both systems. However, assuming you have a Google account – and it's hard not to these days, even if you don't use Gmail – then it's well worth looking into. You get 15GB of storage completely free, as well as access to Google's G Suite range of online office apps.

+$There are desktop apps for both Windows and Mac, enabling you to sync and share files with a few clicks, and there's also a web interface that can be a bit of a pain to use, but gets the job done. If you need more than the free 15GB (it fills up quickly once you start using it) there are paid plans starting at $1.99 a month for 100GB and going all the way up to a whopping 30TB for $299.99 a month.


The best cloud storage 2019: Mega



存储:+$50GB-8TB |免费储存:+$Up To 50GB


+$Want loads of free storage? Mega's the place to go; its free service gives you a whole 50GB to play with. This cloud storage service's paid plans are similarly generous: they start at $6 per month for 200GB, and go up to a whole 8TB for $35 a month.

+$With both mobile and desktop apps enabling you sync and upload files, Mega is easy to use wherever you are and whatever you're doing, and the service also boasts impressive security credentials. It maintains historic versions of your uploaded files, and claims that everything you store is encrypted on your device before it's uploaded to its servers. Mega also publishes all its source code and cryptographic architecture, so you can be sure that if there were any vulnerabilities in its systems, they'd quickly be spotted.