+$Killer logo design will be different every time, depending on the brand's overall identity. Each identity project is unique. They all have their own issues to overcome and challenges to conquer. But you should still approach each brief in a similar way: develop a workflow that allows maximum creativity and is productive.

+$This tutorial will walk you through the core stages of creating a new identity for the ultra-modern HabiGym. I'll show you how this identity was conceived, explaining each stage of the process from when the ideas were born through to the final presentation. As well as demonstrating some of the essential tools and skills that you can learn to help streamline your workflow in Illustrator, I'll also share a few best-practice rules of thumbs for working smarter.

+$This guide will not only help you with your own identity commissions, it's also packed with helpful hints and tips on how best to present your vision to the client.

+$If you're in the zone and want to find out more about the process of designing a great logo, we've covered everything you need know in our comprehensive guide to标志设计+$. And if don't have Illustrator and want to have a go at learning如何在Photoshop中制作徽标+$, then see check out our guide.


killer logo: paper

+$Sketching your concept on paper is an important stage

每个人都知道他们应该从一个计划开始,但随着最后期限迫在眉睫,很难忘记这个阶段 - 不要。身份设计的一个主要部分涉及用概念解决问题。对于许多人来说,这种情况在纸上发生得更加流畅,因为你的思绪会从你画出的每件事物中反弹出来。


killer logo: scan

+$A scanner helps you to be precise

如果您有扫描仪,请使用它以获得最佳效果。如果您没有手拉手,请拍摄草图照片。然后,您可以将它们用作数字娱乐的指南。在标识方面,精确度至关重要。因此,需要抛弃Live Trace,并且需要手动完成工作。


killer logo: practice

+$The Pen is a very powerful tool

钢笔工具可能是最常用的 - 但仍然是最难掌握的工具之一。它是一个非常强大的工具,学习它不仅有利于您在Illustrator中创建图像的能力,您获得的技能也将促进您所做的任何Photoshop Pen工作。


killer logo: shapes

+$The Shape panel gives better accuracy



killer logo: elements

+$The Pathfinder tool combines shapes and adds new ones


+$06. Tweak The Type

killer logo: tweak

+$Add character to the type

更改单词的跟踪和字距以更改徽标的色调。通过将形状打开到构成字母的本机路径中来添加字符到标识,直接更改每个字母的路径以使您的类型唯一。要快速将字体转换为轮廓(路径)命中Cmd / Ctrl + Shift O.


Killer logo: changes

+$Be careful and stay subtle



Killer logo: add colour

+$View colour palettes and avoid gradients

+$In CS4 and higher, you can integrate Adobe's Kuler app into your workspace to view colour palettes. Go to Window > Extensions > Kuler. Try to avoid gradients in logos, but don't take that as an absolute rule. Hit命令/按Ctrl + F9访问“渐变”对话框。尝试各种背景颜色和形状的徽标。


Killer logo: create templates

+$Consider your brand when choosing your fonts

+$Go to File > Save As > Illustrator Template. Choose fonts that work well with the brand. Create style guides for designs: add CMYK colour breakdowns, Hex codes or Pantone codes, and font names – this is useful for designers and ensures brand consistency. Also give examples of the brand on various materials.

+$This article originally appeared Computer Arts magazine.订阅计算机艺术