New colourful Slack logo

+$Branding has always had the potential to stir up strong reactions, both in the design community itself and the general public. And the reach of social media means that, nowadays, the news can spread across the globe in no time at all.

+$Whether it's a rebrand that causes outrage because it undermines an already much-loved brand, an advert that offends or just a widespread dislike for the creative work itself – there are plenty of examples to choose from. Here are some of the most notable logo and branding designs that split opinion across the board on their release. Some are just as controversial today.

+$01. Slack's logo refresh splits opinion

+$It's clearer, but is it better?

+$Speaking of redesigns that under-mine a much loved brand, Slack prompted a backlash from designers and users alike earlier this year when it refined its colourful hashtag标志设计

+$On paper, we can see why Slack decided it was time for a brand refresh. Its existing logo involved a lot of overlapping colours that simply didn't work across all mediums. Sure, it looked groovy online, but when printed on advertisements, the design found itself limited by background colours.

+$In its place, Slack unveiled a new logo that boiled the previous design down to its component parts, refined the concept, and ensured that it had a flexibility the previous version didn't. So of course, everyone hated it.

+$Many criticised Slack for moving away from a perfectly functional design and for creating something generic. Even our+$defence of the Slack redesign+$couldn't win everyone over.

+$This wasn't the end of the Slack hate though. Shortly after the new logo was announced, Slack changed the background of its mobile from a plummy purple to a crisp white.+$Cue Further Outrage+$that the generic design was now more vanilla.

+$02. Formula 1 gets in hot water

Formula 1 logo by w+k

W + K的一级方程式重新命名有其仇视,但当律师介入时,争议升级

你知道,一旦律师介入,一个项目就会引起争议,这正是发生的事情威登肯尼迪++$'s much-discussed rebrand of Formula 1. W+K's work split opinion from the start, with many fervent F1 fans感叹失落它的前身是Carter Wong,巧妙地将'1'置于'F'之内。

+$However, the aesthetics of the new logo soon became the least of its problems, when its similarities to a brand of compression tights sold by 3M, maker of Post-It Notes and Scotch sellotape, came to light. Thanks to the existence of F1-branded clothing, the two trademarks in seemingly unrelated sectors came head-to-head in a争议的风暴

+$03. Leeds United angers its fans

Leeds United logo redesign shows a player holding a fist against their chest


表面上都是为了庆祝粉丝,利兹联队的短命重塑+$instead incurred their quite considerable, merciless wrath. Leeds' new crest was launched with the proud claim that it had six months of research behind it, and the team had apparently consulted 10,000 people. It soon became abundantly clear that they'd asked all the wrong people.

采取利兹FC球迷使用的手势 - 拳头穿过胸部 - 并将其转换成几乎像剪贴画的矢量真的没有共鸣。和任何人。在一场远远超出粉丝群的争议之后,新标识被封装。

+$04. Premier League doesn't kill its lion

Premier League rebrand by DesignStudio shows a lion graphic and Premier League name



英超联赛指挥着一个充满热情的全球粉丝群,当他们听到 - 事实证明,完全错误的时候 - 他们并没有感到高兴的是,这位备受喜爱的狮子被新徽标所摧毁。

+$The 'news' was spread far and wide across the media, and fans went ballistic. In one tweet, DesignStudio was even accused of "mocking the death of Cecil" the dentist-murdered lion by doing so. When the bold new rebrand launched, of course, the lion was very much front and centre – which had been the plan all along.

+$05. Uber drops its giant U

Uber logos - a circle with a section missing, and a hexagon with a section missing, on coloured patterned backgrounds


当Uber放弃其大的“U”标志时,Uber设法惹恼了除了有执照的出租车司机以外的其他人 - 如果在手机的主屏幕上拼出图标猥亵而没有其他任何重要的东西 - 并用一对应用程序图标取代它:一个用于' rider'应用程序,以及驱动程序或“合作伙伴”使用的应用程序。

首席执行官Travis Kalanick - 与Uber的设计团队一起创建新徽标 -已经描述过了带出公司的人性。其他人则不那么善良,有些人指出,当你凌晨2点在手机上找到这个新标识并且你感到疲倦和情绪化,以及其他人注意到它与精子的相似性时,会更加困难。

+$As if that wasn't enough,+$Uber then rebranded again in 2018+$. This time it was the work of沃尔夫奥林斯+$that caused a stir, with the brand using a wordmark as its new logo. Cue Twitter outrage, naturally.

+$06. Instagram Goes Flat

Instagram logo - a flat design of a retro camera on a pink, purple and orange gradient background

+$At the height of the 'flat design' trend, Instagram's rebrand was widely mocked at first – but is now well established



有些人称之为花哨,有人说它本可以在1995年使用MS Paint制作。其他人则认为Instagram迫切想要变凉,并且用洗澡水将婴儿扔出去。


+$07. The Met kerns with enthusiasm

The Met logo with overlapping letterforms



一个大胆的 - 有些人可能会说勇敢 - 排版处理将耀斑衬线融合在一起,同时快速而松散地领先,它被Wolff Olins描述为“一个看起来过去和未来的制作标记,或介于两者之间的任何地方,“而秃鹰的贾斯汀戴维森以为它看起来更像是“一辆红色的双层巴士停在了短路上,把乘客推到了对方的后背上。”

+$08. Hillary Clinton's logo misses the mark

Hillary Clinton logo - a blue H with a red arrow overlapping its centre




+$09. Airbnb makes people snigger

Airbnb logo - stylised A symbol and title in pink


2014年,住宿列表网站Airbnb焕然一新。 'Bêlo'标志旨在象征着一个新的商业时代,但它却带来了很多乐趣。

消费者并不羞于说出他们对外观的看法,有些人声称它是Automation Anywhere徽标的副本,以及一些有趣的解剖比较(你可以阅读DesignStudio对批评的回应)这里)。

+$10. Dirty Bird lives up to its name

Dirty bird logo - a stylised chicken that could look like a penis


+$Dirty Bird is a catering company that attends music festivals in and around Wales. While its food is popular, its logo is anything but. The owner has stated that it's "just a clever way for the 'd' and 'b' to go together", but customers have complained about its phallic aesthetics.

设计师马克詹姆斯说:“我们被命名为Dirty Bird作为简介,并开始研究创意。我们查看了缩写,DB。然后使用小写'db'连接它们以形成公鸡的形状。它是包含首字母的公鸡的图形表示。这取决于你如何看待它。“

+$The company has also produced posters asking customers to 'Touch My Thigh' and 'Touch My Breast', and 'Get some cock in', so we're guessing it's not entirely innocent.

+$11. BP attempts a greenwash

BP rebranded sunflower-style logo next to the old shield-style logo




+$12. London 2012 Stokes Debate

London 2012 logo


+$This one went through the mill for sure. Wolff Olins' £400k logo was unveiled in June 2007 to an almost unanimous global chorus of derision – with 80 per cent of people in a BBC poll giving it the lowest score possible.


+$13. Yves St Laurent goes nude

Yves St Laurent Opium advert

谁知道裸体Sophie Dahl会引起争议?

Yves St Laurent 2000年的广告活动是时装模特Sophie Dahl的挑衅,完全裸体的肖像,在广告标准管理局(ASA)点亮了交换机,共有948个投诉。 ASA裁定这是“性暗示”和“可能导致严重或广泛的进攻”。

+$14. Gap tries to go vanilla

Gap old and new logos


+$Arguably one of the most famous design-based PR disasters in recent years – and a strong listing in our piece on应该永远不会更改的经典徽标+$– Gap's woeful attempt to rethink its iconic navy blue box in 2010 sent ripples around the world. There was universal damnation of its suggested replacement, which combined vanilla Helvetica with a simple gradient. The new logo was withdrawn after a week.

+$15. Ashley Madison gets banned from Superbowl


+$16. Starbucks pares things back

Starbucks old and new logos


2011年1月,咖啡巨头决定放弃“咖啡”甚至“星巴克”这个词,从而将标志性的美人鱼带到了前面。它被称为“自然演变”,它也预示着公司将进入不同的产品系列 - 但该公司的博客上仍有500多起投诉。这个标志现在被广泛认可,甚至被列入我们的名单+$top 10 Big-brand Logos

+$17. KFC encourages bad manners

裸体和性挑衅是一回事,但2005年的肯德基炸鸡共吸引了1,671起投诉。为什么?因为广告中的呼叫中心工作人员正在唱着塞满鸡肉的嘴 - 据愤怒的父母说,鼓励不礼貌的人。

+$18. University of California gets flushed

University of California logo


最后,加利福尼亚大学自己的'Gap'时刻出现在2012年,在此期间,其现代化的标志被称为“马桶”并且完全被淘汰。由内部设计团队创建,它专为通信材料而设计,从未打算取代官方印章 - 但损坏已经完成,并且已经停止使用。