+$In the design world, a business card acts as a mini creative resume. Your business card should leave people with a powerful impression of your identity as a design professional, the best business cards are a brilliant marketing tool that help showcase your unique style and help you stand out.

+$A standard business card based on one of the business card templates is a wasted opportunity to reflect a piece of your personality, and will leave you instantly forgettable to potential new clients.

+$If all this talk of new clients has reminded you that your portfolio is looking a little tired, don't fret as we've rounded up the best组合示例+$as inspiration for a refresh.

+$01. Iris Compiet

艺术家和插画家Iris Compiet+$has made something truly special for her business card design. Inside the simple envelope lies an intricate concertina booklet depicting examples of her vibrant illustrations. To literally give out a portfolio as a business card is a fantastic bit of PR and shows real attention to detail.


Business cards: Lush


这个辉煌的名片设计Struck Creative+$cleverly doubles as a seed pouch for lawn and property management company+$Lush+$. Not only does it provide all the relevant information in a clear and concise way, it hold precious cargo, meaning it's much less likely to be discarded.


Business cards: Kantapon


纽约市的插画家龚Kantapon在发现他的名片时,全力以赴。 Kantapon用迷你卡片盖了一张女人的海报,路人可以剥掉并带走。它让每个人都充分注意到让人们想知道当卡片被移除时会显示什么。


Business cards: Lego

这些Lego Minifig名片可根据其拥有者进行定制

+$Not only do the guys who work at乐高玩具+$have a super-cool job, they also get these awesome Lego minifigure business cards. It's been reported that the company does its best to match each employee's features, even down to their hair and accessories. The individual's name, email and contact number are then printed on the figure's clothes. Best business card ever!

05. Bon Vivant

Business cards: JWT

广告代理商JWT为Bon Vivant设计了这款超棒的奶酪刨丝器名片设计

我们喜欢这张名片,它可以作为小型奶酪刨丝器,供巴西奶酪店Bon Vivant使用。由广告代理商创建智威汤逊事实证明,聪明的网络工具非常受欢迎,业主不得不告诉客户在返回之前等待几天。令人敬畏的设计还配有保护套。总而言之,简单的感谢! (看看我们在那里做了什么?好的,我们会得到我们的外套......)


Business cards: MOO


+$These business cards fromMOO+$may not look anything out of the ordinary, but they’re in fact made entirely out of offcuts from cotton T-shirts (the fabric left over once the pattern has been cut out). The company worked with Mohawk Fine Papers to reinvent one of the oldest methods of paper-making.


+$07. Engraved

Business cards: John T. Kim

+$John T. Kim created this design by laser cutting and etching basswood

线索在这些'的标题''由纽约设计师设计的独特名片+$John T. Kim。通过激光切割和蚀刻椴木创造,木纹图案使每张卡片真正独特。雕刻作为一个kickstarted项目开始生活,资金目标为1,500美元。它运行了30天,在此期间获得了足够的注意力,筹集了将近24,000美元。

+$08. MODHair

Business cards: MOD


当它的主人沿着这把音乐梳子的牙齿伸出指甲时,它会播放经典的摇滚主题。这一创新概念由阿姆斯特丹设计师开发MODhair的Fabio Milito,罗马的摇滚美发沙龙。将品牌标识封装在一张卡中的绝佳方式。

+$09. Bentply



你在这里看到的是一个整洁的凸版名片和家具店的邮件Bentply在伦敦,可以做成迷你胶合板椅子。巧妙的卡片是由设计师创造的理查德C埃文斯并由...生产Elegante出版社在立陶宛。只需按照说明操作,可以将吻切卡折叠成Gerald Summers设计的标志性1934年胶合板扶手椅的缩影。

+$10. Greek

Innovative business card designs

Draft FCB为希腊餐厅设计的精美设计