+$Trompe l'oeil means 'trick of the eye'. It's the technique of using realistic imagery to create an optical illusion of depth. Audiences have been amazed and fooled by these stunning illustrations for centuries, as artists worked to perfect the skill. Businesses have also capitalised on the effect of the artwork by using it to create eye-catching billboard and video campaigns.

+$This list rounds up the world's greatest examples of trompe l'oeil. As this technique is found around the globe, it has been interpreted in wildly different ways so the variation found is mind-blowing. Prepare your eyes, and prepare to be amazed.

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+$01. Pac-Man

Trompe l'oeil: Pac-Man

+$This piece took three days to create, and the inclement weather was a challenge for the artist+$(Image credit: Leon Keer)

+$This Retro+$Pac-Man Trompe Loeil+$was created by Leon Keer in the Netherlands, for the Ouverture (an event that opens the cultural season in the region). It took three days for Keer to complete and aimed to create a fun vibe. "It’s a recognisable theme that awakens people’s memories,” says Keer.

+$Keer also designed an+$awesome Terracotta Lego trompe l'oeil+$in Florida, which is well worth checking out.

+$02. Le Radeau de Lampedusa

+$Delavie created this trompe l'oeil in Paris to show the plight of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea

皮埃尔德拉维+$created this hard hitting piece (translated as 'The Raft of Lampedusa'), in collaboration with the Bureau d'accueil et d'accompagnement des migrants (Reception and Support Office for Migrants) in 2017. This trompe l'oeil depicted a boat of refugees capsizing in the River Seine and aimed to alert Parisians to the urgency of the situation of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. The orginal image was taken by the Italian Navy in 2016.

+$Talking to French publication Mashable FR, Delavie explained that he was extremely touched by the events in the Mediterranean and that when he saw the image it upset him. He cut it out and kept it, then eventually recreated it on the wall of the River Seine.

+$03. Wasting Time

Wasting Time是澳大利亚最大的3D艺术品

由一对粉笔艺术家创作,珍妮麦克拉肯莱昂科尔+$, as part of Sydney's Chalk Urban Art Festival in 2014,浪费时间+$was a massive 350 square metre work of surreal trompe l'oeil loveliness in which the ground was ripped open to reveal a weird subterranean scene packed with giant children, strange steampunk machinery and much more.

+$04. Tunnelvision

+$Despite tales of confused drivers, this enormous trompe l'oeil Tunnelvision has never been crashed into.

+$This Dramatic Piece+$is 50 ft x 75 ft and shows a craggy portal leading to a fantasy moon. Created by local artist+$Blue Sky+$, who has more work in the area, it can be found in a parking lot in downtown Columbia. The artist does regular touch ups to make sure it stays as realistic as possible but despite tales to the contrary it has not been crashed into by any confused local drivers.

+$05. Vindkraft


+$Another trompe l'oeil mural+$from Keer, this time working withMassina+$. Vindkraft was created for the Danish town of Brande to celebrate its contribution to wind energy. Siemens Wind Power, Europe's largest manufacturer of wind turbines, was founded in Brande in 1980. The mural depicts a circle of energy, with the energy needed for wind production coming from the wind powered energy – and now we're confused.

+$06. Quetzalcoatl


+$This Piece+$is By Artist约翰普格+$, who is famous for his intricate trompe l'oeil murals that are located on various buildings around the world. "I have found that the 'language' of life-size illusions allow me to communicate with a very large audience," says Pugh. "It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked." This one, a terrifying imagining of South American feathered serpent deity Quetzalcoatl, can be found on a cable car station in Mexico City.

+$07. Koi Fish

Trompe l'oeil: Koi

+$The shimmering of the water adds depth to this trompe l'oeil+$(Image credit: Louise Moorman)

+$This Koi fish floor mural is the work of mural artist Louise Moorman. It's a super realistic trompe l'oeil which has detail such as shimmering water and gulping fish. Moorman has a wealth of other trompe l'oeil artwork that can be views on herFacebook页面

+$08. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

海底20,000个联赛+$was made by theA.FRESCO+$workshop, led by artist Patrick Commecy. A.Fresco has made a name for itself and won awards in France by bringing otherwise drab walls to life with attention-grabbing trompe l'oeil murals. Its work in Cannes transformed a foot tunnel leading to the beach at La Bocca into an epic aquarium inspired by Jules Verne's book of the same name, complete with giant sea monsters and Captain Nemo's submarine, the Nautilus.

+$09. Luz Nas Vielas

巴西艺术集体Boa Mistura+$started its trompe l'oeil project,Luz Nas Vielas+$, in north São Paulo back in 2012. It consisted of five words – amor, beleza, orgulho, doçura and firmeza (love, pride, sweetness, beauty and strength) – painted in alleys throughout the favela. Five years later, Boa Mistura returned with two news words: Poesía and Magica (poetry and magic).

+$10. Des Anamorphoses


法国街头艺术二重奏艾拉和皮特创建+$this series of picture frame installations+$for an ad campaign for the National Dramatic Center of St. Etienne in France, featuring impossibly warped picture frames and other anamorphic treats.

+$11. Copenhagen Zoo


+$Bus wraps are a new – and mobile – way of sending trompe l'oeil artwork out into the world.+$This One+$, featuring a giant snake crushing a bus, will either put you off or encourage you to visit Copenhagen Zoo. Either way, it's a memorable design certain to stick in your head and generate word-of mouth enthusiasm.

+$12. Graffiti Sculpture


+$Italian street artist Peeta makes clever use of colour gradients and shadows to make+$his Graffiti+$pop out of its surroundings. It's designed to look like sculpture rather than 2D art, and it's very convincing. Just to add to the confusion, he also creates actual graffiti-inspired sculptures.

+$13. Indoor Wilderness

Daniela Benedini创造了室内壁画,将您带入户外

意大利艺术家丹妮拉贝内迪尼1994年,米兰布雷拉绘画学院毕业后担任Mastro Pittore,成立了自己的公司。她专注于室内装饰,创作出美丽的错视画作,与世界上一些最负盛名的室内设计师合作。

+$14. Carroll Street Bridge


+$Situated over Carroll Creek in Frederick, Maryland,+$this award-winning trompe l'oeil mural+$depicts the spirit of community. The large-scale mural project transformed a plain concrete bridge into the permanent illusion of an old, ivy-covered stone bridge.

艺术家William Cochran和他的助手使用永久性硅酸盐涂料来制作非常详细的魔术画,其中包括假壁龛,喷泉和雕像,以及3,000种独特的彩绘石头。

+$15. Portland's Peeling Blueprint


+$Originally painted in 1986 by Chris Denison,+$C. Michael Lewis+$, Toni Wolf, Josephine Mussomeli, Steven Priestly and Bertelle Brookings, the peeling blueprint is perhaps one of the cleverer takes on trompe l'oeil and became a local landmark before it+$was Demolished In 2016

+$The mural created the illusion that there is a giant blueprint of the building peeling off of one side of it, revealing the actual building underneath and was actually painted twice. It began life as a blueprint (light blue paper with fuzzy blue lines) and was then painted again in the 1990's with a white background and sharp black lines to reflect the changes in how building plans are drawn.

+$Chris Denison+$commented on the demolishing of the mural+$and said, "murals don’t last forever when they are outdoors; it lasted as long as I expected it to.”

+$16. Floating Shapes

Trompe l'oeil: Felice Varini

瑞士出生的艺术家菲利斯·瓦里尼(Felice Varini)创造了令人兴奋的几何错觉装置

菲利斯瓦里尼是一位出生于瑞士的巴黎艺术家。 30多年来,他一直在世界各地创造出色的几何错误装置。主要在建筑物和墙壁等建筑空间上进行绘画,他的每件作品都有一个有利的点,从中可以看到精确的几何形状。天才。

+$17. The Crevasse


德国街头画家埃德加穆勒是一个有趣的错视作品大师 - 这个裂缝作品是一个完美的例子。穆勒的网站上充满了令人惊叹的令人难以置信的细节和逼真的街头画作,其中包括瀑布,树木和洞穴。我们知道这个错视画作并不是真实的,但这并不能阻止我们站在它上面思考两次。

+$18. House Party

Ciaran Brennan在他的房子上画这个错视画时,他融入了派对精神

艺术家Ciaran Brennan(又名。约翰)为他的家庭聚会全力以赴,画上了这个错误的气球,外面的墙壁上散落着气球。他对自己的作品发表评论说:“我没有完全完成它,我想通过墙上的洞把房子的内部画出去,但我最终还是让它变黑了。”

+$19. Roundstone St

Trompe L'Oeil: Wiltshire


位于英国特罗布里奇的Roundstone St,这个错视画被认为是该国最大的。由艺术家Roger Smith和Wiltshire Steeplejacks创作的现实住宅设计于2003年10月安装在空白的墙上,以纪念特罗布里奇市民协会成立25周年。

+$20. Dining Table

Trompe l'oeil: dining table

Ian Carnie的餐桌配有逼真的餐垫,餐具和拼图


+$21. Great American Crossroad

Trompe l'oeil: Great American crossroad

这个伟大的美国Crosroad是由艺术家Eric Grohe创作的许多错视画作之一

Eric Grohe1961年,他作为插画师和平面设计师开始了他的创作生涯。从那时起,他的作品在范围和规模上都有所增长,导致他今天创作的大型错视画壁画。他使用专业的德国涂料,结晶成矿物基质,不会褪色,剥落或起泡。 Grohe在美国各地绘制了艺术品,包括位于俄亥俄州的名为Great American Crossroad的精彩作品。