Speed painting and speed drawing: Digital painting shows an alien landscape

+$Speed painting and speed drawing are exactly what their names suggest – creating art against the clock. Artists give themselves a limited time to finish a piece of work, which can range from a few minutes to a couple of hours. Speed painting is a great way to learn绘画技巧+$, and speed drawing is an excellent way for beginners to learn如何绘制+$. Both are also a load of fun.

不像素描+$, however, speed paintings or drawings are considered complete after the time is up – if you alter your work afterwards, it is no longer a speed painting/drawing. Although we think that doesn't necessarily matter, speed painting or drawing is just a good way to train yourself up to create art within limits, so if you want to go back later and add more details, we won't tell anyone.

+$To help you become a master of speedy art, here are 10 top speed painting tips, many of which also apply to speed drawing. On your marks, get set, go!


Quick custom shapes resembling vehicles and space craft

Alex Olmedo定制形状的一些例子

+$"Custom shapes are super-useful tools for artists and are often forgotten. They are simple, fast, and fun to make, and are great time-savers when designing and speed painting," says concept artist and illustrator亚历克斯奥尔梅多+$. On those days when you feel uninspired to make art, you can make these instead.


+$This can also be useful practice for speed drawing. Getting to know some basic shapes can help you draw these shapes more quickly and accurately later on.


Canvas covered with colourful abstract brush strokes


+$Illustrator and concept artist凯蒂格里尔森+$says: "Use a big Brush tool to lay down some strokes of varying colour, tone, texture, and opacity. Try not to paint anything specific, just fill the canvas with colour and texture. You can switch brushes but try to keep the size quite large – this is good for speed and preventing the urge to paint something specific.


+$If you're drawing, you can experiment with shading in parts of your canvas, or with using coloured pencils (see the最好的铅笔+$here) to create a background.

+$03. Limit Your Brushes

Canvas with different brush strokes


+$Ubisoft Concept Artist东路宇+$says: "Before I start working on a speed painting session I like to warm up with some custom brushes. Depending on the theme, try to limit your selection of brushes for the speed painting process. Working with a limited range of brushes can force you to work more efficiently by thinking about shapes and design rather than brushstrokes. This may take a while to get used to but it will speed up your whole process."


Industrial environment painting takes shape with a yellow ochre base colour


+$"Once you have set the tonal values of your image you need to add a base colour," says concept artistMassimo Porcella+$. The Gradient tool is perfect here because you can choose the colour for every part of the sketch, starting from the ground, at the base of the buildings, moving to the skyline shade, and finally picking up a colour to define the shade between land and sky. For an even colour palette, use the Eraser tool to blend all the colours together."


Digital painting shows a structure with spheres


+$Whatever type of art you do, it's vital to have the right reference. "I can't stress enough the importance of having a good photo reference library," says creative director詹姆斯帕克+$. "You can find plenty on the internet but nothing beats going out there and taking your own. You can get the right exposure, scenery, and contrast to work with your current piece, or just interesting landmarks or cloud formations which might spark a new idea and build the imagination.



Collage shows a photo coming together with photo of paint on a scanner, the black and white scans and the final digital painting of a textured environment

Jesper Friis在他的旧扫描仪上添加并混合了丙烯酸涂料;速度绘画本身需要两个小时才能完成

+$Boredom can inspire some exciting artwork, as picture makerJesper Friis+$attests. "In a fit of boredom one day I decided I would drag out my old scanner I had sitting around and started painting on the glass with some watercolour. I closed the lid to see what would come out. Since then I have been making weird textures this way from time to time.



Artwork shows plumes of smoke in different colours and textures, obscuring structures


插画斯蒂芬妮费用+$says: "To add complexity to your painting you should make full use of textures and custom brushes – there are hundreds of free ones on the internet." You can find our list of自由纹理这里。

+$"Find yourself a nice variety such as a rounded lizard skin-esque one, a smooth chalk-like one, or maybe a chunky, rough gravel brush. They are great for breaking up the internal shapes of your composition. You can try using a soft flat brush with Hue Jitter on each stroke; this is good for harder edges and unexpected colours."


Digital painting shows an alien landscape


+$"When making photobashing images it is very important to choose the right photos," says Olmedo. "Often if you try to include a photo with a totally different lighting source compared to others involved in the image you'll end up spending too much time trying to fix the problem and even dismissing the photo."


Stylised futuristic room made up of orange and black gradients


+$"The Transform, Clipping, and Smudge tools are essential to my workflow as I prefer to create a collage and find shapes, rather than painting right from the get go," says concept artistIan Jun Wei Chiew+$. I find this method to be more fun and experimental, which can lead to ideas and compositions you would never think of developing.

“Photoshop有无穷无尽的可能性;您可以找到任何现有工具的新用途。最终,制作好图像的是您自己对基础的个人知识,例如构图,值,颜色和光照。 “

+$For more on Photoshop, check out our favouritePhotoshop笔刷Photoshop教程


Dramatic landscape painting shows crumbling ancient ruins

留下最基本的故事元素,这样你就可以拥有一个标志性和令人印象深刻的作品 - 这幅画让Donglu Yu花了两个小时

+$"My students often like to tell a very complex story with one image," says Yu. "My feedback is always that you should pick the top two or three things you want to tell through the image, and tell them really well.


+$Most of these tips come from the book掌握速度绘画的艺术来自3dtotal Publishing,面向有抱负的数字画家和概念艺术家。