+$When it comes to the best digital art software, there's quite few options to choose from. In this post, we've rounded up and reviewed the best digital art and illustration programs available right now, to help you pick the right ones for you. For art on the go, take a look at our pick of the best为iPad绘制应用程序

+$There are plenty of tools on the market that are aimed at helping you to create unique pieces of digital art or mimic traditional effects. For a long time, a few tools dominated this space, but as competition grows we're seeing many of the best digital software creators upping their game by adding new features and capabilities. As a result, the market is looking stronger than ever.

+$On budget? You'll find plently of affordable options here. Plus, if you need more design-focussed tools, don't miss our round up of the+$best free graphic design software太。

+$In this guide there's software for Windows and macOS, and we've even included a few Linux tools too. There are also free and paid options, depending on your budget. So grab your+$best Stylus+$and let's get this show on the road.

The best digital art software: Photoshop

01. Photoshop




+$For a long time,Photoshop中+$was king of the digital art tools, but increasingly competitors' offerings have been challenging its crown. However, the latest update has brought with it a host of new features and much-needed improvements to the existing tools, and Photoshop remains a hugely capable and powerful tool.

+$Because it's part of theAdobe Creative Cloud套件,您可以轻松共享您的数据并访问您所有设备上的所有资产 - 包括画笔,图像,颜色和样式。还有一个令人印象深刻的图书馆Photoshop插件+$available to add extra functionality to the programme. Find out more in ourPhotoshop CC 2019评论

The best digital art software: Affinity Designer


+$A precise vector graphic design tool

平台:Windows,macOS |成本:$ 49.99 /£48.99

+$Companion IPad App

亲和设计师+$has everything you need to create custom designs and illustrations. With Affinity Designer, you have precise control over curves, brush stabilisation options, advanced blend modes, and best of all: one million+ per cent zoom (no, really – this might just be our favourite feature). While this is a dedicated vector tool, you can switch to a pixel environment if you wish. There's a companion app for designing on the go, too:适用于iPad的亲和设计师

The best digital art software: Procreate

+$03. Procreate

+$A powerful iPad drawing tool

平台:+$iPad (iOS 11.1+) |成本:$ 9.99加入

+$Impressive Capabilities
+$Wide range of brushes

+$This isn't digital art software as we know it – Procreate is for iPad only. However, it's such an impressive tool we're starting to see more and more digital artists integrating it into their workflows, which is why we've included it in our list. This app packs in most of the capabilities you'd find in a desktop tool, including precise colour-picker tools, the ability to work with hundreds of layers, and industry-standard tools such as masks, Blend Modes and groups.

+$Choose From Over 130生成画笔+$(or make your own using the brush engine), to mimic different traditional art effects easily and effectively. There's also full PSD support. Procreate recently teased the addition of a text tool, making it an even stronger option for digital artists.

Clip Studio Paint

+$04. Clip Studio Paint

+$This drawing and painting tool is aimed at manga and comic artists

平台:Windows,macOS |成本:+$$49.99/£38 (Pro); $219/£168 (Ex)


剪辑工作室油漆正在迅速成为最佳工具漫画艺术+$and comic creation. If you're looking for a natural and traditional feel that's wrapped up in a digital drawing and painting app, this is it. Clip Studio Paint uses advanced pen pressure detection for natural, realistic-looking pen strokes. This tool comes in Pro and Ex versions – the latter offers more advanced features, and is considerably more expensive. You can try either for free for 30 days, to see if you get on with it.

art weaver

05. Artweaver 6


平台:Windows |成本:免费(基本); $ 41 /€39(另加)

+$Free Version Available
+$Some Stability Issues

Artweaver 6是一款功能齐全的数字艺术工具,有两种版本:Artweaver Free和Artweaver Plus。看看吧比较图表+$to help you decide which is right for you. Loaded with a large selection of preconfigured brushes, Artweaver will have you creating your masterpiece in no time. You can either use the brushes as they are, or customise and save them to your liking. Its easy-to-use interface is also highly customisable, although out of the box, it's set up quite nicely.


06. ArtRage 5

+$A cross-platform digital painting with realistic tools

平台:Windows,macOS |成本:$ 79




07. Krita

+$A free and open source painting program

平台:Windows,macOS,Linux |成本:自由


和Krita+$seems to be one of the most underrated free and open source painting apps on the market, despite it being in development for over 10 years. Krita has an intuitive and customisable interface, where the dockers and panels can be set up to maximise your workflow. The tool offers nine unique brush engines, including a Color Smudge engine, Shape engine and Particle engine. You can also import brushes and texture packs or create and share your own. As an added bonus, you can use a brush stabiliser to help you get perfectly smooth lines.


+$08. CorelDRAW

+$Corel has added a native Mac version to its offering

平台:Windows,Mac |成本:599.99

+$New native Mac version
+$PowerTRACE turns bitmaps into vectors

+$CorelDRAW Graphics Suite+$has been around a while, but for a long time it's been Windows-only (save for a brief Mac effort a few years ago that's best forgotten). With its 2019 release, Corel announced the+$native Mac App+$we'd all been waiting for was finally coming (with Touch Bar support) – as well as a slimmed down browser-based CorelDRAW.app, for creating on the go.

+$Elsewhere, the CorelDRAW suite offers a tools for a wide range creative needs, from vector design to photo editing, web or print. There's also a new AI-powered LiveSketch feature. All this will cost you, though.

阅读更多:Corel Painter 2019评论


+$09. TwistedBrush Pro Studio


平台:Windows |成本:$ 118.80 /£87.77


TwistedBrush装满了9,000多把刷子。是的,你读得正确 - 9,000把刷子。但不要担心,你仍然可以创建自己的画笔。与其他数字艺术工具一样,TwistedBrush拥有您所期望的一切:图层,透明度,蒙版,导入和导出的广泛选项,图像过滤器等。它还具有绘图板支持,具有高精度采样和压力灵敏度。

+$However, this tool will set you back around $120 for a version-specific license. For that price, it might be worth considering one of the bigger names.

Mediband Paint Pro

+$10. MediBang Paint Pro

+$A free tool with everything you need to illustrate comics

平台:Windows,macOS |成本:自由


+$If comics or manga art are your thing and you don't want to shell out for Clip Studio Paint, have a look at+$Paint Pro+$from Japanese company MediBang. This free, lightweight digital drawing tool comes loaded with 800 free pre-made tones and backgrounds, plus more than 50 brushes, and a huge selection of free fonts.

Black Ink


+$Explore your creativity with controller-based brushes

平台:Windows |成本:$ 59.99


这都是关于逼真的画笔,对吗?不总是!黑色墨水在刷子方面有不同的方法。 Black Ink不是试图模仿传统工具,而是使用Controller系统,在刷子创建和定制方面打开了一个全新的可能性世界。使用简单的基于节点的语言,您将能够创建任何类型的可想象的画笔,然后您可以保存并与社区共享。

Photo Donut

12. PhotoDonut


平台:Windows,macOS |成本:免费(基本);每年59美元(保费);每年99美元(专业)


应用程序与其他应用程序略有不同,PhotoDonut+$lets you transform existing photos into stunning artistic creations, using everything from pencil, ink and watercolour effects to manga and light leaks. With PhotoDonut Style Categories, you can tweak the settings until you reach the desired effect. You can even use the Freehand painting tool to give your photos a painterly feel.

+$13. Paintstorm Studio


平台:+$Windows, macOS, Linux, iPad |成本:$ 19日


Paintstorm工作室+$is another easy-to-use digital art tool that's worth a look. One of the major features with Paintstorm Studio is its brush selection and customisation options (these include spacing jitter, texture, angle, and more). It also supports stroke post correction, which is a handy feature when you're doing linework. The interface is easy to navigate and laid out exactly how you'd expect (and the default colour scheme is fantastic). However, if you're not a fan, it's completely customisable.