Rendered 3D robot

+$3D software Houdini from Toronto-based firm SideFX, utilises a node-based, procedural approach to provide digital artists with a remarkable level of power, flexibility and control.

+$While many Houdini users utilise the software to carry out very specific tasks for their 3D art, it has a highly extensive toolset and capabilities – and in recent times has become more artist friendly. Now is the time to jump in.

+$Whether you’re completely new to胡迪尼+$or just want to hone your skills on its many features, going back to basics is a great way to master tools you might not already be hugely familiar with, and speed up your workflow. Here, you'll find some expert Houdini tips, which include specifics on enhancing your workflow, character creation and rigging, terrain generation and creating a robot with personality.

+$We've also cast our expert eye on the newest features and enhancements provided by the latest release, in our review of+$Houdini Banshee 17+$. For some extra 3D inspiration, we have also found some incredible examples of3D艺术+$, as well as some amazing3D模型+$that will get you started.




+$"This hotkey is an excellent time saver when disconnecting nodes," says蓝天工作室+$' FX technical director Chris Rydalch. "By default, Y is set up as the key, so hold down Y and drag across network wires to disconnect the nodes. You can edit this to another letter of your choice, though.

+$"I've found that when I addX+$as a hotkey for Cut Wires Mode, I use it much more often. To do this, go to Edit > Hotkeys, then search for Cut Wires Mode. When you click to addX+$, it will warn you that X is assigned to Visualize Output, so click Remove Other. Only do this if you are happy with this change; since I disconnect nodes much more frequently than I put down visualisers, this works much better for me."



“默认情况下,Houdini会自动更新(烹饪),”Rydalch解释道。 “对于中小型场景,这很好。但是通常生产工作涉及许多非常繁重的图形和模拟。在这些情况下,切换到手动烹饪模式是有价值的。这将允许您更改参数和节点而无需等待节点烹饪并使视口刷新。单击“刷新”按钮以查看您所做的任何更改。




+$"The UV Texture SOP (Surface Operator) is great for adding UVs along a curve," says Rydalch. "To do this, set the Texture Type to Rows & Columns and the Attribute Class to Point. Now you can access this in a wrangle using+$v@uv.x+$to get the UV value of a point along a curve. This works with multiple curves, and not just one at a time."


Houdini Bullet Solver非常快

“Houdini子弹解算器非常快,在大多数情况下,默认的碰撞形状足够好,”Rydalch解释说。 “当你发现你有很多凹面,并且凹面碰撞形状不起作用时,你可以产生一种特殊的复合碰撞形状。复合碰撞形状是几个截然不同的部分,但是它们永久地粘在一起并作为单个处理形状。

+$"The way this works is you toggle on Create Convex Hull per Set of Connected Primitives under Collisions > Bullet Data on an RBD (rigid body dynamics) Object or RBD Fractured Object DOP node. This will tell Houdini to look for the+$s@name+$primitive attribute, and all primitive shapes that share the same name attribute will be treated as a single shape."



“通常情况下,粒子需要从快速移动的几何体中发射出来,并且在这些情况下找到踩踏的情况并不少见,”Rydalch说。 “值得庆幸的是,POP Source DOP在Birth选项卡下为这些案例提供了一些内置功能。



+$"Bone Capture Biharmonic is a fantastic tool for a quick character setup," says+$Red Ring Entertainment+$'s Kalin Stoyanov. "When rigging the amarok werewolf for the Houdini 16 presentation, we decided to use it and were amazed by how well it handled all the usual suspect spots – elbows and knees. The deformations were extremely smooth and behaved properly. It did not need much more weight painting (the most boring type of work in rigging). We just did some final touches and voila! 

+$07. Use GATOR


“GATOR是一个很好的工具,可以将重量和形状从一个物体转移到另一个物体,并且可以很容易地将衣服,鞋子和其他物品添加到已经被操纵的角色中,”Stoyanov继续道。 “在Houdini中,这样的概念存在于软件的核心,传输属性很容易,因为它可以即时更新。”

+$08. Use CHOPS


“我选择Houdini作为索具软件的最大原因是CHOPS(渠道运营商),”斯托扬诺夫说。 “对于那些不了解CHOPS的人 - 想象动画混音器(XSI)和动画曲目(Maya),但更好,更强大!



+$"When working with the erosion node, I always start with a low terrain resolution for the first erosion step," 3D artist+$Aron Kamolz+$explains. "I do this to get strong, succinct details. Then I increase the terrain erosion, mixing in other details and do another erosion. This way you can get some exponent strong flow/erosion details for basic shaping of your terrain, and then you can add the smaller details on top.




“由于侵蚀冲刷细节,在侵蚀过程之前添加一些梯田总是好的,即使你的目标是没有梯田效应的地形,”Kamolz补充道。 “如果你正确使用它,你将不会再在侵蚀后看到梯田了。相反,你的地形从细节上获得了更多的变化,因为梯田减缓了侵蚀过程,并为沉积物提供了更多的沉降空间。”


要获得更有趣的地形,请尝试混合使用不同的HeightField Noise功能

为了获得更有趣的地形,你应该尝试混合不同的HeightField Noise功能,“Kamolz建议。”只使用一个HeightField节点然后在顶部进行侵蚀看起来很无聊和无趣的大部分时间。“



“在使用高度场地时,面具是你的朋友,”卡莫兹说。 “你有几个可供选择的功能,比如掩模到斜面或掩模到高度。用它们组合多个高度场来获得看起来很有趣的地形。有些节点也输出掩码,就像你从侵蚀节点得到的流遮罩一样。用它们来纹理你的地形。“



+$"After my beloved Softimage had been EOL-ed I was looking for a new ‘home’, and I found it in Houdini," says 3D freelancer+$Philipp Von Preuschen+$. "In order to get used to the new concepts that Houdini is based on, I started by modelling a few robot busts. I prefer to create robots with some personality.





“我最近为Houdini发现了一个很棒的建模插件:由Alexey Vanzhula直接建模HDA,”Von Preuschen说。 “我为我的项目使用了很多,因为它提供了与Modo的MeshFusion类似的功能。它非常适合高效的硬表面建模。”

+$15. Add Texture


“我没有为我的作品分配任何UV,我使用Redshift来渲染机器人,”Von Preuschen补充道。 “它的三面投影是一种极好的方式,可以对几乎任何超快速的纹理进行纹理化。另一种杀手纹理辅助工具是曲率着色器,因为它可以很容易地为金属提供一些边缘服装。”