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+$Everyone has their own preferred design software, but no matter which one you use you're going to run up against an annoying limitation sooner or later. Whether it's a missing feature that you really need or a cumbersome workflow, these things can slow down your process and make life harder.

+$That's where plugins and extensions can help; with the right ones you can instantly gain new features and become a lot more productive. There are loads ofPhotoshop插件插画家插件+$available; here, though, we've collected together a selection of plugins for an assortment of creative software, so whatever area of design you work in you're sure to find something to help you smooth out your workflow and unleash your creativity.

+$01. UI Faces

Design plugins: UI Faces

+$Create users and personas for your designs with UI Faces+$(Image credit: UI Faces)

+$Whether you need user personas during your design process or some random avatars to populate a prototype,+$UI Faces+$is a brilliant time-saving alternative to roping in your family, friends and colleagues to pose for mugshots.

+$It aggregates thousands of avatars, tagged with age, gender, emotion and hair colour using Microsoft's Face API for easy filtering, so you can quickly find the faces you need for your project. Alongside the web version it's available as free plugins for both Sketch and Adobe XD that enable you to select multiple shapes that you want to fill with avatars.

+$02. Artboard Plus

Design plugins: Artboard Plus

+$Organise your Adobe XD artboards with this essential plugin+$(Image credit: Rodrigo Soares)

+$When you're working on a big project in Adobe XD it's all too easy to get into a position where your assorted artboards are all over the place.+$Artboard Plus+$makes your life easier by providing straightforward tools for bringing more order to your artboard.

+$With it you can rearrange all or some of them into a grid, create a selection around a set of layers and instantly turn them into an artboard, and sort your artboards by name so you can quickly find the one you need. Artboard Plus is available for free under the MIT licence.

+$03. ParticleShop

+$Photoshop's default paintbrushes leave a bit to be desired; if you want to create stunning digital art then you're much better off with a dedicated painting app such as ArtRage or Painter. However if you're wedded to Photoshop CC and want your work to have more of an artistic flair, here's a solution.

Corel的ParticleShop+$plugin can help bring more life and expression to your creations with a set of dynamic speckle brushes and particle brushes powered by the same technology found in Painter. The basic plugin comes with 11 brushes, and at the moment there's an animations brush pack thrown in for free; ParticleShop will set you back £44.99.

+$04. Filter Forge

Design plugins: Filter Forge

+$Filter Forge has a vast online library of filters and effects+$(Image credit: Filter Forge)

+$Bored of Photoshop's filters?过滤伪造+$provides you with a vast online library of user-created filters that'll bring a whole new world of texture to your work, and also features a visual node-based editor that you can use to create your own filters and effects.

+$It runs as a standalone program but also works as a plugin for Photoshop, Affinity and other apps. Prices start at $37 for the basic edition, which doesn't feature the editor; the standard edition at $62 allows you to create your own filters and modify existing ones, while if you move up to the pro edition for $99 you get extra pro features including 16- and 32-bit image mode support, the ability to stack filters, and support for images larger than 3,000x3,000 pixels.

+$05. Astute Graphics

+$If you've ever felt that Illustrator CC could work a bit harder to help you out,精明的图形+$might just be what you're looking for. It consists of 17 time-saving plugins designed to power up your Illustrator workflow, including a dynamic sketching plugin, variable stroke width effects, a live stipple effect and, for when your work's almost ready to go to the printers, a set of essential pre-press controls and checks. It works with most styluses, and it's available for $119 per year for an individual licence, with vector brush sets and texture packs included.

+$06. RH Hover Colour Picker

Design plugins: RH Hover Colour Picker plugin


Photoshop附带了自己的拾色器工具,但它很复杂,并不是那么直观。如果你觉得使用起来很令人沮丧,那么RH悬停颜色选择器可能是你的工具,它需要16美元/ 12英镑的一次性费用。

该插件简单,快速,有效,使您可以轻松自定义颜色滑块,并控制整个过程。而原始拾色器模糊了你的工作,直到你完成它,RH Hover拾色器自动隐藏,直到你将鼠标悬停在它上面。

+$07. Guide Guide

Design plugins: GuideGuide plugin



而不是手动设置边距和指南,指南指南为你做的一切努力。根据您正在使用的画布,画板或选择添加指南;用指南快速标记边缘和中点;并创建和共享自定义网格。可以进行为期14天的试用(之后每月花费7美元/ 7英镑)。

+$08. Fontself Maker

Design plugins: Fontself Maker plugin


专业质量的字体可能需要数月甚至数年才能完美地使用功能强大的行业标准工具,如FontLab。Fontself Maker不会复制那个级别的控制权,而对于49美元/ 43英镑的一次性费用,你几乎不会期望它。

然而,Fontself Maker的优秀之处在于将在Photoshop或Illustrator CC中创建的字体转换为可操作的OpenType显示字体。只需拖放图层即可创建不同的字符。

+$09. Whatfont

Design plugins: Whatfont plugin



除了节省印刷参考的节省时间的方式之外,它也是给客户留下深刻印象的好方法 - 如果他们在竞争对手的网站上识别出他们特别喜欢的字体,您可以立即识别它。 Whatfont甚至可以检测正在使用的Web字体服务,例如Typekit或Google Font API。

+$10. Getty plugin for Creative Cloud

Design plugins: Getty Images plugin for Creative Cloud

获取Getty Images上的优质视频,照片和矢量的应用内访问权限

Adobe Stock可能已经与Creative Cloud整齐地集成在一起,但多亏了这一点方便免费的Getty插件,您也可以通过应用程序访问Getty Images上的高级视频,照片和矢量。该插件可与Illustrator,InDesign,Photoshop,Premier Pro和After Effects无缝协作。

您可以搜索和过滤图像,插图,视频和现有电路板,并在从comp转换为许可版本时自动进行编辑 - 所有这些都可以在不离开程序的情况下进行处理。

+$11. ColorKit

Design plugins: ColorKit plugin


ColorKit是一款必备工具,可让您跟踪项目中使用的所有颜色。它适用于Photoshop CC 2014及更高版本。

这意味着您可以停止浪费宝贵的时间,在Photoshop中创建和替换样本。使用ColorKit,您可以从不同来源收集参考颜色,并通过单击将颜色与图层链接。该插件兼容Mac和Windows,售价19.99美元/ 14.50英镑。

+$12. Nik Collection

Design plugins: Nik Collection plugin

Nik Collection将七种不同的Lightroom和Photoshop插件整合在一个基本包装中

将七种不同的Lightroom和Photoshop插件集中在一个基本的插件包中,Nik Collection曾经以500美元的照片处理软件包的形式存在。谷歌收购了它,并将其免费提供,此后再次易手 - 这次是DxO。

Nik Collection目前包括:Analog Efex Pro,它复制了模拟相机,胶片和镜头的经典外观; Color Efex Pro,一系列用于色彩校正,修饰和效果的滤镜;和Dfine,它允许您处理降噪图像。

其他工具包括Sharpener Pro,它可以在图片中显示隐藏的细节; HDR Efex Pro,可将图像处理为艺术HDR照片; Viveza,色调和色彩调整工具;和Silver Efex Pro,为黑白图像提供暗室控制。

该插件包有30天的免费试用版,之后价格约为50美元/ 37英镑。

+$13. Fontea

Design plugins: Fontea plugin




+$14. Layrs Control 2

Design plugins: Layrs Control 2 plugin

使用Layrs Control 2更有效地管理图层

爱他们或恨他们,层可能在你的工作流程中发挥重要作用。有时会有这么多,保持组织是一个项目本身 - 甚至小调整和修改需要更长的时间。

Layrs Control 2在Photoshop中添加一个面板,以帮助您更有效地管理图层。而不是手动处理关键任务,只需点击几下,您就可以命名,展平和删除图层;删除未使用的效果和栅格化和转换智能对象。它是免费的。

+$15. ColorZilla

Design plugins: ColorZilla plugin


此列表中的第三个颜色工具是免费的Chrome和Firefox扩展程序ColorZilla,这是任何前端网页设计师工具包的重要补充。它包括Advanced Eyedropper和ColorPicker工具,可帮助您轻松确定网页上任何像素的颜色,并将其应用于您的项目。

对于更高级的用户,Color Analyzer工具评估网站的整体调色板,而Ultimate Gradient Generator用于创建和操作CSS渐变,以及将图像转换为CSS。