+$Free 3D models mean that when you're building a complex 3D scene, you won't have to sculpt and texture every object in it by hand. Instead, you can head to one of the many sites out there that offer every 3D asset you can imagine and stock up on pre-made goodies to dress your scene to your heart's content.

+$Of course, not all of the free 3D models out there are of the quality you expect for your next project. Luckily, we've gone hunting through the online offerings and found the very best models for you to use. You're welcome.

+$If free 3D models aren't enough and you need textures, we've got that covered with our pick of the best自由纹理+$. And we'll throw in some 3D inspiration too, with a rundown of the best3D艺术+$we Could Find.

01. +$Interior Design

Free 3D models: Model Dezign

+$Dress your house up to the nines

+$Model Dezign has 15 top-quality free 3D models that will dress your 3D house up to the nines. With intricate models ranging from an interior door to a wooden bedside table, you'll find almost everything you need to make a realistic 3D house scene. The models come in all major file formats, and if you register for free you will have access to the growing range of 3D models.

+$In case you can't find everything you want here, Model Dezign also offers a custom 3D model building service where they will build anything you need to your exact specification.

02. 行星地球

Free 3D models: Planet Earth


+$Built using maps supplied by NASA, this detailed model of the Earth features daylight diffuse, night light illumination and bump (and alternate normal) maps, as well as a separate cloud layer. Both the terrain and clouds can be animated independently, and the opacities on the maps can be adjusted for better day or night light mapping, depending on your view.


Free 3D models: Wolf



04. 男性解剖学

Free 3D models: Male anatomy


如果你在处理人体数字,那么一个良好的解剖学参考是一个重要的东西有附近,这个免费的模型可能只是你需要的东西。剥去恼人的皮肤和头发来揭示下面的肌肉,这个真实世界的模型人类作为一个完整的场景与相机,灯光和渲染设置,它准备在电影4DR19和ZBrush 4R7播放。

05. WALL-E

Free 3D models: Wall-E model


+$This painstaking reproduction of everyone's favourite junkyard robot is the work of Corey Drake,and he's done an impressive job. It's fully rigged and ready for animation, it comes in Maya and mental ray formats, and it's UV mapped with all textures and materials included, so it's basically good to go as soon as you've downloaded it. Like all these models, make sure you check the usage licence.

06. 独一无二的蜘蛛

Free 3D models: spider


一个是arachnophiles,这里。这个详细的蜘蛛模型不是基于任何实际的蜘蛛种类,但它看起来足以让任何人惊恐。 Cinema 4D版本带有两个灯光和环境设置,您可以在图层菜单中切换,而转换后的OBJ文件有两个版本 - 有或没有头发。

07. 布加迪凯龙

Free 3D models: Chiron model


你实际上拥有一架布加迪 - 甚至是二手威龙 - 的机会可能相当渺茫,但如果你觉得有必要通过在附近看到来证实你的存在,那么这是你最好的选择。

下载由Kimz Auto在Blender中制作的这个出色的娱乐活动,将其渲染并贴在旁边,Bob是你的中年危机折磨的叔叔。

08. 拉米雷斯经典吉他

Free 3D models: guitar



09. 戴立克

Free 3D models: dalek


眼尖的Doctor Who粉丝会立刻注意到这款3Ds Max和V-Ray的高多边形模型是2005 Dalek而不是经典模型之一。我们认为这是一个很好的年份;比2010年色彩鲜艳的New Paradigm模型要好得多,还有很多威胁。

10. 金鱼

Free 3D models: Goldfish



11. BB-8

Free 3D models: BB-8


来自星球大战:The Force Awakens的每个人最喜欢的机器人都已经重新创建并从Free3D免费提供。这款由Steve Lalonde设计的BB-8模型采用了两种不同的动画方式,并配有高质量的纹理,并且可以使用.obj,.max和.fbx格式。

12. 酒杯

Free 3D models: wine glasses